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Bra Making: How to Make Bra Straps

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When it comes to making a bra, constructing the straps are the home stretch. Sewn before or after the hook & eye is attached, it’s one of the last operations and means you did it! But just like a marathon, the last mile can be the most difficult. There are a lot of ins and outs, twists and turns and other maneuvers to finish. Don’t get your panties in a knot; I’ll break down the process for you (that joke was funny, right?).

bra making

Step 1: Cut a length of strap elastic 18” long. Feed one end of strap up through the bottom of one slider, then over the center bar and down through the other side. It should look like a belt buckle, with one short end and one long end.

bra makingbra making

Step 2: Fold the short side down and stitch to secure. Trim close to stitching.

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Step 3: Turn elastic over and put the ring through the long side.

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Step 4: Weave long side up and over center bar of the slider just like in step 1. Voila! The next step is to attach to bra.


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    Gwen Gyldenege

    How wonderfully timed. I just finished my 2nd bravo bella bra – not quite the right fit yet. I made fixed straps. Got to thinking I’d like to use adjustable straps on my next bra and wondering what the best ways to construct. Thanks as always, Maddie!

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    Natasha Estrada

    It’s knickers in a knot! Panties go in bunches. Growing up in NZ with an English mum knickers in a knot is a common phrases. Without the alliteration it doesn’t make any sense

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    I really wish I could be sewing a bra following your class right now. Something cute that fits my petite self to perfection. I just read your facebook post and wanted to say that small can be sexy! Its just that we are, unfortunately, so conditioned to think otherwise. And I have to say that as time goes by, the little girls stay perky, so that is something to look forward to!

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