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A Personal Giveaway

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I was cleaning out my drawers last weekend when I came across some sewing fabric and notions that even though I love, I don’t need. I’ve had some for just months, some for years, but at this point, they’re all taking space with no foreseeable purpose. My life has become consumed with bra making – and I like it that way – and these items are from when I sewed mostly clothes. The polka dot fabric is leftover from this amazing project and came from Mood Fabrics in NYC. I remember when I bought it. It was a little over a year ago when I made a trip to see Lauren in the city. Great memory. The other items are a hodgepodge of trims and vintage notions. I don’t say it enough, but I truly appreciate your loyal support of my sewing adventures. As a thank you, I’m giving it away. You don’t have to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram. You don’t have to share this post or pin an image. All you need to do is comment below on what’s on your sewing table this summer. That’s it. I’ll choose a winner one week from today, June 10. You can be anywhere in the world and enter. I’ll pay for shipping.

You rock!

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    Patty Morais

    I am making shirts for grandkids, self and daughter

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    On my sewing table right now and the next few days is a beautiful satin wedding gown from 1945 that I am….adjusting for a September wedding. A young bride is wearing her grandmother’s wedding gown. I am sewing new lace cap sleeves on, and dropping the sweetheart neckline to be more flattering. Steaming the veil and beading the comb with vintage pearls from old broken necklaces. I love projects like this.

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      Sounds beautiful! Good luck!

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    Carol Johnson

    I am starting on the Brumby skirt. Thanks for this opportunity:)

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      I hear it’s a great pattern! I’m a little biased toward anything Megan Nielsen. She is an awesome lady and inspiration.

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    I alongside my daughters, am sewing 2 jackets and several blouses, i spired from our trip to Avignon, France.

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    Southern Hemisphere here, so sewing for the winter! But I’m wanting to make a grey wool jacket.

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    I have an Ondee sweater, a summer robe and a pleated skirt cut out. I’m also planning on making the grumpy skirt, some circle skirts and hopefully some summer dresses.

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    I don’t want to enter the contest or anything. I just want to tell you that Jesus loves you very much. He died to pay for all of our sins and when we put our faith in Him we can be saved.
    Jesus Christ sacrificed Hisself for all the sins of the world, because the Bible says that the wages of sin is death, so He essentially took the death we deserved as sinners on the cross. (He rose from the grave 3 days later.) And He did so because He loves us and He wants us to have eternal life. We have all sinned and done our wrong in this life, but the Bible says that when we put out faith in Him, and turn from our sins we can be saved, no matter what we have done wrong in the past. He is the only way to have eternal life. He will forgive our trespasses and wipe the slate clean. So I encourage you to seek to know Christ for yourself today. God bless.

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    Mary Kilgore

    July-December I will be sizing, fitting, designing, embellishing, accessorizing, sewing bras into, etc…, over 225 competition dance team costumes for jazz and pom teams! Oh, and make myself some new bras in my free time!!

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      Whoa! You are a super woman if you can finish.

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    I’m working on building my summer wardrobe at the moment. Just finished a pair of cotton Capri trousers and going to make a floaty blouse to go with them. Just need to get greaseproof paper as i’m all out of tracing materials atm. Would love to win your giveaway.

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    wonderful! on my sewing table right now are two Projects that means a lot to me. i’m sewing a shirt for my dad and a little bolero cover-up for his soon-to-be wife. my dad is getting married this summer! sadly, i cannot attend because i’m pregnant and the wedding is too Close to my due date to allow me to travel (from sweden to france) so i’m sewing both of them something to wear on the big day. this way, they’ll have a bit of me with them anyways!

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    Rose H

    I’ve cut out the pieces for a pair of Chataigne shorts in some lovely orangey linen / viscose fabric. A couple of briar tops, and a bow tie for The Boy so that he matches my last year’s Saltspring at my cousin’s wedding.

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    At this moment I am just finishing a baby quilt for my grandaughter and then I plan to make a shirtwaister dress for myself. I have been collecting low volume charm squares for a large quilt so hopefully that will be my next project. jennylarking@gmail.com

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    I’m working on a black vintage velvet Flora dress! So excited to wear it to Frocktails in August and meet more of my gorgeous sewing community.

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    Some summery blouses, and then a dress – it’s been too long since I made one – using hand-dyed fabrics or fabric from my stash. I want to try Mallori Lane this summer too.

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    At the moment I’m working on my first handmade bikini! I’m using the soma swimsuit pattern from papercut patterns

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      Oh! Good luck!

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    Hi I have on my sewing table, embroidery of snowflakes and icicles. In between I am researching sewing bras.

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    Trousers! Your lovely orange pair have inspired me to find my perfect trousers and I am starting out with a pair made from blue brocade form a lucky thrift store find!

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    Amanda Black

    Having just completed a pattern cutting course for a bodice block I will be designing and making tops, tops, tops – exciting although still a little daunting! Thanks for the opportunity to win your stash. Amanda

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      That bodice block will be so useful for you for all your designs! It’s a lot of work to develop a pattern, but it pays off.

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    I have a watson bra cut out and ready to go, along with a Belcarra blouse that needs hemming. Now the suns come out I really want to make some more weather appropriate clothes- starting with an Ilsley skirt. What a lovely giveaway!

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    There are some piecing experiments on my sewing table, precursors to an art quilt. Also, in the early stages, a quilt.

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    Amanda Renea

    My projects for this summer include some maternity dresses and a puff quilt for my son due in October!

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    Regina Riggs

    I have been making my own bras and panties. I also plan on making my Mother of the Bride dress for my daughter’s wedding. I am going to be a grandmother this summer so I have been making baby clothes and bibs.

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    A shirt for my husband. Thanks for the chance.

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    H's Handcrafts

    I will be working on expanding my handmade wardrobe – currently only 3 skirts and a dress so will hopefullly be adding some tops and some trousers soon! (My first attempt at trousers was a fitting disaster!)

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    It’s not summer here in Oz, so am hoping to make my first pair of ginger jeans!

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    as a teacher the summer is when I do the bulk of my sewing. I plan to make some new bras and panties, blouses, pants, and a winter coat.

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    Jessica. E

    I recently started sewing, on my table now is a maxi gown i am recycling into a cute dress. 🙂

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    I’m working at expanding my me made wardrobe with two different dresses for summer weddings coming up!

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    Cheryl Lemmons

    I’m working on and blue and yellow boucle French couture jacket for my mother and remaking a yellow silk and wool “Jackie O” dress that Mom made in the 60’s into a skirt for her to wear with it. Need to find that perfect trim.

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    Megan Carter

    I’m cutting out another Watson set, this time foam lined and just getting ready to start cutting out a Marlborough. Haven’t tried that pattern yet so some more fitting to do! Also cutting out some bags from swoon patterns. Love bag making! Have more plans for developing a skirt sloper and bodice sloper through craftsy classes 🙂 a busy summer on my sewing table!

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    I’m making the Florence bra and a new Alder in time for summer! x

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    I just finished a dress for one of my best friends weddings today. Crazy!!! And next I’m finally trying to make my first bra, something you’ve inspired me to take the plunge on. I’ve already been muslin-ing away and I’m hopefully ready to make the real thing. Fingers crossed…

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    Some dark, slightly stretchy denim is waiting to be made into high-waisted, slim jeans. I’ve made trousers before, but never jeans, so I’m a bit hesitant..

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    I have a dress cut out and waiting to be sewn – but I’ve put on a couple of pounds. I don’t want to sew it up until I can wear it as soon as it’s done. Maybe I should cut out a quick skirt to keep my sewing mojo from withering away.

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    Andie L.

    I’m sewing another M6696. I’m slightly obsessed with that pattern. This will be my fourth dress from that pattern. I also made a skirt using the pattern.

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    My mom used to make Trauma Bears (the little Teddies that officers give to children in traumatic situations). In her honor, I’m working on Memory Bears made from my mom’s old dresses for my brothers and I. I think she’d be pleased…

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    Hello! This summer I have 2 bedding sets, one ball gown, one swim suit, a couple tailoring projects, a pair of pants and a pair of shorts and a couple tank tops!

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    Carol S

    Working on a gathered skirt version of my TNT dress and then have Liberty fabric for the shift version. After that I need to work on muslins/fit issues so I have other TNT’s.

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    I just moved and am still trying to arrange my sewing room! I hope to finish soon & stitch some sort of summer dress for a wedding I am attending in July!

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    My biggest sewing project this summer is the dress I’m wearing to my brother’s wedding. I’m planning on using Vogue 1422, a Tracy Reese design that looks very elegant. I’m going to muslin the bodice, then make it up in a beautiful Nani Iro fabric. I’m not sure if this will be the final look – I might eventually make it in a silk to be fancier, in which case I can wear the Nani Iro version to friends’ weddings! Oh, p.s. I’m officiating my brother’s wedding! So this is a special dress!

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    First up finishing Vogue 8728 in a nice comfy jersey. And then, in no particular order, the swim suit I’ve been wanting to make since last year. A bra for me, my first complete set, and the bra I promised my mom almost year ago…
    Thank you for giving away your little sewing bits. The white beaded trim is absolutely gorgeous.

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    Hmmm… I’m working on a classic button up shirt, a Style Arc shirt, just finished a lime green jacket tonight, and cutting out a Vogue dress…. the last two are from fabric my Mum bought in the ’70’s!

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    I’m making a navy blue gingham Hawthorn shirtdress. All done except the buttons!

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    Nicole Morgan

    I’m muslining the Papercut Patterns Sway Dress. V1 down, need to FBA and do forward shoulder and then onto V2. Hoping to make the final dress in a pretty grey linen, perfect for Texas summers!

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    I’m making a Southport dress by True Bias, ready for summer holidays!

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    Vicki Yelland-Browning

    On my table is fabric to make cushions for my lovely boys – star wars and avengers!!!

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    despite just entering summer i am about to start making an autumn/winter coat vanessa pouzet’s eagle, as i have some gorgeous wool fabric that would be perfect for this design. Plus I need to make a cape for my frozen obsessed two year old.

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    I’m designing and sewing bra and panty sets! I spent so much money over the years on lingerie that was uncomfortable and didn’t fit well that I finally got the idea to sew my own. It was a new endeavor for me since I had not made underwear before but have really been having fun making them and wish I would have done this ages ago! Still have lots to learn about the art of lingerie making but am happy to report that none of the pieces I’ve made bite, pinch or crawl!

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    Grainline’s Morris blazer, Colette’s Mabel as a maxi skirt, and a bunch of Seamwork patterns.

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    I am planning on picking up some fun, funky fabric on my trip to Scotland next week 🙂 I have a beautiful flowy jumpsuit I plan on making and hopefully another 50s inspired dress. With kiddo out of school for the summer I do more playing than sewing…

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    I have two things on my sewing table at the moment. Firstly I’m teaching myself to knit and am making the obligatory simple scarf as it’s starting to get cold here. The other is a blouse for my Granny for her birthday out of a lovely bright liberty print, drafted from one of her favorite tops. I’m going to have a busy weeknd 🙂

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    Oooh, how lovely!
    I’m currently working away at a quick little shirt, but have plans for bras, jeans, bathing suits and dresses – hopefully some of that this summer!

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    i just finished a jumpsuit for my 5 year old and now I’m starting the playsuit and skirt from vintage burda2014. I have this blue, green and white floral cotton fabric that has been waiting for the perfect project and… this is it 🙂 But, it seems I have to make lots of changes to the pattern… sba, taking in seams and letting out others, lengthening and shortening… Maybe there’s the reason rtw never fits my body… 😛

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    Next up I have a simple linen shift dress so I can work on improving my fitting skills!

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    Ali Benko

    On my sewing table right now I have butterick B5832, a civil war era style dress with modern sewing techniques. I doubt I’ll have any where to wear it, but there are so many sewing skills involved with making it that I haven’t tackled yet so I’m using it as a learning project. Plus, the fabric was given to me by a friend, and what else can you do with 6 m of floral cotton??

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    Melissa Morales

    I just entered the world of doll making. I love it because I get to sculpt, paint, sew, and make wigs.

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    Wildeflower Musings

    First of all… you rock and ever since finding your blog you’ve been an inspiration to me to keep on truckin’ with my sewing!

    This summer’s docket consists of finishing up projects I’ve started and tackling new areas in my sewing. I scored vintage silk scarfs at a flea market over the winter so I plan to hack those up and make a skirt for fall, as well as figure out what I can make with this vintage gauzy floral fabric I also scored a while back- hopefully before summer’s over! As for tacking new areas in sewing… I was asked to make a RV awning for a 1970’s Airstream RV. The pattern isn’t so hard, but the volume of fabric will be the challenge that I’m so totally up for!

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    I am working on a 1948 inspired party dress to wear to my sister’s birthday dance. It is going to be made out of vintage turquoise puckered nylon, with a gorgeous yoked neckline, puffed sleeves, and a pleated skirt.

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      Sounds like a beautifuk dress!

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    Two V-neck knit tees, one a remake of an old tee I made some years ago, the other one with some pretty knit fabric I got recently. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

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    I am making a satin nightgown for my mom (in between working on my orders for my wedding headpieces) She can’t find them anymore in stores, so I surprised her with one for mothers day, but I have one more to finish up for her birthday

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    On my table this summer ate dresses for my hand daughters

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    Currently working on a 50s style bra top (need to find a good pattern for shorts to go with it, to make a playsuit), with plans to soon start working on a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding later this month.

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    Also, I just discovered your blog – love it! I’ve been dancing around the idea of trying lingerie sewing for a while, and your passion for it is a great inspiration to get off my rear and go for it. 🙂

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    I’ve got a few WIPs on the go at the moment: a floral rucksack I self-drafted (eek!), and a suede skirt which is causing me a few problems… Great giveaway! 🙂

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      WIPs – I havr plenty of those too!

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    Julie Cousin

    This summer I’m planning on sewing a quilt and a couple of outfits for my 1 week-old daughter!!! I’d like to make myself a dress or something that makes me feel good about my recovering body! If I dare, I will give your free bra pattern a shot!

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    On my sewing table… I have cut out 2 pairs of workout pants. There are 6 more pieces of fabric waiting to have something done with them for the gym. My husband, who is usually banned from my sewing room, he helpfully pointed out that there are 50+ pieces of knit fabric weighing down my fabric shelf and I should probably use those before I order more.

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    This summer, first I’m going to get my sewing room re-organized. Then, my projects include finishing two baby quilts, a bra, and a dress or two. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

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    A ridiculous amount! First up – two sundresses for my holiday to the South of France (next week – eek!), one in Liberty lawn and one in Atelier Brunette lawn; then it’s a BHL Holly jumpsuit, then some pyjamas using up silk I bought in Vietnam… My list is embarrassingly long so I’ll stop right there! Love your blog and photography btw, so inspiring.

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    Vedrana Jankovic

    After I finally finish the buttons on my Granville shirt, I plan to make myself a sleeveless Sureau dress 🙂
    Thank you for doing the giveaway — while I still haven’t sewn any lingerie, I love following your projects.

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    What a great idea to give away some of your personal stash! I’ll take inspiration from this, and organize my own, and I bet I won’t be the only one! What am I sewing this summer? In addition to exploring new bra patterns (natch), I’m planning a shirtdress (something I’ve never worn in my life) to be made with a linen print, 2 light trench-style coats (1 will be out of a sheer iridescent espresso-dark organza!), and most likely several more dresses/skirts/tops that I can wear for tango (Argentine tango is a personal passion). P.S. I’m in LOVE with that polka-dot fabric!

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      The polka dots are one of my favorite fabrics too! It will be hard to part with it!

  71. Reply


    I’ve got a rigel bomber lined with a flamingo print, because why not.

  72. Reply


    I’m currently looking at making a Davie Dress from a bicycle print fabric. Excited.

  73. Reply


    Right now I have a Mara blouse and an E+M patterns dress sitting on my table ready to sew up!

  74. Reply


    Right now I’m working on copying a RTW midi skirt from Zara- it is 4 pieces cut on the bias out of a stiff blanket-like woven fabric, and I’m working on a lighter summer version. Love those buttons!

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    I have a corduroy jumper that only needs a hem and then to be packed away with my winter clothes and a bag of 3 cut out cabbage patch kids t-shirts .

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    That is really very sweet of you, I am going to try to make a skirt, a dress and as I’ve given up on uncomfy bras some underwear hopefully improving some skills as I go

  77. Reply


    That’s lovely! I’m working on a few costume pieces- a feathered cloak, a sort of long vest, and a dress to wear under it all.

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    Thank you. There are two things on my table at the moment. One is a blouse I finished last week but realised the bust darts needed altering. The other is a sheath dress that I’m making in double crepe. I’m at the toile stage with that.

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      Doubl crepe is divine. Good luck!

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    Shannon Snyder

    Currently I am working on a Grainline Morris in a midnight blue double knit. Who knows what is next, I have so many options right now! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

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    Annie Plummer

    My sewing table includes a wrap dress from a vintage vogue pattern; a skirt of yellow with white polka dots; and aprons for my 2 little granddaughters.

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    I have a pair of Colette clovers awaiting to be finished, very excited to be adding these to my wardrobe as a staple item! Also have one of my dads shirts, he had this beautiful checked shirt that he was threatening to throw out and so I rescued it with the promise of turning it into something else

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      What a great daughter!

  82. Reply

    Linda N

    Linen!! Lots of linen shirts this summer!
    Maddie, it’s so nice to see that your sewing has progressed so far and that you are doing what you love. You will never “work” a day in your life! Helping others on this journey is wonderful. When I was your age, I was the only person I knew that sewed and didn’t consider it a chore. Seeing sewing come back and seeing people realize that what they wear matters, (and how it was made matters more) is just great!!

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    Yvonne Contreras

    Summer dresses and tops for my 2 and 5 yr old daughters and my first fitted pencil skirt and elisalex dress for me 🙂

  84. Reply

    Janet W.

    I have some muslin so I can alter a pants pattern to fit. I probably will also try to sew some underwear like some bra and panties sets.

  85. Reply


    Right now it’s a bag for my mum, and some halter crop tops for me

  86. Reply

    Arona Designs

    Palazzo pants for a vow renewal, some baby rompers, and a dress for myself!

  87. Reply


    I have both everything and nothing on my sewing table this summer. I moved to Sweden in the fall and couldn’t take my machine… I still don’t have one and miss it dearly! Actually I have been hand sewing instead, baby quilts and tea towels and even a linen top and silk dress with hand cut and hand sewn cotton bias tape to enclose all of the seams. My plans can’t be solidified until I buy a machine sadly! But once I. Do I’m sure to unleash a storm 🙂

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    Amy Nicole

    My sewing table is going to be occupied by wedding projects all summer … My (two) dresses, bridesmaids gifts, ringbearer bow ties, pocket squares… It’s a wedding sewing extravaganza over here

  89. Reply


    Shorts, panties, and jumpsuits. All things that my wardrobe is lacking in

  90. Reply

    Ginette Rennie

    My sewing table is covered in upcycled fabrics I’m cutting up to make cloth menstrual pads as a gift for my older sister.

  91. Reply

    Joanne Roberts

    I think couture bras will be the next big thing. We are tired of bras that are pretty but don’t fit or fit but are ugly.

  92. Reply


    I am hoping to make a new shirt, pair of breeches and a bra and panty set.

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    I will be starting college at RPI this fall. I am used to the mild winters of New Mexico, so right now, I’m sewing warm things to keep me alive through a cold New York winter.

  94. Reply


    I’m cutting out a border print wrap maxi dress to take to LA with me in 2 weeks!

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    Laura Balio

    Oh, my goodness! So many entries! I am practicing my new pattern-drafting skills and applying them to traditional Austrian dirndls. My mother grew up wearing dirndls, but I never had one until I made my own. I’ve learned how to make them the old-fashioned way and drafted my own pattern as women used to do. And I now want to make patterns for an assortment of other sizes, and to sew them out of Italian linens for summer and Scottish woolens for winter. I love doing hand embroidery and will use a lot of that as well as vintage trims. I also have completed the first pattern for a blouse to wear with it. It sewed up beautifully. Will make those out of lightweight, handkerchief linens and whisper-weight cottons. And linen petticoats and silk aprons (the easy part). And by winter I hope to have the first draft of a dirndl jacket… Lots of work. Learning loads as I go.

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    So many projects, so little time ahhhh, what is on my sewing table?
    First, a jumpsuit to finish up (just the hem, though), a romper, a couple of linen tanks, a Watson and a Marlborough ( or 2 ) to put together, and a patriotic quilt for my son to hand quilt.
    Funny, the contest ends on my birthday (June 10). Keeping my fingers crossed.

  97. Reply


    My summer sewing projects include new dresses for my closet. A few things for my niece and nephew. Probably curtains for our house as well.

  98. Reply


    Hello! My sewing table is really, really new. I’m still making bags and pillowcases (but dreaming about so many dresses, shirts, skirts…) Right no there are two projects: a really pretty zipper pouch with birds and a case for my knitting needles! I’m really excited about this project because I designed it to fit all my needles. Thank you for this giveaway!

  99. Reply


    I have some striped linen from Japan that is soon to be a pleated skirt

  100. Reply

    Tracy Fitzwater

    I am retiring at the end of the week, and my first retirement goal is to sew a bra that fits me! I also need to get a pair of capris done while it’s still summer. With no school work to do, I may have a chance with these projects.

  101. Reply


    On my sewing table…my best friend’s wedding dress. I used your drafting method for the slopers. The dress has a built in-bra…by the way, I love using FOE when I am out of underwire casing….

  102. Reply


    My sewing table is overflowing. First are two washi dresses then two pairs shorts then a nightgown for my daughter and finally my first pair of panties.

  103. Reply


    I am in New Zealand where it is coming into Winter. Just getting back into sewing after quite a few years off. The last year surgery for Breast Cancer followed by Radiation treatment at the beginning of this year. Now it is onward and upwards getting back into things I love doing. On my sewing table at the moment is a Black and White striped Ponte dress plus a Navy coat.

  104. Reply


    Well… considering that my sewing table is actually my dining table – I know one thing that won’t be on it – and that’s food! As my sewing brain scatters here, there and everywhere and the endless list of things to sew changes daily, dependant on what inspires me at the time. I see that the big JC loves you Maddie (Katelin), well damn it I love you too!! 🙂

  105. Reply


    I’ve got some swimsuits to make…exciting but scary, too, since I’ve never sewed spandex before…and thanks for the chance in the give-away !

  106. Reply

    Magda Dominguez

    Hello, weŕe in autumn here in Uruguay, South América. I have two proyects right now: a trouser and a nightdress. On the sewing table there is the nightdress in grey satin, based on a Burda Pattern Iḿ adjusting to use a lovely embroidery brass (I have never used) in the design. Just using imagination!

  107. Reply

    Marla Fitzsimmons

    Well, I’ll be seeing my first garment!! Eek I inherited a sewing machine from my mum when she died- she taught me the basics when I was younger but then uni etc got in the way. Now I’m on my own…. You inspire me to keep learning! So on my sewing table right now is a 50s style dress which I’m determined to finish in the next couple of weeks.
    (My unfinished pile is already shameful- I get to the tricky parts and loose confidence!)
    Thank you for such an awesome blog!!!

  108. Reply


    Well, on my sewing table there’s a cup of coffee at the left and a (sadly dying) cactus on the right! But in between, you can find my sewing machine and my plans for this summer: some deep-red crepe for a midi dress I have in mind, a scrap of grey satin that will become a bow tie for a soon-to-be married friend, and… a shameful amount of underwear patterns that I want to try!

    And, last but not least, thank you for the giveaway and for the tons of inspiration that your blog provides! 🙂

  109. Reply


    I’ve been working on altering some clothes I picked up secondhand, but I also have a summer dress I would love to finish while the weather is still warm.

  110. Reply

    Kathy Davis

    I am sewing an I SPY quilt for a Buddy Walk fundraiser for Down Syndrome.

  111. Reply

    Vicki H

    I am making my granddaughter a couple of skirts.

  112. Reply

    Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    Nothing is on my agenda for sewing right now, but I recently won a “one yard wonders” sewing book….so, maybe soon… Thanks and God bless!

  113. Reply


    This summer I will be working on clothes for myself and daughter, some home items, Christmas gifts and hopefully my first quilt!

  114. Reply

    Claire Ross

    I am currently sewing a polka dot summer top. About to start the zip ! Still a newbie sewer so this is always the deal breaker !

  115. Reply


    I’m planning on making some breezy tops and dresses for the summer heat. And a dress for my brother’s wedding! But I seem to always be abandoning plans for something new and shiny.

  116. Reply


    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m working on jeans, and a 2-piece dress right now.

  117. Reply


    Right now it’s a plaster cast of my torso I’m filling with expandable foam to make a dress form, then it’s back to tank top maxi dresses and ruched sundresses for a festival next month! Thank you so much.

  118. Reply

    Jenna M

    I´m sweing a dress for myself!

  119. Reply


    I haven’t sewn in YEARS. I’ve set up my Fair Lady sewing machine in my used to be home office and I’ve started cutting out some dog beds for a rescue organization. I own a large number of vintage sewing machines and I really should be using them! Fingers crossed the beds come out the way I’ve imagined them!

  120. Reply

    Madeline Osborne

    Hi Maddie, I’m Maddy!
    My husband just gave me a new Singer sewing machine for our 13th wedding anniversary, and on my sewing table at the moment is material and a pattern for a simple jersey top, as it has been many many years since I sewed. Today is the 10th, and if it’s not to late, I’d love to enter your giveaway as someone coming (back) into machine sewing. Have a glorious summer!

  121. Reply


    Thanks for the fun giveaway. 🙂 Right now I’m working a little tote for each of my granddaughters. They are two-year-old twins who love to carry their books around.

  122. Reply

    Emily C

    I am working on a quilted dolphin wall hanging.

  123. Reply


    I am going to learn how to paper-piece and make some fun sewing projects with them! I love trims!

  124. Reply


    I’m making your Mallori Lane into a bikinitop.

  125. Reply


    I’m just finishing off a moneta and I’m getting started on a brumby skirt

  126. Reply


    I’m freezing down here in the middle of our Southern Hemisphere winter, so I’m going to start work on my Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat this weekend. I have some cashmere/wool blend in a gorgeous cherry red just waiting to be cut out 🙂

  127. Reply


    I’m sewing lots of sundresses this summer. And hopefully a mallori lane too.

  128. Reply


    I’m perfecting my personal trouser block! That’s what let me to your wonderful blog!

  129. Reply

    Miss Maddy

    It’s winter here in Melbourne, Australia – so I’ve got some more snuggly projects lined up! I’m hoping to make a pink, full-skirted coat from Gertie’s Butterick pattern, and a tea dress for my sister’s birthday. And, of course, a bunch of new bras! 🙂

  130. Reply


    I’m actually finishing sewing some summery items for myself and my daughter, and I’ve just found out we are invited to a wedding, so I’m happily browsing through fabric options and patterns 😉
    Also, I’ll be opening my own shop with clothes for girls, so I’m ordering samples of fabric. How exciting! 😀

  131. Reply


    Greetings from San Francisco! Summer projects underway include a few tops and pants from Burda and a dress from Vogue. I am also getting a head start for fall with a wonderful cape pattern from Paco Peralta. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  132. Reply


    I have a few circle skirts to make, easy to make and a summer staple

  133. Reply


    I’ll be making my first dress! Cross your fingers for me.

  134. Reply


    I’ m making a shirt for my husband and a pair of leggings for myself.

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