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A Thanksgiving Care Package from Maddie

There are many other Maddie’s in this world but until recently, I thought I was the coolest Maddie out. That changed when I was outshined by ‘the other Maddie‘ . It was a normal day at work when an email appeared in my inbox. It was from Maddie of the blog Thriftiary. She said her name was Maddie. “Ha!” I began to think , “no way, no how, see-ya – this Maddie ain’t got nothing on me.” I may have snapped my fingers for effect too. After reading her email, I checked out her blog. She had a lot on me. A lot. I may be able to pattern making and make a mean bra and undie set but this Maddie can cook, sew, knit, DIY, and my favorite, ramble beautifully as well as sing.

I know defeat when I see it and I was defeated. Crushed to the ground and stomped on. This Maddie was cool.

As well as offering to sponsor Madalynne, Maddie also proposed to send a Thanksgiving care package to each other. “This is where I’ll outshine her,” I thought. Nope. I sent her fudge from Reading Terminal Market, a Virginia Wolf book, an issue of Selvedge magazine, scraps of fabric, and a card and she sent me way better – cozy socks with lace and ruffles, a handmade necklace, stationary, and a stamp.

In addition to giving thanks to my friends, my family, and especially the job I feel extremely lucky to have, I give thanks to the other Maddie. Maddie, thank you for being the coolest Maddie out!


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    Aw! What a sweet package! Internet friends are truly the best friends! Lovely necklace!

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    Two Maddies?! Fun!

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    The other Maddie

    hahaha oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard!!! It is such a PLEASURE knowing such a cool Maddie with insane talents. So consider the feeling mutual šŸ™‚

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    Those socks are sooo cute. What a sweet care package!

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    Amanda Russell

    Aww that’s so lovely – I’m glad you and Maddie found each other, and it’s so cool that your kindred spirit even has the same name ^__^

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    This is so cute. I love that the two of you did this. šŸ™‚ I should go on the search for another Savannah…

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