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All In The Details: Twisted Button Placket

This is to all you sewers out there. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how to sew the placket on my favorite and ever-so-cozy J. Crew t-shirt (click here to read). Even though it looks difficult to sew, the construction is easy once dissected. But the twisted placket, a quirky rendition of the placket, may top it in simplicity in sewing as well as looks. Instead of sewing all buttons on one placket and all buttonholes on the other placket, the buttons and buttonholes alternate from placket to placket (see sketch if you’re totally confused). That’s it. That’s all that is needed to create a placket that looks as if it is twisted. Cool, right?

As I always do, I end with some eye candy…

I’m really smitten with this lovely chambray tunic and its even lovelier placket. But I’m even more smitten with this peppy, bright, and absolutely darling blouse and it’s placket (I had an oh-em-gee moment when I saw it). But because I love anything with ruffles, this blouse, with its ruffly placket, has stolen me heart.


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    Does not a day go by that you don’t learn a sewing tid bit??
    You always amaze me!
    Mimi should be proud!

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      Nope… my minds always on the hunt for something to learn 🙂

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    Whoa, love that twisted placket! How cool!

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    sewing princess

    This is really a cool idea and technique. Love your drawings

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      I thought it was pretty cool as well. And so simple! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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    I’m curious how this looks in real life.. is there a photo somewhere out there?

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      I tried so hard to find a photo but I promise this works! We designed a sweater with this kind of placket at work (I work in technical design for a fashion company) so I know first hand that it works.

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