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Best Sewing Blogs 2015: The Winners Part 1

Madalynne's Best Sewing Blog Awards 2014 pt 1

grainline studio Paunnet Curvy Sewing Collective Tilly and the Buttons Oonaballoona Lladybird Madalynne Cloth Habit Very Purple Person Sewaholic Oonaballoona Sallie Oh Lladybird Ada Spragg Sewaholic Grainline Studio Four Square Walls Colette Patterns By Gum By Golly Lucky Lucille Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing Madalynne Esther from the Sticks Poppy Kettle Oonaballoona Cashmerette Esther from the Sticks Bimble and Pimble What Katie Sews Le Fil a Coudre D'Anna SSSF Colette Patterns Grainline Studio Sewaholic




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    Stacia | Paper Swallow Events

    Such a great list and resource! Can’t wait to see parts 2 and three!

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    I want to read this but the text is blurry and faded…Or is it just my eyesight? And is the text too small? I guess I’m getting old.

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    It would be nice if there were clickable links! I see lots of new people I’d love to check out & follow, but the idea of manually Googling everyone is a little daunting.

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      I second the motion. If this is to work as a resource, shouldn’t functional links to the winning blogs make more sense? Please consider adding clickable links. Also, I think it’s common practice in journalism and academia to cite your sources. The quotes are a bit confusing because I can’t tell who is talking.

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    I don’t understand why you made this an image – it is pretty yes, but too small – and magnifying it just magnifies the blur and gives you pixels to look at (anti-aliased text magnified is not nice). Thought it was my phone but the same on the iPad. Perhaps a smaller image was uploaded by mistake? And like the commenter above, I think a lot of folks would be interested to check these bloggers out – it seems that clickable links would be a simple courtesy that all would appreciate (the bloggers mentioned as well as your readers). As it is an image it’s not even possible to cut and paste names…

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    Hang on – it does seem if you save the image out on the iPad its then big enough to view properly – so no idea why it won’t sizing up correctly in the browser…

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    Heather Lou

    Hey Maddie. In regards to the clickable links thing there is a way to”Map” images so you hyperlink certain parts of the jpeg. You can do it here: http://www.image-maps.com/

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      Thank you! Image has been updated!

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        unfortunately it’s a little more complicated since you have responsive design. image maps are obsolete at this point because it relies on coordinates and static design .. while it will work on a desktop, when viewed on mobile and tablet, the image resizes but still uses the desktop coordinates and those won’t match. I’m really exhausted to do right now but feel fee to send me the PSD file and I can give you the code so that it can work responsive design!

        congrats to the winners! really glad to see some of my favorites as well as new reads

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          I’ll send you the PSD files. Thank you!

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    Please turn these into links or give us a link list at the end! I wanted to click through to some of the blogs that I am unfamiliar with and couldn’t. Not going to take the time to Google them.

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    Natasha Estrada

    Great to see some plus sized bloggers on here.

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    The link to SSSF is going to “poppykettle”
    C’mon Maddie, a little effort, please. How otherwise would we know you’re directing traffic to our site in case we ever want to do affiliate kickbacks?

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      Natasha Estrada

      She works really hard at this and she doesn’t have to promote other people’s blogs at all. If I were here I would never do a post like this because no one is ever happy.

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    The link to Ester and Colette go to each other’s blogs.

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      The 2nd Ester link goes to Gertie.

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    Thanks for running this, I love discovering new blogs!

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    Whew! Wow! What an organizational feat! Thanks Maddie! It’s a great list, and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of it!

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    Thanks for organizing this Maddie, so excited to be featured and so many new blogs to check out!

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    Thanks for the new discovery 😉

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