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Bra Making With Madalynne: Recap

how to make lingerie

Yesterday’s Bra Making workshop was extra special. It was the one year anniversary of hosting my first one. On the same weekend last year, Bra Making with Madalynne became a thing. I had no idea if it would be a total flop or not, but here I am, in 2016, with many more planned for the year. A Philly bride-to-be just asked if I could host one for her bridal shower. What a neat idea, right?

Every class is different and the flow depends on the student’s personalities. I’ve had classes that were super chatty (we stayed until 7:00 PM because we couldn’t stop talking!), and I’ve had classes that were so focused (we finished at 4:30 PM and were leaving by 5). This class was a unique mix of folks. Some locals and some not. Amelia and Jody are related, and this was something fun the two could do together. Wish I could bring my brothers to a lingerie making class. Ying made a trip down from New York to help out and it was so great seeing her again. Also, having her there allowed everyone to get the attention they needed and deserved. Hands down, the highlight of the day was gifting a sewing machine to Jody. Spiegel’s was so kind to offer one machine to a student as a giveaway, and I can’t thank them enough for not only supplying machines for the class, but offering this awesome prize. Hint, hint – there might be more giveaways at future classes!

Unlike previous classes, we made a soft bra using the same bra + panty pattern used for my ready-made lingerie. I prefer sewing soft bras over underwire, and hope I host more of these in the future. Maybe even a bodysuit or bathing suit class?

So, I’ll end with – on my one year anniversary, I want to say thank you. I had no idea when I hosted the first one that it would morph into what it is today. Thank you to the sponsors who supply materials, food, goodies and more. Thank you to my helpers who work on all the behind-the-scenes stuff that you don’t see. And thank you to you for spreading the word! #bramakingwithmadalynne

Sewing Machines: Spiegel’s
Bra notions: Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts
Fabric (lace, milliskin and micromesh): Tailor Made Shop
Signage: Meredith Langer
Mini Herbal Workshop: The Parlour
Catering: Pure Fare
Photography and Florals: Bekuh Browning
Chocolates (for Swag Bags): Shane’s Confectionary
Red Velvet Donuts: Lisa Singer

And stay tuned later this week to find out more deets on how I made the skirt and “bra making is always a good idea” shirt!

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    Looks like so much fun!

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    This looks like tons of fun! I would love if you ever came out to the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA area to do a workshop! Or do you know of any good bra making workshops classes in the Southern California area? Would love to get a start on bra-making, since it looks like so much fun!

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