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What I Heart Right Now

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, or maybe it’s because I’m dreaming of warm summer days, or maybe it’s because of my recent inclination towards all shades, hues, and saturations of pink and orange, but chemises are on my mind. A simple, easy, and clean looking chemise, silk or cotton preferably. Anthropologie always has oh-so-lovely chemises like this one but Etsy has some amazing vintage chemises like this one, this one, or this one. Oh, and this vintage slip is just to die for and is from one of my favorite online vintage stores, The Greedy Seagull (I interviewed the owner! A post of the interview is soon to follow. Cough sometime this week cough). Or you could sew your own chemise using this vintage pattern. Whatever you do, just don’t spend all your money that you can’t buy your special someone a box of chocolates to woo him or her tomorrow.

Did you know that until the 1820s, men wore chemises as well as women and chemises were the only form of underwear (nope, boxers, panties, and bras didn’t exist). Also, chemises were the only garments washed regularly (ew!). Neat, right?


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    Ah, that’s beautiful.

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      It is! I love all vintage clothing but the color of this just makes this chemise extra special

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