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Bikinis and Botanicals


Always Dress Beach Ready!
Hi! My name is Cinne Worthington, the owner of C.Banning Accessories and the designer behind the fabric for Maddie’s newest bathing suit, the same fabric that will be used for her upcoming workshop.

I am a fifth generation Hawaiian islander and lived in Honolulu until I was 14 years old when my family moved to Northern California. Fun fact – I attended the same school as President Obama. Back then, I’m guessing he didn’t wear his bathing suit under his school clothes like I did. Bikinis played a major part of everything I wore, day and night. I was always beach ready. I didn’t sleep in them though as all that sand would get in my bed. Ack!

My swimsuits took quite a beating as I was in the ocean everyday. After school, my girlfriends and I would skateboard to the beach, surf, play volleyball and then catch a few more waves before heading home for dinner. Our cover ups, if we wore any, normally consisted of a pair of me-made bikini shorts and a halter top. We were lucky to live minutes from Waikiki where there were quite a few shops that made custom, made-to-order bikinis. One of them was a small sewing workshop above a tourist shop on Kalakaua Avenue. The women were usually busy sewing for Tahiti Imports, a Hawaiian fashion shop catering mostly to tourists, but when they weren’t, they made bikinis for local girls like us. We could bring in our own fabric from one of the many fabric stores in Japantown or choose one from Tahiti Imports, which is what I did. Once we chose the style of bikini we wanted, the women then squeezed us into a small, stuffy sewing room to get our measurements. I remember watching one of the seamstresses finish someone’s bikini in the time it took for them to measure me, which was about 20 minutes. They were fast! Turnaround was about a week and total cost was about $25. So cheap! They held up quite well too, considering what we put them through. Just goes to show the longevity of handmade garments.


To this day, I still love and find inspiration from these crisp bold botanical prints from Tahiti Imports.

Artistic Roots + Education
Creativity is the norm in my family. Doing anything that does not involve using one’s artistic ability is just not an option. Having dreamed of working for Marimekko, I majored in textile design. Later on in my studies, I fell in love with typography and conceptual design. This eventually led me to a career in graphic design, a field that allows me to collaborate with entrepreneurs and explore a variety of disciplines. I have since seriously dabbled in a variety of creative disciplines including photo styling, painting, accessories design, and recently returned to my original dream of designing textiles!

Growing up on a tropical island surrounded by rich nature and bold colors had a profound impact on how I approach any visual project, especially now with my textile design. I am inspired by artists such as Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, David Hockney, Maira Kalman, designers such as Marni, Miu Miu, Dries Van Noten, a textiles from Marimekko, Hawaiian Quilts, Indian Block Prints, and Tahitian Screen Prints.

About The Rose Print
The print for Maddie started with a photograph of a rose from my mother’s garden (currently my major source of inspiration). After I scanned and stylized it in Adobe Illustrator, I pulled out bits and pieces from the single vector file and composed them along with the original rose into a flowing repeat. I learned how to make a textile repeat from taking online courses on skillshare.com over the last year. I highly suggest it! This design was one of my first and is still a favorite. I love that Maddie chose this print as I think it fits perfectly into her style. It’s a mix of romance with a little edginess and a pinch of nostalgia.

MF- I totes agree!

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