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What I Made: Cameron

how to make a bralette

I did not have any expectations when I first cut this set. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. I intended it to be a quick make while I waited for a few yards of power net from Spandex House to arrive in the mail. I made two minor design changes to a TNT bra and panty pattern, and I now have a my favorite set. Maybe I like it so much might because I had no expectations? Who knows, but who cares. I got me some new undies! [hands up in the air emoji]


Stretch something from Jomar underlined with 2 layers of stretch mesh from Fleishman Fabrics. Jomar is a clearance/fabric warehouse that has amazing fabric for super cheap, but the trade off is you don’t know its content. A burn test is your best bet. This fabric has a great pattern and texture, but no recovery/spandex, so I had underlined with 2 layers stretch mesh. Two layers because one layer didn’t provide enough support. I was waiting or power net to arrive, and  I wanted to use what I already had. #stashbusting

The bottom band is a galloon lace from Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts


3/8” picot/plush elastic from Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts
1/8” stretch piping from Bra Makers Supply for cut outs on panty
¾” picot/plush elastic for top of panty from Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts
½” strap elastic from Tailor Made Shop
¾” rings from Bra Makers Supply
½” sliders from Bra Makers Supply

Pattern + Construction

The pattern for the bra is the same as Maybelline. The only change was making the front neckline a “u” shape rather than square cut. I wanted the neckline for Maybelline to have corners, but achieving a corner on any stretch fabric isn’t easy. Even when I stabilized the points, it wasn’t what I envisioned. This is a lot more flattering, at least I think so.

The pattern for the panty is my TNT panty pattern, but I cut out circles on the sides. I cut the panty without the cut outs, tried it on, and marked where I wanted the opening. Then I cut, and transferred to the pattern so I could make more in the future.

Construction was per usual – all edges were finished with standard application of elastic.


What are your thoughts on the peekaboo trend? It can be trashy, but it can be classy, and I am hoping this is the latter. I think if done right, it can be a fun way to play up lingerie, but for it to still be wearable and practical. Have you seen any peekaboo bras, panties or bodysuits that you’ve seen around the web and could share?


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    it’s so adorable <333

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    rae tashman (@lovefromberlin)

    This set is absolutely beautiful, you are so talented it’s insane.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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    I’m a fan! In the back view, the cutouts optically narrow your hips too, the way color blocking or vertical seaming would… I may have to try this!

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    Nice ! You made it classy!

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    I would never consider this “trashy”. (Though, I would be if I wore this….. because I don’t have the bodyshape nor the age for this kind of lingerie, LOL)
    It looks very nice on the model in the picture!

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