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Best Sewing Blogs 2015: The Runner Ups


As the last day of Madalynne’s Best Sewing Blogs 2015, I want to give a shout out to the runner ups because they are just as amazing, dedicated and hard working as the “winners.”

I also want to apologize for the technical glitches in part one and part two. With the help of Heather and Carolina, the images are now clickable, meaning that if you click on Rochelle, you’ll be directed to her blog, Lucky Lucille, and if you click on Marce, you’ll be connected to her blog, Oonaballoona. The same goes for the rest of the winners.

[one_third]Two On Two off
Sew Sweetness
Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
All Style and All Substance
Top Notch
Diana’s Sewing Lessons
The Sewing Rabbit
Cotton & Curls
One Sheepish Girl
The Craft Sessions
My So-Called Handmade Life
Yarn Harlot
Perfect Pattern Parcel
Scared Stitchless
Love Lola
Fifty Two Fancies
The Inspired Wren
Sew Me Love
The Crazy Tailor
Marilla Walker
Oh, She Dabbles
Needles and Fashion
Design By Lindsey
Ozzy BlackBeard
Skirt Fixation
Katy & Laney
pauline alice
Elegance & Elephants
casey maura
Jet Set Sewing
Mode de Lis
My Oh Sew Vintage Life
The Sew Convert
A Stitching Odyssey
Sewing the 60s
Almond Rock
Stitched Together
Allspice Abounds
Atomic RedheadRuffles & Rain Boots
He Sows, She Sews
Dandelion Drift
My Minnie Mae
This is Moonlight
Quirky Momma
Five and Counting….[/one_third][one_third]True Bias
Elsie Marley
Sweet Peas and Pumpkins
The Japanese Pattern Challenge
Thin Man Sewing
Seam Ripper Joe and His Sewing Machine
The Tattooed Quilter
Sew Man Sew
Make My Pattern
Fresh Stitches
Getting Stitched on the Farm
Cozy Memories
PennyDog Patchwork
SeamstressErin Designs
A Fool for Fabric
Stitched Up by Samantha
Oliver + S
Blank Slate Patterns
Republique du Chiffon
Oh, Mother Mine DIY!!
Two Little Aussie Birds
Compulsive Seamstress
Made by Melanie
Sam’s Signature Seams
Avocado Halve
Skirt As Top
Our Family Four
Sew Chibi
Cation Designs
Myrna Giesbrecht
Diary of a Chain Stitcher
Probably Actually
Angela Kane
Nicole at Home
Fehr Trade
Nearest the Pin
SunnyGal Studio
Papercut Patterns
Deer and Doe
Sewing Cake
Bluegingerdoll Patterns
Hawthorne Threads
Willow & Co
The Sewing Affair
Crafting a Rainbow
Mrs. Hughes[/one_third][one_third]
Groovy Baby and Mama
Sewing Princess
Crab & Bee
Beaute’ J’adore
Girl Like the Sea
A Challenging Sew
Miss Make
Mimi G Style
Closet Case Files
While She Naps
Sew McCool
Straight Grain
Completely Cauchy
Siestas and Sewing
Red Pepper Quilts
Lilacs & Lace
Petit Main Sauvage
Lily Sage & Co.
Clothing Engineer
Ohhh Lulu
Sanae Ishida
Rhonda’s Creative Life
Sew A Straight Line
Dixie DIY
Rosie Wednesday
Megan Nielsen
Cut Cut Sew
The Sewing Lawyer
The Wardrobe Project
Ginger Makes
Scruffy Badger Time
Max California
Pretty Grievances
Beau Baby
Sewing on the Edge
Miss Demeanor
Sew Dixie Lou
Paper Moon
The Renegade Seamstress
Sew Busy Lizzy
Sew Crafty Chemist
Sew Sweetness


  1. Reply


    Thank you so much for including me here. The odds were good given there’s eleven hundredity billion of us on the runner-up list but nevertheless, I am so surprised and humbled.

  2. Reply


    Thanks for including me! Also, this great list has given me a few new reads!

  3. Reply


    My goal is to get on this list next year! I would love to be included on a list with such AMAZING and TALENTED people.

    • Reply


      We are all winners!

      • Reply


        Yes! But It would be nice to reach a broader audience and have people get inspired by the things I make so they start to make their own! That’s my biggest goal in life, inspire others!

        • Reply


          Great goal!

      • Reply


        Yes We are! But it still is my goal to reach a broader audience and inspire as many people as I can to create something! That’s my life goal

  4. Reply


    Thanks for including me Maddie! Now I’m off to peruse the rest of the list…:)

  5. Reply

    Almond Rock

    Oooh good times, I’m on the list. I love how this round up has exploded this year. It meets two criteria now – the winners list help newbies realise who the big hitters are in the community and the runner up list is a good resource for new blogs to dive into!

    • Reply


      I totally agree! It’s hard to navigate the sewing blog world when you’re just starting out.

  6. Reply


    This is amazing! I was looking for some new blogs to read.

  7. Reply


    Thank you for including me!! I got quite a surprise when I saw my blog mentioned, and yey to new blogs to read.

  8. Reply

    Rochelle New

    Thanks for putting together such an extensive roundup of blogs! To organize and edit all the photos/links in this award series was no easy feat, I’m sure. Your effort is appreciated.

    • Reply


      Thank you Rochelle!

  9. Reply

    Joy M

    The Part 1, 2, and Runner-ups list is really awesome! I have been finding some great new reads in the sewing blogosphere and your list is topnotch! Thank you Maddie! Keep us all inspired to be creative! 🙂

  10. Reply


    girl this was so much work, kudos! i’m looking forward to a late evening clickfest, allllllways need more sewing blogs!

    • Reply


      It was a feat to put together, but for a good reason. I’m happy that this can be a resource for others for the entire year.

  11. Reply


    Oh my goodness, i was wondering where this influx of people was coming from! Thank you for including me on this list <3

  12. Reply


    So glad to see that the images from parts 1 and 2 are now clickable, and including this page of runners up makes for a fabulous resource – thanks so much for the energy and time you put into this 🙂

  13. Reply


    It seems like I’ve got a lot of reading to do, as there are quite some new-to-me blogs in this list…

  14. Reply


    I didn’t know a lot of this blogs, thank you i love it so much 😉

  15. Reply


    Thank you so much for including me, I’m in such good company!

  16. Reply


    Such a lovely list – it’s an honor to be included. Thank you, Maddie!

  17. Reply

    Sonia (@cozymemories)

    Well hello ! And thank you so much for including me in this list ! I’m a little wondering how I managed to be part of it, but hey, I’m really really honored ! Thanks again, so much ! 🙂 Have a great day !
    PS : nice to discover your universe ! Gorgeous !

  18. Reply

    Sarah (Ruffles and Rain Boots)

    This is an amazing list (I’m working on getting to know quite a few of them). And wow, I’m honored to have our little blog included.

    • Reply


      Glad to have you on the list this year!

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