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Bra Making with Madalynne

Once I learned that the reason why my bra straps fell off my shoulders, why my cups gaped and why my band rode up in the back was due to an ill-fitting bra, I set out on a mission to learn how to make one that fit me. Five years after starting that journey, I started hosting workshops to teach women what I had learned.

Want to attend? Interested in seeing photos? How about hosting one as a bridal shower or birthday party (read: panty part-ayyy!)? Read all the details below!


Workshops are open to 4-8 students and the cost is between $250-315. Installment payments are available upon request. The workshops are held at Madalynne Studios in North Philadelphia from approximately 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM.


Bra Making with Madalynne // Underwire Bra: April 22. Students will make the 8229 from the Madalynne X Simplicity Lingerie collection, which is a full band, underwire bra.

Bra Making with Madalynne: May 20. Students will be the first to make a bra pattern from a new Simplicity collection I’ll be releasing in June.


Depending on the class, students will either make a full band, underwired bra, a bralette, or a halter bra. Prior to the class, students will be asked to provide their size (they’ll receive a size chart and instructions on how to measure) so that a pattern will be ready for them the day of. Please note that this workshop will only cover construction, not fit. If you want help with fit and pattern corrections after the class, I am more than willing to help in-person and/or via email.


Advanced beginner or intermediate sewing knowledge is required for all classes.


All pattern and supplies are included in class fee. You can bring your own machine, but I will have one ready for students who don’t.


This will not be an ordinary class; it will be a workshop event. Just some of what you can expect throughout the day include lunch, treats, refreshments, swag bags, photo ops and more. Just see all the goodies students received here.


Refunds are not available. If you are unable to attend, I suggest selling your ticket on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne

If you purchase a ticket at full price, and the class goes on sale, a price adjustment is not available.


Traveling from out of town and need recommendations? Not a problem! Email me when you register and I’ll set you up with the best places to stay, eat and shop around Philadelphia.



The most meaningful gift from a bridal shower aren’t the cake and the donuts — it’s the keepsake you send guests home with. Make something they’ll remember – a pair of me-made undies!


Currently booking for spring, summer and fall 2017. Showers are from 1-5:00 PM at Madalynne Studios in Northern Philadelphia. I can accommodate between 6-12 women.


Project is a basic, high-waisted panty. Pattern, fabric, supplies and sewing machines are included in fee. Brides have the option to choose their fabric (lace, Lycra, prints).


No sewing knowledge is required. I tailor class to suit all levels of sewists.


Lunch, refreshments and drinks, and treats are included in fee. Swag bags are optional, and I work with brides and/or maid of honors to coordinate. I will handle photography and brides can expect between 100-150 photos from the day.


Price depends on size of bridal shower, supplies and catering needs, but if you’re interested in booking, email me!



“Attending Maddie’s workshop was such a lovely experience! Everything from the kits to the decor and catered meal were thoughtfully and beautifully planned, and I felt less like a student and more like a pampered bride! Maddie is a great teacher, and her passion for handmade lingerie is contagious. Both my lingerie drawer and my boyfriend thank Maddie profusely for this enjoyable new hobby.”

“A huge thank you to Maddie! From accommodating my late addition to all the small details (the instruction booklet, the yummy food, the mini herbal workshop during lunch), I loved the class and hope to take another. It was especially useful for me as everything was new. It was the first time I used a rotary cutter, spray adhesive, stretchy fabric and elastic. I learned so much, and really appreciated at the start of class when she said it wouldn’t be perfect. That was so important to hear, because quite early on I realized mine would be far from it. Instead I kept going, grateful to learn each step. I didn’t get frustrated and quit halfway through, like my shelf of half-finished projects, and Maddie encouraged me to keep going. More than just learning to sew an awesome bra and undies set, I’m trying to paint that attitude all over my life. To move on, move forward and try new things. Come full circle and then try again. I’m notorious for not even starting something too concerned about the end. Maddie’s sewing class was the essence of ‘savoring’ the journey.” 

“Maddie gave a demo of the process and then we were encouraged to get to work! It was a great, collaborative atmosphere where the whole group learned from Maddie and passed instructions and tips onto each other. I feel like I really got to connect with many girls in the bridal shower that I didn’t previously know. On top of that, Maddie made sewing feel accessible to everyone, regardless of skill or craftiness!”

“We had THE BEST time. Maddie was the perfect host and teacher. I am so, so grateful to have amazing friends and family in my life, and I am thrilled that I was able to share this experience with them. We were all raving about how helpful Maddie was without being too hands-on and overbearing. I want to thank her again for seeing possibility in my bridal shower wish and making it all come together so beautifully. Maddie, you were extraordinarily accommodating. It was a special event that I will remember for a long time.”

“I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this class! I was dreaming about making bras for days! I was blown away with what a beautiful and functional piece of clothing we were able to make and I have been loving my bra every day I wear it. I’ve made an additional bra so far and I plan to never buy a RTW bra again! All the treats and extras made me feel like a queen and I had such a good time. Thank you!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Maddie’s bra-making workshop in Philly. Maddie has a great hands on teaching style, which I found very helpful. It was a real pleasure to meet other like-minded sewers, and to enjoy the sewing, refreshments and atmosphere that made the day such a treat. I was on the fence about trying out bra-making, but this workshop took away some of the mystery around it.  I really did sew my own bra!”

“As a long time follower to Maddie’s blog, I was intrigued to meet her in person and learn more about the mysterious world of lingerie sewing. With Maddie’s expert guidance, I was able to sew my first bra in a day (bonus points since it fit and double bonus points for her fabric choices)! The additional details which went into the day – the herbal workshop and beautiful catering – really made it feel like a full “experience” rather than just a class. There are some things which you just cannot learn from books and blogs and I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in bra making, beginners and experts alike. Thanks Maddie again for a wonderful day, can’t wait for the next!”


Want to sponsor with Bra Making with Madalynne? This is the perfect opportunity to spread your business or brand! Past sponsors have included AnthropologieThe Parlour Hair & Beauty, Love Me Do Photography, Doux + Sel, Magpie Vintage Rentals, Cakes By Doriz Ruiz, Bekuh Browning, John + Kira’s Chocolates and more. If you are interested and would like to discuss rates and details, email hello@madalynne.com.

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