P6302675 copy11 What Is Fit?

What constitutes a good fit? Is a good fit skin tight or with just enough wearing ease? For a skirt or a pant, is a good fit achievable at natural waist, high hip, and low hip? Can a dolman or a drop shoulder top ever be a good fit (drag lines will always be had on these styles)? I ask this question because I was at a mini gathering over the weekend when another attendee asked about a maxi dress, like this one, I was wearing. The conversation went a little like this (I shortened our dialogue for your sake)…

“The print on that dress is amazing,” she said in a Cher Horowitz accent
“Thanks, I bought it at Anthro (Anthropolgie). It’s still in stores. It may even be on sale now (I’m always a cheerleader for my brands),” I said
“Oh, I want one except I want one that fits,” she said
It does fit, I thought… silently…

Maybe it’s the pattern maker in me but I believe a good fit has wearing ease. What is wearing ease? It’s enough “room” that is “built” into a garment so arms can be raised comfortably and pants don’t ride up into the hoo-hah region. I define a good fit as garments that lie on the body and do not suffocate the wearer. A good fitting garment also conceals body flaws and creates a the best body shape/silhouette the wearer can have. Lastly, a good fit leaves a little mystery… because mystery is always sexy (backless tops/dresses, cold-shoulder tops, etc.). How do you define a good fit?

Taking it one step further, can fit be a reflection of your personality? As we grow older, our styles become simpler and refined. Our clothes become looser – but not baggy – and I wonder if part of this is because as we get older, we settle into ourselves, more relaxed, and more complacent with where life has brought us, wherever that is. Hmmm.. I wonder. What do you think?

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