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What I Made: Ellie

lingerie sewing

Halloween, I always have such high hopes. Sigh. I get so excited months before; it’s August that I start pinning the most clever me-made costumes. Peg Bundy, Cruella De Ville, a donut. When October rolls around, however, I have 0 supplies purchased, but I still every intention of pulling through. Then mid month hits and I have that moment. It ain’t gonna happen. This year is different. I didn’t set myself up for failure and committed to a project that will knew would come to fruition. I kept it simple by making this lovely set in the best Halloween colors – black and burgundy. Because really, isn’t this holiday just a good excuse to make a garter belt? Yup!


Bridge: Textured Lycra purchased in London lined with black sheer cup lining from Arte Crafts
Cups: Burgundy wide stretch galloon lace from Tailor Made Shop 
Back Band: Power net from Tailor Made Shop 
Picot Plush Elastic: 3/4″ picot plush elastic for the bottom band, 3/8″ elastic for the underarm from Tailor Made Shop
Strap Elastic: 1/4″ stretch grosgrain from Pacific Trimming (very pretty, but not super supportive)
Rings + Sliders and Hooks + Eyes: from Tailor Made Shop 

Textured Lycra purchased in London 
Burgundy wide stretch galloon lace from Tailor Made Shop
Elastic: 1/4″ stretch piping from Bra Makers Supply
Gusset: White cotton jersey from Fleishman Fabrics

Garter Belt:
Center front/back: Burgundy wide stretch galloon lace from Tailor Made Shop 
Power net from Tailor Made Shop 
Elastic (for bottom of side panels): 1/4″ stretch piping from Bra Makers Supply
Elastic (for waist): 3/8″ picot plush elastic from Tailor Made Shop 
Elastic (for garter straps): stretch grosgrain from Pacific Trimming
Garter Clips and Hook + Eye: from Tailor Made Shop 

ellie-web-6 ellie-web-5 ellie-web-4ellie-web-9 ellie-web-7ellie-web-8

Bra: This is the Madalynne x Simplicity 8229. It’s been so fun to see all the variations you have made, and it has been equally fun to make many variations myself. The only pattern change was to combine the inner and outer cups and transfer the dart into shirring. That’s it!

Panty: Rubbed off/copied the pattern from this Urban Outfitters panty.

Garter Belt: Altered the garter belt pattern that I made here, which was self drafted, but reduced the length. The height at center front is 2″ and 3.25″ where the garter straps are.

If the weather keeps up and it’s unseasonably warm like it has been, maybe I’ll wear this sweet thang out in public. I’m joking! My mother would be rolling in her grave if she knew I was out and about in my skivvies. She almost had a heart attack when I pierced my ears!

What about you? Are you making anything for All Hallow’s Eve? Let me know!


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    Nice, but why are you wearing a garter belt without stockings?

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      It’s 80 degrees here in Philadelphia, so I’ll do without them for now. Thank you very much!

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      A lot of models wear garters without the stockings because, well, they’re just modeling them

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        Exactly. Thanks Raisa 😉

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    When did burgundy become a Hallowe’en color?

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      I guess, any color you like can be a halloween color anytime. 😀

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      pretty sure red has always been a Halloween color

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      I do love your new haircut. I got mine cut short recently as well and its so much more maintainable!

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    Beautiful! I have been following your web site although I am unlikely to make any undergarments. Although I sew (sometimes) I am a bit large for your delicate bras. Still when I see something as gorgeous as this I am tempted.since it is after all an underwire bra. Your web site will remain sewing “porn” for me.

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    Lady Tish Page

    Oh I do wish you would come to the UK, looks such fun

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    I do love your new haircut. I got mine cut short recently as well and its so much more maintainable!

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    Wow, that red looks so good! Very, very nice.

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