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I never thought the day would come, when I release a pattern, but it has. I remember emailing back and forth with Rochelle over a year ago and sharing with her my goal to eventually make and sell patterns. I also remembering emailing with Amy, Dixie, and Kristiann about my questions regarding making a packaged pattern. You see, I have plenty of experience with patterns but my experience is in the “industry.” The home sewing world is completely different and it took me a long time to figure out how you, the home (but very skilled) sewist, works with patterns. Include a measurement chart? I hadn’t used a home patterns in years; I forgot what was included in them. But today, I can finally say that I have a pattern for you, Amerson.

About eight months ago, I shifted my sewing focus to lingerie. Prior to lingerie, most of my projects were dresses, skirts, or other fancy, over the top garments. But lingerie presented a new challenge both in sewing and patterning that interested me. Plus, lingerie is super feminine. Since I got into this category of sewing, I have made many bras and undies and over Christmas, Valerie, Brandy, Becky, and I collaborated with a photo shoot. One of the undies features was a star printed pair of ruched undies. This is Amerson.

Yes, I plan to release the remainder of the patterns from the shoot but for my first pattern, I chose the simplest garment. I wanted to focus and to perfect the process of creating a PDF pattern and not overwhelm myself with the actual pattern. So hang around a little while and you’ll get the other patterns. I promise.

Because this is my first pattern and because it is such a simple pair of undies, I’m offering the pattern for free. Yes, I’m generous but there’s another reason Amerson is free of charge. I’m a huge believer in constructive criticism. It’s a great way to grow and to get stronger, faster, and more efficient. With Amerson, I want you to critique me. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what I missed, and what I accomplished best. I may have created the pattern correctly and I may created the pattern incorrectly. You tell me.

If you’re not interested in making a pair of Amerson undies but want to see the construction details, click here for a technical sketch.

Also, Melissa of Fehr Trade published several posts about her undie makings and even offered a few patterns for free last week, which means you have two undie patterns at your disposal just in times for Love Day (Valentine’s Day) this Thursday.

Lastly, thank you to Anto for creating the beautiful illustrations of Amerson.

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  1. BeautifullySewn

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern – it looks so awesome and I can’t wait to sew it up!

  2. Kate Hager

    this is such a beautiful pattern! congrats to you!

  3. Grace Jones

    Thank you for the free pattern! the style is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to give it a try.
    I love the layout and clarity of the instructions. The technical drawings are wonderful. The pattern is nested the right way so that I can grade up for my size with little effort. Also, the sample photo is so cute, it makes me want to raid my stash for similarly rad prints. The quality of this pattern pdf is absolutely something I would pay for and I’m looking forward to seeing more.
    I also fall into the group of ladies who are not represented by the sizes offered. I think of myself as an XL when I buy alpha sizes (US size 12 RTW) so I’m a bit surprised that the XL is so much smaller than what I measure (35″ waist, 45″ hip). Since the pattern is nested well it isn’t a major issue, but it could be a problem when you offer more complicated patterns for a sale. Also, as a curvier girl I have way more bust than the “standard” B cup offered for commercial big 4 patterns. If you intend to focus on lingerie patterns I do hope you will consider those of us who are a D cup or larger. I second the request for a lengthen/shorten line. I’m 5’10” and I hate wearing undies that are too short.
    Good luck!

    • Jemma

      I second all of this! as a 42″ waist and even bigger hip, i will have to do some tweaking to the undies to make them the right size for me. I will be giving it a go because i simply cant resist- they look lovely :)

  4. Rosemary Carsberg

    These are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I have just released my first knitting pattern, but i don’t think i am about to make this into a business. Best of luck.

  5. Truly Myrtle

    yay! I can’t wait to make some. I’m hanging out for those pretty lace french knickers from your photo shoot – I hope they’re next :)

  6. Carolyn

    This is a really cute pattern! For the future, could you please include metric measurements? it would be a lot more useful then for countries that no longer use imperial Thanks in advance!

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Yes, this one a silly mistake on my part. Going forward, I will include metric measurements.

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  9. Amanda Russell

    Congrats on releasing your first pattern!! I know this will be the first of many to come, for you :) Thank you for making this a freebie; I look forward to having the opportunity to try it out! ^__^

  10. Tilly

    Congrats on your pattern release! I can sympathise with not thinking the work would ever end :) Wishing you lots of success.

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  12. Sky Turtle

    Love the illustrations and the look of the pattern, good job!

  13. Becky

    These are so cute and I totally want to make them – but shoot, I am confused already. I have the pattern pieces and am not sure how they go together. The straight edges are the waist and the side seams…? Cut two of each piece? Sorry, these are probably really stupid questions but I am still rather new at this. Beginner’s perspective :)

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Please don’t feel that your questions are stupid. My blog is a place where the stupid and the smart questions can be asked without judgement :)

      Yes, two pieces must be cut for the front and the back (they will be attached/sewn together at the CF/CB). Both the waist and the side seams are straight edges but the waist is at the top and the side seams are at the side of the pattern. Does that make sense?

      • Becky

        Yes – thanks!

  14. Meg the Grand

    Oh my good gracious. I am completely late to this party, but I CANNOT WAIT to make these. I see myself dancing around my new apartment in these and a concert tee. This is such a marvelous gift! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!

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  17. Suzigreenfrog

    Hi Maddie, making my first pair right now!! Thank you for the free pattern, I know I read the elastic lenghts somewhere but can’t find them now, help please xx

  18. pipellette,http://bichic.canal

    love this!!! its simply marvelous! well done and thanks for the free pattern!!!!

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  26. Sølvi

    Thanks for posting this – will definately try it out! :-)

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  28. Cassandra Kranz

    I am so excited to try this one out! Just discovered your blog today and I am already totally in love. I’ve been fascinated with lingerie for a long time and now I’m going to try this out!

    wish me luck!

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  30. Meals

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for publishing it, I’m going to try this out! The PDF alone is pretty!

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  33. Michelle Bacon

    Most of these comments were 5 months ago so I hope you can help me now, but please could you label the side, waist, cf/cb on the pattern? Another beginner’s perspective

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Thanks for the suggestion, Michelle. Creating this pattern was a huge learning curve for me and I will take everyone’s callouts I to consideration for my next pattern.

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  39. Amy

    Hi, Thank you for the free pattern. Your blog is very cute to :) Can someone help me with the knickers though? I am having a really hard time. First I sewed up the wrong seam for CF and CB, I also sewed up the sides wrong. I un-picked everything, sewing along the curved line for CF and CB and now the shape is looking much better, if not a bit big. My lengths of elastic are much shorter than the openings for the waist or leg holes. I have never attached elastic before. Do I need to use a gathering stitch so the fabric and elastic are the same length, or do I stretch the elastic as I sew? Clearer instruction on the PDF would be very helpful. Thanks, Amy

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Amy, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with the pattern, but I’m glad you’re foraging on. Please share photos when you’re finished. As for attaching the elastic – stretch the elastic to fit the length/circumference of the seam. Use a zigzag stitch to attach (not a straight stitch),

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  41. sophie

    very pretty pattern, thank you!!!!

  42. Ally Design Rewind Fashions

    I just found your blog and this absolutely adorable pattern. Can’t wait to make it and read back on more of your posts. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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  47. Shannon

    The Amersons you’ve made are so cute! Very pretty pattern design too.
    I’ve stumbled across a bit of a dilemma making these; are the curved seams supposed to be the CF & CB? I’m not sure how they’re supposed to join together properly. This is my first time making lingerie so excuse me if this question seems a bit silly!

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