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Best Sewing Blogs: The Runoffs

best sewing blogs

And the winners for Madalynne’s Best Sewing Blogs 2016 are…

Drumroll please…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still have one more step to go – the run offs!

You all are so awesome. This year had more nominations than ever and in my opinion, it’s indicative that the sewing community grew ain’t going nowhere yo! [insert flexed bicep emoji] Even if you’re not into this whole awards thing – because everyone is a winner yada, yada, yada… – I encourage you to vote. It is a cumbersome effort to round up the best of the best, but it’s well worth it. Not only have I discovered a ton of new sewists, but I’ve learned/discovered a lot in the process:

  • I was nominated for the funniest blogger. I swear I’m not. Not even my homeboys, Sage + Basil laugh at my jokes and they’re pretty easy to entertain.
  • Along with Rhonda Rousey and Lena Dunham,  Allie J. is my new girl crush.
  • If I win the award for Best Bra Maker, I am changing the title on my business card to read “Princess Queen of Bra Making”. This could possible go on my LinkedIn profile, but I would need someone to endorse me. Ahem…
  • #legitbramaker
  • There’s a new ginger in town and she hails by the name Gingerella. Holla at my fellow redhead.
  • Two of my favorite ladies from Bra Making Forum were nominated for none bra making categories – Miss Maddy Sews and Emerald Erin. I’m so proud of my fellow lingeristas! Tear…

So, with narrowed results, you can now vote for most inspirational blogger, best guy blog and tons more using this online forum. Voting will end one week from today, February 7. Good luck to all the nominees!


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    Wow, thank you so much for the nod Maddie! To even be mentioned in a post about blog awards is pretty ace, especially as I really need to up my blogging game. Blog hard or go home?! Right, better get voting!

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      [Thumbs up emoji]

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    allie J. (@helloalliej)

    Thank you, Maddie! I’m in good company 😉
    ps I too absolutely LOVE Erin and Maddy–so sweet and SO talented!

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    This is what it must feel like to be nominated at the Oscars! The Sewing Oscars! Thanks for hosting Maddie! 🙂

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      And thank you for being a great bra maker!

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    Can’t believe I’m on the list for Up and coming and Best New Blogger! Thank you sooo much!! And of course I voted for you for Best Bra Maker! Hope you win it!

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      I’m not surprised 🙂

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    Carolien Lembrechts

    So happy and surprised to be nominated for “Best new blogger”, what an honour!!! Greetings from Belgium!

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    OMG .. I can’t believe this! I’m so suprised to be nominated for ‘Best Plus Size’!! Thanks a lot!

    Lots of love,
    Unique Marieke! <3

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    Miss Wobie

    Waaaaw, how amazing is this! I’m so flattered 🙂

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    I feel bad for some of my votes. There were quite a few questions where I wasn’t familiar with any of the choices but could not skip and go on to the next question. I imagine some of the results will be skewed if this happens to others besides me.

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      You can skip; there are arrows at the bottom of the screen that allow you to back and forth.

      I did notice that for one category (and I’m sorry, but I forgot which one it was), a blogger was mentioned more than once.

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        Thanks for jumping in and answering!

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        Thanks for the info. Too bad I didn’t know about that at the time!

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    So glad to be in the company of so many talented people – thanks Maddie for hosting it!

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    Tania Stays Positive

    What a nice surprise! Thank you!

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    Andreia Salgueiro

    This is amazing I can´t believe I´m on the list! <3

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    2017 I pray and hope I may make the list

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    An (Straightgrain)

    Oh what an amazing surprise! Thank you for the Best Indie Pattern Award <3

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