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My Favorite Moments in Lingerie: Then + Now

I’m in the throes of some pretty heated lingerie projects (coming soon!) while also trying to work through a few kinks on this new website design (how do you like the new layout?). I don’t want to leave you hanging, so today, I’m popping in with a fun most. These aren’t ALL my favorite lingerie moments – missing: Jamie Lee Curtis in “True Lies” and Catherine Deneuve in “Belle De Jour” – but they’re in the top tier. Xtina, Kate Moss and even my mom. Just like your trusted pair of jeans, or your TNT patterns, I keep coming back to these ladies to fuel my creativity and designs. After reading, I’d love to hear your favs!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: Were you a Britney or a Christina fan? I was totes an Xtina fan. My favorite music video of hers was “Come on Over Baby”. In one scene, she wears a white, halter crop top with matching white pants. I’m not into the red streaks or the body jewels, but that aside, girl looks good.

THE NO BRA BRA: While working for Lily of France, John Kloss released his most famous design – the no bra bra. A reaction to the “ban the bra” movement, a movement Rudy Gernreich also fought, it was made of stretchy, sheer, glitter nylon/spandex fabric. With a deep plunge, a front closure and underwires, the bra provided support for women who needed it, but wanted a braless look. It was simple, clean and seductive. Three words I like my lingerie to be.

KATE MOSS: It was 1993 when Kate Moss wore a sheer slip dress to an Elite Model Agency Party in London. I actually saw this dress in person at the V&A when I was in London. Black undies on, nipples exposed, it was an iconic moment in fashion history. For the good or for the better – that’s your opinion. During the 90s, even today, Moss is known for rocking a slip. But it wasn’t this one that I remember. It was a black one she wore to the 1996 Michael Awards. So stunning. Her entire ethos – sleek, simple, sexy.

MY MOM: I don’t have memories of my mom’s lingerie, or my mom in her lingerie, but I do have one memory of a white, backless bodysuit she had. It was actually the inspiration for my Nettie. Made of white lace with a completely exposed back, she was absolutely stunning, and this memory taught me at an early age that you don’t have to expose it all to be sexy.

AERIE REAL: Huge round of applause to Aerie for being a vanguard for a new wave of lingerie. Their #aeriereal campaign uses no retouching and promotes body positivity and loving your body exactly how it is. Not gonna lie – modeling my own lingerie, I DO feel a pressure to be skinny, in shape, toned, yada, yada, yada. I make fun of it – “who’s going to buy my lingerie if I have a saggy ass?” – but the reality is, that shouldn’t matter. What is important is to be healthy and happy, and not some unrealistic number.

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