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Ally Hoot Giveaway

Bloggers have a weak spot for other bloggers and bloggers who live in close proximity to each other have an extra weak spot for bloggers. Such was the case with Marisa of the blog Shades of Monet. When I first came across her site, her photos got to me but it was her quirky and cute outfits reeled me in. From the landscapes of her photos, I could tell that she was from the Northeast – pine trees, hilly, and rocky regions. But when she posted photos of her in Penn’s Landing (in Philadelphia), I thought, “that’s right down the street from where I live!” I emailed her VERY quickly after reading the post and she responded even quicker. Turns out I was right, she was from my hood. Although she didn’t live as close to me now, she said she visits the city every so often. Several emails back and forth, we got down to business – a giveaway.
In addition to her blog, Marisa upkeeps a rather neat vintage shop on Etsy called Ally Hoot Vintage. It’s unlike other vintage Etsy shops in that her products are very retro. Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. So when she offered to do a giveaway of one of the purses in her shop, I gladly agreed. Below Marisa introduces herself. Please give her a warm welcoming….Hello there Madalynne readers!

My name is Marisa and I’m your all around cupcake baking,  music making, vintage loving kind of gal, who hails from a cozy little mountainside in north eastern, PA…yes, pretty much so near Dunder Mifflin.  I’m a full-time mommy to a spitfire little two year boy named Keane, and part-time curator to my shop AllyHoot Vintage on Etsy, oh and I run a little blog called The Shades of Monet Chronicles as well.  I adore bright colors, big bows, 60s dresses, Mozart, Dr. Seuss and Hemingway.  That is me in a nutshell.  Today I am here to offer up a darling & oh-so-sweet vintage tapestry bag straight from the local antique shop in perfectly pastel, Marie Antoinette inspired shades.   This wee lassie is far too cute for words, so I will just stop there and let you have a chance at snagging her up.   Oh and did I mention that she comes with a matching change purse too?

Best wishes and love bunches,


To enter the giveaway:
1. Like Madalynne’s Facebook Page
2. Like AllyHoot Vintage on Etsy
3. Receive an extra entry for following my and Marisa’s blog
4. Leave a comment below with email or point of contact


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    Kate Fitchett

    I love this bag, and the vintage red & black floral dress from the 60s in her Ally Hoot shop on etsy! You can find me at revelrey.com!

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    Amy S.

    I like both pages on Facebook. (Amy S.) amy1self(at)yahoo.com

  3. Reply

    Becky Stets

    Yes, my other Pennsylvania ladies! I do freak a little when I find other bloggers from my state!!! I love both blogs and follow both, as well as the other to dos.

    Becky – bisforbeckystets@gmail.com

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    aaah awsome post thx for the giveaway! Marisa is just the most adorable thing ever I must say & that bad is awesome! like your page.

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    i follow marisa on bloglovin’. do you have one?

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    oh & my email is cuddlycactiblog@gmail.com but im not sure if i’m cheating & left too many comments… since I dont have an etsy accoutn i couldnt follow on there. sorry!

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    Oi, I’d love to win this beautiful bag! almoststylish(at)gmail.com

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    I also follow her via google friend connect!

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    Meg Smitherman

    Oh, what a sweet bag! I love it! I hope I wiiinn! ^^ white.duck@gmail.com

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    Following both blogs and liked on Facebook. Love her etsy shop! Thanks!!

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