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What I Made: Anita

halter bralette

It’s been a long minute since I sewed something. Between the launch of the Madalynne x Urban Outfitters collection and event this weekend, and then finalizing the London workshop, I’ve had ZERO time to sit down and make something. However, there was a lull in my schedule last week, so I squeezed in some quality time with my sewing machine to make a simple set. It took about 2 hours to cut and sew, but that 2 hours felt so, sooo good. Don’t think a quick project can result in a good project? Wrong! Anita is a new favorite. Come on, ain’t she smokin’ hot!? Ow ow!


The inspiration for this bra came from Urban Outfitters. Surprised? I spotted this square, high neck bra. Immediately, it caught my eye. Similar in shape to Noelle, I knew it would be easy to alter the pattern and recreate. Added it to my shopping cart and checked out. Done and done.


Fabric + trims:

Front Bodice: Black stretch lace from Anh Tailor underlined with beige powernet from Tailor Made Shop
Back Band: 1 ply black powernet from Tailor Made Shop
3/8” picot plush elastic from Arte Crafts
3×3 Hook and Eye from Tailor Made Shop
3/8” black strap elastic from Arte Crafts
3/8” Rings and sliders from Arte Crafts

Center Front/Back Panty Panels:
Black stretch lace from Anh Tailor underlined with beige powernet from Tailor Made Shop (same a front bodice)
Upper Side Panel: 1 ply powernet from Tailor Made Shop
Lower Side Panel: 2 Ply powernet from Tailor Made Shop
3/8” picot plush elastic from Arte Crafts used throughout

Anh Tailor is a fabric shop on 4th Street / Fabric Row that I recently discovered. My normal go-to is Fleishman, and it still is, but this shop has some rare gems. Its focus is dancewear and formal occasions, so they have beautiful stretch fabrics, laces, linings (mesh + tricot) and trims. Follow them on Instagram: @anhtailor

Looking for other fabric stores in Philly? See my Philly shopping guide for sewists!

Construction + Pattern

Altering the pattern from Noelle to Anita was easy, almost too easy. For the front bodice, I measured the width at the neck and the width at bottom/underbust on the UO sample. I marked those widths on the Noelle pattern, and then connected the points. Also, I changed the front neckline from scooped/rounded to straight. I kept the bust dart to provide volume/projection. Total intake is 1”, which doesn’t make a huge difference, but enough that the bra doesn’t flatten me out like a pancake.


The back band on the UO sample was mesh and since I was using the same fabric (with the same amount of stretch), I literally traced the pattern from the sample.

halter bralettehalter braletteanite-vertical anita-2anita


The fit is spot on. I wish that the bodice at the sides would be a straight line from strap point to underbust, but that’s nearly impossible. Look at the photos and you’ll see that it bows out and then in slightly. It’s a stretch fabric that is going over a curved body, so without serious stabilization, which would be super uncomfortable, it is what it is.

In both my life and my sewing, I’ve been simplifying. Edited down, removing the non essentials and only including what matters the most. This includes people, places, food and things. For clothing, that translates into only wearing garments that I LOVE. It has resulted in a seriously small wardrobe, which I have come to love. That has also naturally translated into styles that are very basic and can be mixed and matched. Comparing then to now, I am the most happy with my wardrobe now and think that my style is the best it has ever been.


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    I’m headed to Philadelphia for a work conference this week, so thankful you posted the link to your prior Philly fabric list!

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    Katja Eitel

    I love, love, loooove your approach to your wardrobe. I’m in the process of editing my own and I’ve come to realize, that I don’t need much, but really choose the same pieces over and over again…

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      Maddie Flanigan

      And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with less.

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    Regan Louise

    Seeing you make new soft bras is very inspiring to me! I hacked the mallori lane into a style similar to your Noelle, and I’m hacking it again to a paneled design! And this is even more inspiring! Thank you for all the simple y et elegant work you do.

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