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Anthropologie Holiday Display Workshop

Two weeks ago, Anthropologie and I spent a Thursday morning creating their holiday displays. Using cardboard, Bristol board, micah (glitter), and glue, we built frames within frames that framed animal silhouettes and fit into the framework of their theme this holiday season – Winter Wonderland (enough redundancy?). The intrepid twenty something that I am, I attended the event solo. As any participant of any craft workshop will testify, it is pretty cool to see how different each finished piece is considering every piece is created using the same materials. Below and above are photos from the workshop that I thought I you would like.


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    What a fun sneak peak. I’ve never been able to visit the NYC store fronts at Christmastime. But I believe the Anthro displays are a close second. Always so interesting.

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    I love all the texture in them! Gorgeous.

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    carrie elias

    How cool is this! Sounds like you had a good time, you lucky girl you XO

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    Clare Mountain

    I love these! Did the event get you feeling festive? I love Christmas time!

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    Oh how fun! Nothing like some Christmas decoration parties to get one in the holiday mood!

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    Heather Lou

    That must have been a blast. Are you still “blogging” for Anthro? If so, you should send us some links? I looked a while back but it didn’t seem as though they had a blog on their website.

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    Meg the Grand

    What a marvelous event! Christmas decoration parties are the best πŸ™‚ Will your handiwork be seen all around the store and in the windows?

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    How neat! Love the layers and the texture!

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    Amanda Russell

    That sounds like the best kind of party – how lovely! πŸ™‚

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    What a great opportunity! It seems it was more fun than work. Anthropologies always has the best window displays in my book. These ideas are beyond your typical holiday decor, they go outside the box which is why they’re an inspiration to us all!

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    Oh how fun, I am so jealous! I love anthro, they are so creative.

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    What a fun and creative workshop! I’m loving all of the holiday spirit in Madalynne lately πŸ™‚

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