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An Intimate Christmas: How To Gift Lingerie this Holiday Season

lingerie gifts

Next to lingerie, the hardest gift to give is, well, lingerie. As a bonafide lingerie lover, I adore the idea of gifting intimates as a thank you, welcome back, Santa’s coming, he broke your heart present. For others however, it can be intimidating. First is the issue of sizing. You don’t want to offend anyone, which is a legitimate concern. Luckily, the Nina Set has a very forgiving fit, so a size small will look and feel fabulous on many different sizes and shapes. Next is style. Unless it’s for a significant other, steer clear of wrapping a va-va voom kind of set and stick to a more everyday pieces. Lucky for you again, the Nina Set fits that bill.

In my opinion, it’s A-okay to give lingerie, especially for Christmas. The key is pairing it with other items to make it appropriate for the occasion and the person. I also like to create stories or themes when curating gift sets. It gives more flexibility in choosing items and I feel less restricted that everything must match exactly.

This week, I’ll be showing you how to gift lingerie to 3 different people – your (female) relative, your girl friend and your coworker – all paired with the Nina Set. I’ve included a lot of items for each person, and you definitely don’t have to buy all of them. Just a few will make a heartfelt gift.

lingerie gifts lingerie gifts

First up is your (female) relative. For this lucky lady – mom, aunt, niece, sister – the theme is cozy. Think beauty, candles, aromatherapy, and all things that will make her feel pampered.


  • Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm: My favorite lip balm to help my never ending chapped lips, provide offer protection and create a bit of color. Can you say perfect pout!?
  • French Girl Rose Lip Polish ($15): From my favorite Etsy beauty shop, French Girl Organics offers a slew of French inspired skin and beauty care. Just like the Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm  above, this puts an end to dry lips, especially during the winter. It has a lovely scent too, which comes from organic rose otto, rose geranium and peppermint.
  • Wilde Gatherings Aromatherapy Spray Mist ($21): I’m being biased by including Wilde Gatherings in this gift guide. Kelley Wolfarth-Hughes is the owner of the best beauty salon in Philadelphia, The Parlour, and she has attended almost all of my workshops to host mini-workshops so that my students get the ultimate teaching experience. An advocate of Ayurvedic principles, she just launched a line of holistic range of beauty products. No joke, I have a spray mist in my bathroom and in my purse at all times!
  • Essential Oils ($8-25): They may come in tiny bottles, but essential oils pack a big punch. A few drops of these potent powerhouses can have benefits for both the mind and body.

House, Home and Kitchen:

  • Coffee Mug ($10): Tea or java lover, who wouldn’t appreciate a gilded mug? It’s just the thing for the woman who has to put her stamp on everything.
  • Candle ($18): Create the most delicious smell with Illume’s amazing scents. Vanilla & Fig, Angel Food and Whipped Cream & Pair… yummy!


  • Slippers ($68): During the chilly winter months, slippers are one of the best gifts you can give. Chances are, even the pickiest person on your gift list will love them. Even better when they have pom poms on them!


  • Paper Source ($5-10): No gift is complete without the perfect card! For this gift set, I chose two cards that fit into the color scheme, especially the green.

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lingerie gifts

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