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A Very Jenga Christmas

christmas-2015-31Well, Christmas has come and gone. Can you believe it? I spent the holiday in South Florida with my family, and it was the perfect getaway. I even celebrated my 28 birthday! Cheers to another year of looking like I’m 14-years-old!

My trip was very – waking up later than usual, baking ugly holiday cookies (we tried; A+ for effort), shopping for gifts, watching movies (Star Wars on repeat), going out to lunch every day, and outside dinners. Gotta love that last one. Santa was good to all of us, but we received an extra special gift this year. We had a live Elf On The Shelf! He is actually my brother’s roommate and being Jewish, he had never celebrated Christmas. We played white elephant after opening gifts – it was my older brother’s idea. Not mine. My younger brother was the lucky recipient of the “sweet cheeks” undies. I don’t recall who received Jenga, but it became a centerpiece of the trip. Many intense games. Real nail biters.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this year was by far the best. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have spent it with anyone else. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoy the photos of my (crazy) family. We’re all crazy in our own way, right? I also hope you’re are ready to start 2016 on a good note just like I am. Until then, Happy New Year!

christmas-2015-1 christmas-2015-2 christmas-2015-3 christmas-2015-5 christmas-2015-7 christmas-2015-13 christmas-2015-14 christmas-2015-16 christmas-2015-17 christmas-2015-18christmas-2015-19 christmas-2015-22 christmas-2015-21 christmas-2015-23 christmas-2015-24 christmas-2015-25 christmas-2015-27christmas-2015-28 christmas-2015-29christmas-2015-45christmas-2015-44christmas-2015-41christmas-2015-40christmas-2015-39christmas-2015-38christmas-2015-37christmas-2015-35christmas-2015-34christmas-2015-33christmas-2015-32christmas-2015-46 christmas-2015-47
christmas-2015-48christmas-2015-50 christmas-2015-49christmas-2015-52christmas-2015-55christmas-2015-56christmas-2015-58christmas-2015-60christmas-2015-61christmas-2015-62christmas-2015-63christmas-2015-65christmas-2015-67christmas-2015-68christmas-2015-69christmas-2015-70christmas-2015-71christmas-2015-73christmas-2015-74christmas-2015-75 christmas-2015-76 christmas-2015-79christmas-2015-81christmas-2015-82christmas-2015-87christmas-2015-88christmas-2015-89christmas-2015-90christmas-2015-91christmas-2015-93christmas-2015-94christmas-2015-95christmas-2015-96christmas-2015-97christmas-2015-98christmas-2015-100christmas-2015-101christmas-2015-102christmas-2015-103christmas-2015-104


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    Wonderland Boudoir

    I LOVED this photo diary!!!!!! It was ah-mazing!!!!!

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    Thank you! My trip was ah-mazing!!!!

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    i love the photos my favorite is the cookie you say is ugly.

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    Clarinda Kaleidoscope

    Lovely photos – reminded me a little of the series Brothers and Sisters from a few years back

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      it was a lovely time 🙂

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