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Bra Making With Madalynne Recap: April 2016

how to sew a bra

Seriously cannot believe it. The seventh Bra Making with Madalynne Workhop is won and done. Seven if you count the panty party/bridal shower I hosted. Ack! Still hate that word.

Yesterday was truly unforgettable. The largest yet, this class brought students from all over. Elyse traveled from Minneapolis to attend, and Carla came from Florida. She actually came from my hometown, Ft. Lauderdale! A first for her, Carla got to see snow. Yes, snow in April! Ying was also at the class, and it was soooo great seeing her. The highlight of the day, other than the me-made bras obviously, was the confetti cake. Seriously, doesn’t it look dee-lish? The theme of the class was dots, dots of all shapes and sizes, so it was a perfectly fitting treat. Lisa Singer, a seriously talented lady who offers baking and signage services, made it. As you can see, most students ate it while wearing their finished bras. Too funny! Most students sewed their bras using Spiegel’s new 60609 machine and loved using it – its stitch quality, the way it handled stretch fabrics and the ability to keep their phone charged throughout the day (link to my review).

A huge thank you goes out to the sponsors and people who made yesterday possibly + helped me throughout the week. Yesterday WAS NOT the work of a one woman show. So, to all you, merci boucoup!

Fabric: Tailor Made Shop + Anh Tailor
Trims and gift bags: Bra Making Supplies
Sewing Machines: Spiegel’s 60609 (read my review + Madalynne discount here)
Catering: Pure Fare and Nourishing Matters
Signage + Confetti Cake: Lisa Singer
Mini Herbal Workshop: The Parlour

Check out the full album here and see even more photo on Instagram: #bramakingwithmadalynne

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    your workshops look like HEAVEN.

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      I SOO wish you could attend one!

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    Sharon Gunther

    Looks like a delightful day! What please are the Wilde color drops?!

  3. Reply


    Which color drops are you referring to?

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      Sharon Gunther

      The photos show Wilde red color drops.

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    Crystal Lattanzio

    It was such a great workshop Maddie!!!!! Thank you for all you taught us. I’ve worn my completed bra and have bought material to make more from both the Bra Making Supplies and Tailor Made Shop. I was excited that I was able to make a bra that fit, despite being 7 months pregnant. It was a well planned out workshop, well worth the price, and that CAKE was RIDICULOUS! YUMMMMMMM.

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      Oh Crystal! How sweet of you! You were a rockstar students and I hope that despite having your fourth little one, you still find time to continue bra making #superwoman

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    Looks like it was a blast! Love that first photo. Glad I was able to be part of this magic!

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      I was THRILLED that you could be a part of it as well.

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    Maddie, I’m so impressed with all the beautiful things you’ve been making and doing in your beautiful studio. Very inspiring!

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