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All in the Details

Details. It’s details that make a garment. It’s those little surprises- printed lining inside a jacket, five-eighths of an inch placket with even smaller buttons at a sleeve opening, or a locker loop at the back neck of a t-shirt- that make a piece of clothing special.

For me, that detail is lace. Ask Macy, Jenni, or Margaret (the lovely ladies I work with) what my response would be if a sample came in with lace top applied, as a ruffle, as a sleeve, or somewhere on it. “Love it!” would be my response.

I have a vintage wedding dress hanging in my apartment (because who doesn’t have one hanging around? See photos above if you think I’m lying) that my grandpa bought at an auction for two dollars. Instead of upcycling the dress, I salvaged it, hanging it in the hallway between my room and my bathroom. As I walk in and out of the rooms, I just love glancing at its egregious amount of lace. It makes my day sparkle a little more, sparkle a little brighter.

Lace, it really is a great detail.

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