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5 Lingerie Blogs You May Not Know About


As a continuation of last week’s, My Favorite Lingerie Shops + Discounts and My Favorite Lingerie Shops on Etsy, I’m rounding up 5 of my favorite lingerie blogs that you may not know about. Cloth Habit is every bra makers go-to, but did you know Beverly Johnson has a blog? So does Magreet of Merckwaerdigh!

Hope you enjoy the list. If you think I missed any, let me know in the comments below.

Life of A Fairy Bra Mother

I was a customer of Bra Makers Supply for a long time before discovering Beverly Johnson’s blog, Life of A Fairy Bra Mother. She’s pretty much the queen of bra making and rightfully so. Both her manuals gave me a great foundation for sewing lingerie and are still my bibles. Additionally, her two classes on Craftsy are a wealth of information. It’s also cool to see and hear her. She seems like a pretty cool lady. The funny, cheerful and happy go lucky type. She doesn’t post regularly, but when she does, it’s noteworthy. I had never heard of the Saskatchewan Sttiches Conference before she wrote about her experience, and now, I so want to go. She also gave a new use to Press n Seal when she used it to clone a bra.

Journelle’s Get Inspired

Journelle is like being a kid in a candy store. So much (virtual) eye candy. I’m constantly browsing the site, looking for inspiration, checking to see how a bra or an undie was designed, fueling an addiction, yada, yada, yada. The blog section of their website, Get Inspired, is equally inspiring and knowledgeable. It’s broken into 5 sections, Style Guide, Lust List, Lookbooks, Tumblr, Instagram and Journellment. Basically a recipe for a full blown lingerie addiction. Sign me up!

Merckwaerdigh Blog: Making Lingerie from Scratch

Magreet is the master designer and owner of the Etsy shop, Merckwaerdigh, which has the most creative and colorful bra making kits around. Based in Rotterdam, she has worked for several companies and now has a line of home sewing patterns. Just like Beverly, she doesn’t post to her blog regularly, but when she does, it’s a real treat. What I like most are the behind the scenes glimpses of designing lingerie, like her 30-part series that documents the making of one of her patterns.

Miss Maddy Sews

Another Maddy in this world! Only she spells her name with a “y”. Another bra maker I discovered on Bra Making Forum, Maddy is constantly posting, commenting and uploading. I love another lady who shares the same feverish passion as I do. She also got me wanting to make a garter belt after I saw her version. I’m not sure how, when or where I would wear one, but why not? YOLO!


Ana lives in Romania and is a software designer by day, and a tailor, pattern designer and seamstress by nights, weekends and all other times. I first discovered her when she became a member of Bra Making Forum, and it has been super cool to see all her designs as well as her new pattern, The Maya Bra.


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    Maddie, it’s so nice to hear consecrated bloggers find my site interesting. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a long time. You are a model and an inspiration to me 🙂 To be mentioned here is like a dream come true, thank you so much!

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      Puh-lease! Thank you!

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      Afi, it’s a pity that your blog is not public 🙁

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    Peta Louise

    Thanks for sharing these new-to-me blogs Maddie – so many talented people and so much inspiration!

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      You’re welcome! These ladies keep my bra making juices flowing!

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    LOL! Ok, Maddie, if you ever do decide to go to the Saskatchewan Stitches conference, I need to know! It’s a stones throw away here and it looks amazing (the shop where I work carries the flyers every spring) but I’ve never set aside the time and money to actually go. 😀

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