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Best Sewing Blogs of 2015: The Runoff


When the deadline passed to vote for the best sewing blogs of 2015 and I opened the results, I assumed the winners would be clear cut like last year. Not so! There were hundreds of responses, which resulted in more than 10 winners for each category. I contemplated posting them all, but that would be a burden to read. So, I emailed a few of my best sewing buds and asked them what the best route would be. After one chimed that I should host a run off, the rest confirmed that this was the best option. Sewing friends are the best friends, aren’t they? I said I would unveil the top blogs in early January, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few more weeks!

With narrowed results, you can vote for the most inspirational, best mom blog, best pattern maker and more using this form. Contest opens immediately and closes one week from today, January 14th.

Even if you’re not into this whole awards thing – because everyone is a winner – I encourage you to submit your picks. It has been a cumbersome effort to round up the “best of the best,” but it’s well worth it because I have discovered a ton of new sewers. I’ll give a holler at some of my new favorites! – What Katie Sews, Girl Like the Sea, Corecouture, Almondrock, Craftiness Is Not Optional, Melly Sews, Myrna Giesbrecht, Groovy Baby and Mama, Fruits Flowers & Clouds, Sew Sweetness, Skirt Fixation, Suzy Bee Sews, Two On Two Off, Fifty Two Fancies and more!

Please note that the “over 30” category was removed due to negative responses. 


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    Ali M

    Well hell, thanks! I only know about two of these bloggers so I’m off to browse!

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    Awesome idea! And there are just SO many new-to-me blogs out there! If there’s one thing that survey’s like this really reinforce for me it’s how much this community has grown in the past few years, which is very very exciting! Thanks for putting this together, Maddie!

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    An (StraightGrain)

    Oh waw, thank you so much for organizing this, Madalynne! It was just pointed out to me by a fellow blogger that my blog is mentioned in several categories, together with all these amazing blogs. How cool is that? A big thank you for supporting sewing blogs this way!

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      So glad you were a part of this year’s list!

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    Thank you very much, Madalynne! I’m honoured to be included in a couple of these categories. Thanks again!

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      Thank you for being an inspiration to not only other sewers, but myself as well!

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    rachael {imagine gnats}

    so honored to be included! love reading your lists every year 🙂

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      Thank you! I was so glad you were included this year!

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    Lola (lovelola)

    Fruits & Flowers is fantastic. <3

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      Thank you so much Lola ! ❤

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      One of my new favs as well!

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    I started following your blog on Bloglovin last year because I wanted to follow and learn from dedicated garment sewists…I couldn’t believe that I was named in your poll, thank you so much, I’m very honored!!

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      You totally deserve it! I love following along with your adventures as well!

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    Love almond rock! Love the simplicity.. And because of your blog list I got to see some interesting upcoming sewing blogs loved them!

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      Almond Rock

      EEEK! What a nice thing to say, you’ve made my day 🙂

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    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    It was nice to see many of the sewers I voted for in the finals!

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    Tanya Maile

    Thanks for doing this! It’s a great way to find new (to me) bloggers! 🙂

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      Couldn’t agree more!

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    Oh wow! So honored to be included among such great blogs! And I’m glad I’ve got a whole bunch of new ones to add to my reader!


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    Thank you so much Maddie for including among such great company my oh! so young blog with its stupid little name (who calls a sewing blog fruits,flowers&clouds like it’s a veggie shop- I realise it must be very confusing) and thank you again for including it in the list of your new favourites … I’m so honoured and overwhelmed – after all it’s been exactly one year since I took up sewing … and what a great year has been.! I learned so much thanks to this wonderful wonderful community!!!!

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      I’m speaking for the rest of the community when I say, we’re glad you took up the hobby. Keep up the good work! I love learning from you as well.

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    Jill Dorsey

    What a fantastic collection! I love finding new bloggers here each year.

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    Wow, what a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for including me 🙂

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      And thank you for being a sewing inspiration to me and others!

  15. Reply


    Wow, thanks for the mention! I’m off to check out the new to me blogs 🙂

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      There are some good ones!

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    A total surprise. Thank you.

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    Lady ID

    I love these awards because I can discover new people:)

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    Such a great list of sewers, so completely overwhelmed to have been included in the run off!

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    This is so exciting! I was clued in by another blogger and shocked to find myself on the list. Such a compliment for a small (and not entirely sewing-related) blogger such as myself. Thank you!! 🙂

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    I can’t wait to see the results, well it will be worth the wait since I’m sure I’ll discover new blogs!



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    Stacia | Paper Swallow Events

    You should take a peek at Craftiness is Not Optional’s dollhouse posts. They’re not sewing related, but the dollhouse she designed for her daughters is too darling!

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      thank you so much Stacia!

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    Almond Rock

    Holy Moly! I’m on there! That’s very surprising and it’s made my evening!

  23. Reply

    Sewing Princess (@sewingprincess1)

    Thanks for including me on your list. Pity the over 30 question got negative comments. I don’t see anything wrong with being over 30 ;o) Why it that not acceptable yet Curvy or Male is? I don’t expect an answer..is a rhetorical question ;o)

  24. Reply

    Rochelle New

    Wow, where have I been? SO many new-to-me blogs!

  25. Reply


    Thank you so much for organising this contest! My blog is just 1 year old and I can’t believe I’ve been included to your list, what an honor! Thank you as well for your amazing sewing and blog, which inspires me every day.

  26. Reply


    Whoa! Ha! I’m on the list. Thanks for including my blog ^_^

  27. Reply

    Skirt Fixation

    Oh Wow! What an honor! Thanks for the mention.

  28. Reply

    Dawn Anderson

    Awwww, THANKS!!!!

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