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Guest Post: Natural Dye Tutorial from Argaman & Defiance

argaman 01 Guest Post: Natural Dye Tutorial from Argaman & Defianceargaman 02 Guest Post: Natural Dye Tutorial from Argaman & Defiancepost footer argaman Guest Post: Natural Dye Tutorial from Argaman & Defiance

Weekend: Last Day to Enter Bra Making Giveaway

weekend bra making class Weekend: Last Day to Enter Bra Making Giveaway

Did you hear? I teaching a bra making class at The Sewing Party, an online conference with over 30 classes relating to sewing and crafting! On November 8, 2014, I’ll walk you through choosing a bra pattern, finding your size, fabrics and trims, tips for tracing and cutting and constructing a full band, underwired bra. It is my goal that you “leave” not only understanding how to sew a bra, but why it is sewn the way it is. The why is important to me.

I’ve always wanted to teach – one of my many mottos in life is it “pass it on” – and this experience was a great opportunity finally fulfill that goal. I also hope it will be a stepping stone to host in-person classes (see below for more details on that!).

As a teacher, I am offering free tickets to 5 Madalynne readers. To enter, like Madalynne and The Sewing Party on Facebook. For additional entries, follow Madalynne on Bloglovin and/or share the contest on one of your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). When you have entered, tell me so in the comments below. And be sure to leave your contact information! Winners will be chosen at the end of the day today, July 25. Contest is open domestically. Good luck!

Last, if you live in the tri-state area and would be interested in attending an in-person bra making class in Philadelphia in the fall, please email me. I’m putting together a contact list as I firm up dates and details. Even if you’re not close, but would make a trip, give me a shout out! My email is on my contact page.

post footer weekend Weekend: Last Day to Enter Bra Making Giveaway

Finished: My Sewing Space

sewing space 3 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Space

It’s easy to forget that the garments we make are the end product of a process not only involving creative inspiration, but also plenty logistical details. Most often, these mundane and unglamorous operations occur in our sewing studios and go undocumented, save for the work in progress (WIP) Instagram uploads. Whether it is a separate space solely dedicated to the hobby or a dining room table turned workspace, it’s our place of zen. It’s also storage facility for supplies, piles of junk and all the other quirky doohickeys that we have on hand for no apparent reason. In my case, that’s a vintage Barbie doll. More on that later. You can’t hate until I explain.

If you didn’t know, I just moved. When I settled into my previous apartment, which was four years ago and in West Philly, I wasn’t as active in sewing. Now, I’m a very passionate seamstress who doesn’t go more than a day or two without touching her machine. So, the first decorative element I considered when I settled into my new digs? My sewing space. It had to be special and it had to be me, but at 550 square feet, finding and fitting room to sew comfortably would take some creative thinking. An image I’ve always kept on Pinterest featured a closet turned sewing. With all the right elements – florals, wallpaper and simplicity – it served as the basis for what I was going to do.

The splurge was the wallpaper. Boy did I splurge. I went back and forth between several patterns, but I couldn’t get my mind off flamingos. I guess I’ll always be a Florida girl (I was born and grew up in Ft. Lauderdale). The blue desk was a serendipitous purchase. On my first search for a desk, I found not just any desk, but a blue desk that matched the color of the wallpaper. Destiny. It’s from the Etsy shop, Nan and Pops Attic, and the owner, Linda, refinished it herself. Did I mention it’s maple wood? Just thought I’d throw that in there. The shelves are simple and cheap IKEA shelves. I hung them myself, but let’s just say I’m not the handiest handywoman, and there are many holes behind each one. On top are my most prized items and authors that represent me as a sewer and a person – Edna Bryte Bishop, Claire Schaeffer, pictures of my mom, pictures of my grandma, spools of thread, and pink hyndrageas. They’re not my best sewing books, but definitely my “prettier” ones. Oh, and that Barbie? What’s the deal with that? Well, when I was creating the post for Leslie’s interview, I spotted an item in one of the photos she sent me. It was a vintage Barbie. I told her that if she ever wanted to part ways with it, I would give her a new home. After much reminder, she caved and sold it to me. Iconic and controversial, I think she’s a cool, American knick-knack to have. A little kiddish, but that’s okay. Last is the orange polka dot rug. Another IKEA buy that in my opinion, pulls everything together.

Happy sewing to me, amirite?

sewing space 2 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Spacesewing space 6 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Spacesewing space 8 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Spacesewing space 9 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Spacesewing space 10 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Spacesewing space 11 of 11 Finished: My Sewing Space

Guest Post: Tips and Tricks for Sewing Undies

katastrophic 01 Guest Post: Tips and Tricks for Sewing Undieskatastrophic 02 Guest Post: Tips and Tricks for Sewing Undieskatastrophic design footer1 Guest Post: Tips and Tricks for Sewing Undies

      I'm representing the sewing community on COCA COLA'S blog, revealing who we are, what we do and how much fun we have. Be sure to check out and share the article!


      One of my favorite books, Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction by NORMA LOEHR is now available in print. Order a copy now!


      JEN just released my favorite Grainline pattern to date, The Alder Shirtdress, which is available in both print and PDF. And that's not it! She also relaunched her online shop. Way to go, Jen!


      Join Marce and Gillian for OONAPALOOZA, a month-long tribute to the powerhouse of print and color, Oona Balloona from Kalkatroona. Challenge yourself to create something as loud, bubbly and one of a kind as her personality.


      Have you seen OHHH LULU'S new pattern, The Zooey Bikini Top and Bottom? With princess seams, the top is easy to alter for any shape, and the bottom have either a bow or side ties (my favorite).


      Jeans in July! LIZZY just finished a pair of jeans using Named Pattern's Jamie Jeans. Love the seaming!


      Even though she went through many muslins, ANDREA'S final swimsuit is a total success!


      Need tips for working with border prints? CAROLYN gives a great list of links and resources to help you.


      In most instances, a sequel is not as good as the first. But when it comes to sewing, it's the opposite. CLARE is showing off her second version of McCalls 6696, which is way better than the first.


      The newest indie pattern release is from PAULINE ALICE. Last week, she launched Alameda Dress, a simple, modern yet flirty dress with interesting seaming. And that's not all she announced! She is also opening an online shop!