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Best Sewing Blogs 2016: The Winners + Runner Ups


I can finally say, or write…

And the winners of Madalynne’s Best Sewing Blogs 2016 go to…

Drum roll please…

(sound of drum rolls)

There are just too many to list here, so I’ve created an entire page with all the winners and runner ups. Hop on over to check out who won!

I first hosted these awards in 2014 as a way to highlight all the incredible sewists in our community, and I’m really thrilled that I was able to do this for the 3rd year in a row. I was even more surprised that this year had the most responses to date! This contest was only as good as you made it, so your votes and (sewing) community outreach is so much appreciated. You all are awesome!

So let’s give a round of applause to everyone. I’ll be sending the top winners their trophies – their pink, sparkly trophies made by yours truly. As an added surprise, winners will also receive sample fabric from Nooteboom Textiles. You’ll have to read more about that on the Best Sewing Blogs page.


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    Oh, no! Another massive list of tempting blogs to check out. Thanks for compiling and keeping us from cooking dinner for the kiddies 🙂

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    What a big job,Thanks for all your hard work.

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    I can’t wait to put my little trophy up in my studio 🙂 Thank you so much for all your hard work hosting Maddie! You Maddy and I make a great bra team!! xo erin

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    Hurrah! Sewing on the Edge — absolutely my favourite blog, and you captured so many of others I love. Even better, you’ve connected me to new ones … including yours. Thank you.

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    Oh, great. I never thought I would win this game. So cool! Thanks x
    (Sorry I don’t speak very good English). I

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    Anita McAdam (@studiofaro)

    Thanks so much for the mention. My blog (well-suited) is now located on my website here: http://www.studiofaro.com/well-suited If possible would you change the link and send everyone to the new work. Thanks Anita <3

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    Sewing Faille

    I love this idea– what a great way to find new and interesting sewing blogs. If you do this again next year, could you introduce a new category: best photography? As I’ve really gotten into photography, I’ve found that my ideas about what to make and how to style it are more and more influenced by the locations I want to shoot in (like this cobalt blue fabric against the red rocks of Red Rock Canyon: http://sewingfaille.blogspot.com/2016/02/vogue-2787-1948-evening-dress.html and the navy and blue polka dots among the bluebonnets: http://sewingfaille.blogspot.com/2015/03/advance-9441-1950s-kimono-sleeve-dress.html ), and I’d really enjoy seeing what other people are up to.

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