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Bra Making with Madalynne: London Recap

I didn’t know if I could do it – teach two back-to-back bra workshops. Do the math, that’s 48 continuous hours of Lycra, lace, elastic and estrogen. Oi vey. Throw in the international bit, I’d be teaching in London, and I was up for a challenge. Like usual, I let unnecessary paranoia seep in. Both classes turned out great. Fantastic actually! Cheers and cheerio to completing dos (successful) workshop!

Back up about nine months, when Hannah + Rosie of The New Craft House reached out to me with the idea to co-host. I had recently come back from a trip to France and was still suffering from the wanderlust bug. I said yes in about 2.2 seconds. When, where, what and how – that didn’t matter at the time. I’d figure the details out along the way. I had the opportunity to go to the UK!

Hannah + Rosie are like the best friends you wish you had. At least the best friends I wish I had. Seriously the sweetest, nicest, most accommodating gals. Both days went so smoothly and a key factor in that was them. Actually, on the first day, we finished at 4:00 PM and spent the last hour fitting and eating scones. Hannah, Rosie and I are already scheming partnering again this summer (and figuring out ways I can move to Europe). Stay tuned!

So how did the class go? I love my Brit students! There was such a mish mash of women – a mother daughter duo who were absolutely hilarious, a fabric shop/haberdashery owner, a gymnastic teacher and more. A common thread, pun intended, was how many of us started sewing after a tragedy or use sewing as therapy. For me, I found sewing after my mother passed away from breast cancer. At the beginning of every class, I give a brief bio and always include this in my spiel. What was peculiar about these two sessions was how they shared that same history. Isn’t that awesome?! Can I get a hellz yeh for sewing!

I want to say thank you to all the women who attended and to The New Craft House. There is nothing in this world I enjoy more than teaching. I gave each woman something they didn’t have before. It wasn’t tangible like Christmas gift, it was an experience they’ll hopefully never forget and knowledge. You gave me the same thing.

I’ll be back later this with with a recap of my trip, including details about fabric shopping, but until then, enjoy this short video and photos below!

Supplies + Sponsors:

Fabric: Black shiny Lycra from Spandex House (for back band and frame) and lace and power net from Tailor Made Shop (for bra cups and lining)
Picot/Plush Elastic and Plush Channeling: Bra Making Supplies
Strap Elastic, Rings + Sliders and Hooks and Eyes: Tailor Made Shop
Sewing Machines: Janome
Decor: Meri Meri
Roller cutters: Sew Crafty
Natural fizzy drinks: Dalston Drinks
Chocolate for goody bags: Chocolate and Love
Popcorn for snacking: Propercorn

Useful Links:

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Interested in attending a bra workshop? Registration for summer and fall classes are now open. Click here to read more and sign up!

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    lily kate

    Omg I would LOVE to attend something like this. You seem like such a lovely, talented lady and I can imagine your classes are so much fun! Such an interesting blog too, not just like any other sewing blog for sure. I shall be back 😀
    lily x

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      You’re too sweet. I hope you make it to a workshop one day.

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