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Guest Post: Ginger Makes

Sonja of Ginger Makes has been with Madalynne since its nascent stages. Well, I lie a little bit. Sonja hasn’t been with Madalynne since it began six years ago but Sonja has been with Madalynne since it found its focus as a sewing, pattern making, and fashion blog. When my posts received a meager one or two comments (on a good day), Ginger was surely one of them. And when I commented on another sewing blog, sure enough, she had already commented (she always beat me to the punch). She is like Steve McQueen but instead of being the “king of cool,” she’s the “queen of cool.” Each one of her posts has as much moxie as a six-year old. You can tell through her words that she’s truly passionate about sewing and blogging for only those reasons – sewing and blogging. So while I am basking in Florida’s sunshine, she will be guest posting today. I hope you enjoy her and after, please visit her blog, Ginger Makes, to check out all her awesomeness.

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Hi, guys! I’m so excited to be guest posting today! This is one of my favorite blogs, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to hang out with you over here! Thanks, Maddie!
If you read my blog, you know that I’m a major movie buff (and I’m guessing that many of you are, too!). Costume design in film and television is a major source of inspiration for most sewists, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of 2012’s most exciting movies to see if we can’t add a little blockbuster style to our wardrobes!

(photo by Focus Features)

Let’s start with a movie that’s already out– Moonrise Kingdom. The costumes are always amazing in Wes Anderson’s movies (let’s not talk about how hard I tried to replicate Margot Tenenbaum’s look in my college days), and this one did not disappoint! I love the classic ’60’s schoolgirl style that Kara Hayward sports in the movie, but it can be challenging to wear vintage-style clothing like that without looking like you’re on your way to a costume party. One solution is to update the look by using a knit– try OOP McCall’s 5975 or Simplicity 2054, and draft a contrasting (or matching!) collar and cuffs.

(photo by Universal Pictures)

If you’re a fan of period costume design, you must be looking forward to Les Misérables (and if you’re a fan of HUMAN EMOTION, you will tear up watching the new trailer… if you can hear “I Dreamed a Dream” without sniffling, you’re a tougher bird than I)! You may not want to wear full Regency dress (or maybe you do, which is awesome!), but you can channel the spirit of Les Mis with an empire-waisted maxi this summer. Simplicity 1804 would make a lovely knit dress, and Burda’s tiered maxi dress would also be adorable (try it in a soft cotton voile!).

(photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby looks like it will be a jaw-dropping spectacle (see the trailer here)— look at those gorgeous costumes! I looooove ’20’s fashion, and admire the flapper look greatly, but let’s face it– the rectangular, dropped-waist dresses of the day are difficult for nearly everyone to pull off. So why not take a different approach? How about stitching up your favorite sheath dress pattern (in black, white, silver, or gold) and embellishing it with sequin trim like this or this? Make a jeweled collar with sew-on rhinestones, or channel the Art Deco feel by stitching ribbon onto the dress in interesting, architectural patterns (but use fringe and/or feathers cautiously to avoid the “Halloween party” look).

(photo by 20th Century Fox)

But what if you’re more excited about space exploration than Prohibition or the French Revolution? In that case, celebrate the release of Prometheus with some Alien-inspired space undies! Channel your inner Ripley with a pair of lowcut undies and a matching bandeau from this pattern by Merckwaerdigh (kick-ass alien-fighting skills sold separately).


(photo by Columbia Pictures)

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the boys! After watching Men in Black III, who wouldn’t want to rock classic menswear this summer? But forget the jacket– whip up a tie in sleek black silk for using Purl Bee’s Father’s Day Tie pattern, or Burda’s Osman tie.
What are your favorite movies for wardrobe inspiration? Whose costumes do you drool over? Any movie-inspired makes happening this summer?


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    Thanks for asking me to guest post!  I’m so excited to be here!  Have a great trip!

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    Haha! Great post! I love it – Sonja is one of my favorite sewing bloggers specifically for her awesome humor. Les Mis looks like its going to be pretty darn epic – and I’m sure Gatsby will be positively oppulent. But as far as fashion inspiration – I have to agree that Wes Anderson always seems to get it right. I myself have been trying to master the Max Fisher look from Rushmore for… god… EVER!

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    Yay you Sonja! Awesoe post on an awesome blog!
    Have a great holiday Maddie!

  4. Reply

    Meg the Grand

    LOVE LOVE LOVE, especially Gatsby 🙂 Cannot wait to see these movies!

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      Me too. I love Carey Mulligan. Everything about her…

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    I hadn’t seen the preview for The Great Gatsby yet. What a gorgous movie that’s going to be! I’m so excited for it now! I’m always checking out the costumes in movies, but I usually forget them later. 🙂 I have so much inspiration that I couldn’t sew it all up in a lifetime.

  6. Reply

    Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    What a great guest post, I will definitely checking out the patterns recommended for Moonrise Kingdom. 

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       I’d love to see your dress if you make one!  So cute!

  7. Reply

    Qui Pardue

    Great insight Ginger.  I love 20’s fashion too, but don’t find the silhouette to be flattering for my body.  I really like your ideas!!

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       It’s so hard to wear, but soooo cool!

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    Inna S

    Interesting post, Sonja! I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn’s movies and her style. Not sure I’ll make something movie-inspired this summer, but maybe this year. 

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       She really had killer style, didn’t she?  All her gorgeous Givenchy dresses… swoon!

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    Lenora Jane

    ALSO! Most of MIB3 is set in 1969! One scene takes place in Andy Warhol’s Factory! There are actually some class A clothes in that movie!

    (Can you tell I saw it this weekend and am way too excited)

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       Ooh, I haven’t seen it yet, but I really want to!  How fun!

      • Reply

        Lenora Jane

        K has a soul! Will Smith chats with hippies and drives a sick turquoise convertible! Everybody yells about the Mets! Seriously, I was actually really prepared to hate it because I have an attitude problem about sequels but it was a load of fun.

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    LOOOOOOVE this post!! I cannot wait for Les Miz!! I loved it on Broadway and I loved Liam Neeson as Jean Valjean. I expect Hugh Jackman to deliver!

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       I can’t wait either!!  It’s soooooooo far away!!!!!

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