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The Bra Recyclers + Madalynne Intimates

the bra recyclers

There are many percentages about how many women wear the wrong size bra. My exact statistic, which I’ve thoroughly and scientifically tested over and over, is A LOT. Here’s another percentage to throw at you – the number of women who have bras laying around in their drawers, unworn because it doesn’t fit, is even higher. Like a lot, a lot. Enter Elaine Birks-Mitchell, who founded The Bra Recyclers on the premise that when you encounter a problem, you have two choices. You can either ignore it and hope someone solves it or you can do something about it. Through her company, she is not only solving that problem herself, but calling on all of us to do something as well – to donate bras and undies. When a bra is donated, they recycle and/or distribute them around the world to deserving families and communities. In partnership with The Bra Recycling Ambassadors, they have recycled over 1 million bras to help women in need.

I partnered with The Bra Recyclers in September of 2015 by contributing a bra to their Brazaar Art Showcase. A little over a year later, we’re working together again. Earlier this week, I announced that I had started a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise funds to attend The Lingerie Selection, a trade show at the end of February in New York where buyers, press and social influencers view new and upcoming lingerie designers and (hopefully) place orders. If the goal of $3,800 is exceeded, the remaining will be donated to TBR. Because they’re not a 501c3, they cannot accept the money themselves, but work with one called the HEMP Legacy Foundation that they donate the majority of their bras to. TBR also sponsors the Your Best Day Ever Event and Christmas for a Cause each year and donate thousands of bras to homeless women and girls during just these 2 events.

At just over $1,000 donated to the Madalynne Intimates GFM campaign, I’m am beyond thankful to every one who has contributed. Let’s keep the momentum going and surpass the goal so we can give back to The Bra Recyclers!

Click here to donate now!

Psssttt… if you donate more than $100, you will receive a 30% discount to either a bra workshop or a Nina bralette or panty.

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