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Bra Making with Madalynne 2016 Schedule: You Tell Me!


Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting the third Bra Making with Madalynne workshop, and if it was anything like the last two, it is going to be a blast! I’ve been super busy this week prepping, but I’m pumped. Me-made bras – let’s do this!

With the end of the year approaching, I’m starting to think about workshops for 2016. I’ve received several emails asking when and where classes will be held. It may not be the case, but I feel like the workshops need a refresher. A new spin to make them feel new again and drum up excitement. So, I’m opening the schedule and content to you. When, where and whatΒ do you want for next year? Below are some options I am considering. You can give your opinion in the comments or email me at hello@madalynne.com

Soft Bra: Instead of making a classic, full frame, underwire bra, students would make a soft bra such as Noelle Warner or Mallori Lane. The focus of the class would be bra making for smaller chest, and I would provide tips and techniques for AA-B cups.

Pattern making: This class would focus on parts of a bra, common pattern corrections and how to transform one style into another.

On the Road: Bra Making with Madalynne has been such a success in Philly, why not take it on the road? I posted this same questions to Instagram and the most commented cities were New York, San Fran, Los Angeles, Paris and London. All are amazing! If you live in any of these cities and would attend, let me know! The more responses I receive, the more likely I am to travel there. Since I don’t know much about the sewing community in any of those cities, recommendations on a venue would be amazing!


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    I have a feeling the sewing community in San Francisco would be very interested! I’ve gone to several Bay Area Sewists meetings, and many of the folks there were very curious about my handmade lingerie but hesitant to dip their feet in on their own.

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      Thank you! Do you know any local venues or sewing shops I could reach out to?

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    Hi Maddie, I’m so glad you’re planning more courses for 2016. I love the sound of the current content/format but taking it on the road would be sooo great. I could easily attend in London or Paris… or at a stretch New York!… And since we’re wishlisting, March would be perfect, just sayin’ πŸ˜‰ Hope tomorrow’s course goes really well! xo

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      I would LOVE to do Paris. Do you know any venues I could reach out to?

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    Ridiculous question!!! Of course I would attend a class here in London along with about 5 other girlies I know I’m sure.

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    I will come to London without hesitation.
    Thank you for asking!

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    How about Toronto? Maybe the workroom would be interested.

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      Yes! I would love a Toronto class. Could totally see it at the workrooms new studio space. Heck, I might even travel to New York for it haha.

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    San Francisco is 6 hours away from me, but a whole lot closer than philly, and I’d be wiling to make the trip. Stonemountain and daughter (i think) in Berkeley would be a neat venue.

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      I was also thinking they would be a great shop for your classes.

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    Tori Dudley

    I would be willing to travel to any of these amazing stateside spots, but would love to see you in Denver!!

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    Come to Los Angeles! I’d love to learn to make a bra and haven’t seen any classes around here. I’d definitely be interested in a class focused on making a bra suitable for a small bust (A cup here).

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      Los Angeles was one of the top spots. Can you suggest a venue?

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    I know we talked about doing a Boston one and then I moved far away and things got confusing. Maybe 2016 is the year for us!

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      I would LOVE to pick up the conversation again! I’ll email you soon.

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    Another vote for London, please.

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    Mai T

    I’ve never had experience in bra making. I wish I could join one of your classes πŸ™

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      Make a trip to Philly!

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    Jessica Emily D'Eugenio

    I know Brooklyn Craft Company has a great space for classes! They have tons of sparkling new Bernina sewing machines and open space for working! Super nice ladies that work there!

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    Barbara Crisp

    Vancouver, please! At the lovely Spool of Thread workshop

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    Elizabeth A

    I’d attend a New York workshop in a heartbeat.

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    I vote London!
    There’s very little like that here at the moment so you’d be filling a frustrating gap.

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    Nanna Sofie

    How about an online class? Or maybe a series of videos? That would make it easier for those of us that lives far away from the cities that you’re suggesting πŸ™‚

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    There is a school called Apparel Arts in Oakland, CA that would be a lovely venue. Suzy, the schools founder and director is incredible. Also in CA, a store called Cast Away & Folk, Modern Craft in Santa Rosa (about 1 hour outside of SF) a larger venue, however, not ideal if you were looking to be in the heart of San Francisco. I hope you make it to California!

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    Penny V

    I would go to a class in Santa Rosa, CA!! Or in Napa or SF if that was offered. I really need help in making my own bra. There just aren’t any fine lingerie stores anymore in the Napa area and I’m so tired of buying bras only to wear them and the underwire pokes my inner arm. Ugh!!! Totally uncomfortable. Come West!!!

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    Madelyn Blackledge

    Hi my name is Madelyn too lol I live in Chicago and I would I love love love to attend your class! I have a newfound passion for breast particularly large real heavy breast like mine. I want to make bras and sports bras that I can wear comfortably and this class is exactly what I need. Come come come to Chicago!

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