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Best Sewing Blogs 2014: Part 1


On the the prowl for a new sewing blog, I typed in the simplest keyword that came to mind, “best sewing blogs.” The top results were ladies who Google not only ranked high, but I did as well – Gertie, Karen, Tilly, and more. But this was not what I was looking for; what I was in search of was a round up of sewing blogs, preferably broken down by category (yeh, I’m picky and organized), that would give me new sewers I could stalk. I looked all over hell and searched the high heavens, but I couldn’t find it. So, I created one. In early January, I emailed every blogger on my blog roll – I’m not kidding when I say every blogger, which was more than one hundred – and asked them to submit their picks to the “best of” categories I created. I gave them a little more than a month to respond, and I got a lot of feedback. It actually turned out to be a great blog project as I discovered a ton of new blogs.

Instead of giving a brief description of each blog, I asked respondents to submit quotes telling me why they like the blogs they chose. This way, you’re getting a completely unbiased, and sometimes hilarious blurb about the winners.

The purpose of this post is two-part. In addition to the first, I also want this to be a resource for everyone, which is why I created a page and added a button to my sidebar so that this information will be easily accessible for the rest of the year. Also, at the bottom of the post is a button you can add to your sidebar so that your readers can easily access it as well.

Part one is up today, and part two will be up tomorrow.

P.S. If you click over to the page, you can share tomorrow’s winners. Shhh… don’t tell anyone!






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    Kirsty Bunfield (kbfield)

    Such a great idea! And you found some great blogs. So happy to see Sallie and Morgan there.

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    Amy T

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I saw the list. It contains pretty famous popular bloggers. I mean they’re all well deserving of the titles they’re nominated for but I spotted only 2 bloggers I don’t currently follow. I know your list will be helpful to people who are just starting to follow blogs but I was secretly hoping for interesting new blogs I wasn’t aware of.

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      Natasha Estrada

      I have to admit the methodology sounds a bit biased. I’m not sure I agree with the knitting blogs. Brooklyn Tweed hardly posts anymore since he started his own yarn line.

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    If anyone wants to find amazing tips on the hard stuff scallops, cuffs and collars, cutting checks and more, Pattern Scissors Cloth is excellent. She no longer adds new stuff to this blog but tutorials there are very good.

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      Man, I wish Sherry was still blogging- I learned so much from her!

      • Reply


        I’m with you guys – her blog is awesome even though she’s not active on it these days!

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    Great list. That put a lot of new one on my radar! Have you come across any men’s sewing blogs? The only one I know of is Male Pattern Boldness. He’s quirky and fun with his makes, and its nice to see a man’s take on all this sewing business.

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    I’m super flattered (and kinda amazed!) that I made “The List”!! There’s so many great blogs out there, and it’s nice to see a cross-section of what the online sewing community has to offer! Thanks Maddie!!

  6. Reply

    Preethi N J

    oh what a list!! Thanks for this. I’ve a lot of reading to do 🙂

  7. Reply

    Karen Templer

    Thanks so much for including Fringe Association in your list — I’m super flattered. I’ve also been looking for more good sewing blogs to follow and there are quite a few here I don’t know, so can’t wait to explore!

    • Reply

      Maddie Flanigan

      No need to thank me, thank you! Keep up the good work 😉

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    LOVE this round up! I’m always on the hunt for inspirational seamstresses to follow and a lot of these gals are new to me. How have I not heard of them before now?! Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

  9. Reply

    Silvia - Sewing Princess

    Nice list Maddie!

  10. Reply

    Mary Danielson

    What a great service for the sewing community, Maddie! Thanks for compiling this! I know that, when I was a beginning sewist, a list like this would have been so helpful. Most of these blogs are already in my reader and are, to a one, fantastically inspirational blogs.

    For the 2015 list, I’d love to see an additional category of curvy or plus-size sewists. Since it is a smaller segment of the sewing blog community, they can be harder to find, so it would be a great resource for beginners looking for women whose shapes resemble their own. Personally, I love seeing body diversity in my feed – it can really elucidate the way a certain pattern works on many women.

    • Reply

      Maddie Flanigan

      What a great suggestion! I’ll be sure to include that category for 2015!

    • Reply


      Seconded! Mary and I form a voting bloc 😀

    • Reply

      Natasha Estrada

      I find a lot of plus sized sewings myself included don’t really blog. It’s hard to get up the mojo to post things that fit me but don’t really look how I’d like to look (i.e 150lbs lighter)

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      Hi Try out http://curvysewingcollective.com/ There tried and tested patterns are great.

      • Reply

        Mary Danielson

        Hey Donna! Thanks for the tip. Funnily enough, I’m actually one of the founding editors of the Curvy Sewing Collective. I’m so glad that you like us enough to pass the recommendation along!

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    What a great list! Thanks for introducing some ‘new to me’ bloggers!

  12. Reply

    Pauline alice

    Thanks Maddie, I’m so happy and honoured to have made the list. Youhouuuu!!! And I’ve also discovered some new blogs to follow… You’ve made any job!

  13. Reply

    Rosie Wednesday

    What a great resource! Thanks so much for sharing, Maddie! I’m looking forward to seeing part 2!

  14. Reply


    I’m honored to be a part of this list, Maddie, and in such great company! I too have 100+ sewing blogs that I read, but I’m always on the lookout for more. And I really like the suggestions in the comments so far about categories for next year – plus size, new bloggers, etc. I’m going to be greedy and propose a few more of my favorite categories for your consideration – pattern-making, couture sewing, and textile art! Thanks again, Maddie. 🙂

    • Reply

      Maddie Flanigan

      Awesome category ideas! I’ll add them to next year’s list. Boy, is 2015 going to be an enormous round up!

  15. Reply


    I’d love to see a full list of every one who was mentioned/nominated – no quotes- just a link to their blog- there were only a few here I didn’t know – and I’d really like to find some new people to follow! That said – the winners above are totally well deserved!

  16. Reply


    Lots of new blogs to read! Thanks so much!

  17. Reply


    I am so so flattered to be included here, thanks so much! This will be a great resource to anyone starting out sewing and looking for blogs to follow. I know it took A LOT of cruising around the inter webs for me to find blogs I wanted to read, and I am finding new ones all the time (some from your list!) Thanks for taking the time to do this, I am sure it was a lot of work!

  18. Reply


    Great list, thanks for introducing me to a few new blogs!

  19. Reply


    Great list, although not many are new to me, I love all the ones mentioned!

  20. Reply

    kathleen fasanella

    Gosh, I’m so surprised and thrilled to have been included! I CAN imagine how much work it was to put this together -your work is sincerely appreciated. Now I’m off to browse and visit sites I didn’t know. Again, thank you!

  21. Reply

    Sarai Mitnick

    So excited to be on the list, Maddie! And in such good company. I like the idea others put forward for a “new bloggers” category, that would be really cool too.

  22. Reply

    Laura Mae

    Thank you for including me, Maddie! I have to say I am blown away and absolutely tickled
    to be included – thank you for putting a smile on my face after a rather
    tedious day!! And now I must hop on over
    to all of the new-to-me blogs . . .

  23. Reply

    Esther Boller

    Aw wow Maddie, thank you so much for featuring me in your list! It’s such an honor to be a name besides these other incredible lovely sewing ladies! Quite a few of them are new to me as well so I’m so excited to read through their blogs!

  24. Reply

    Ping Mathre

    I still think this list was such a great idea! I know that when I started trying to learn to sew, I had a hard time finding sewing bloggers other than the few super popular ones. It’s nice to have a bunch listed in one place.

    I also do like the idea of having readers nominate/vote on their favorites as well as the suggested new categories. Maybe for 2015’s list you could do a week or two where readers can nominate categories they’d like to see.

    Thanks again for putting this together!

  25. Reply


    Thank you for putting this together! I now have quite a few blogs I need to check out.

  26. Reply


    I know I’ve already expressed my utter joy & humble thanks on Twitter, but again, thank you for anyone who put me forward. I’m thrilled. And such fabulous company too. Thank you for some new blogs to check out!

  27. Reply


    What a great list! Thanks for putting this together. My suggestion for next year: Add an “international” category to your list. There are so many great blogs in other languages or at least from people that live in non-English speaking countries (though they might translate their blog posts) and only few of the appear on your list (e.g. Paunnet).

    • Reply


      thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep it in mind next year!

  28. Reply


    Thanks for collating such useful and interesting sewing blogs! Hopefully one day, smaller independent seamstresses will be on their to!


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    Wow, you are really up on your sewing blogs!! Amazing list!

  31. Reply

    Kelly Paquet

    I love your blog!!! So glad I discovered it today!

  32. Reply


    This is seriously a dream come true! I love these design clothes online.

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