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Weekend: Bra Workshop Countdown


My life has been quiet recently and then all of a sudden, chaos ensures. Or chaos is about to ensue. Next weekend, I’ll be hosting my inaugural bra workshop in Philadelphia, and Anna and I have been prepping like madwomen. After work meetings and emails and texts back and forth on the daily. I was close to losing a toe a few weeks ago when I visited Magpie Studios to pick out furniture and props. Even with purple lips, fingers and feet, I made an executive decision for a mint green, cream and gold color scheme. A great color combo for a non cliché Valentine’s Day theme if you ask me. Supplies have been ordered, machines have been sourced, packaging is secured and I’m on the final stretch to make sure everything runs smoothly. I’m most excited for Lauren’s arrival. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and I’m thrilled to have her beside me as I make the leap into teaching intensive bra workshops. We have a full agenda planned including meeting up with Andrea and Carolina, who is also attending the class, and possibly picking up my new kitten. The exact date on when I can take him home is still TBD, so stay tuned to my Instagram for his debut.

This weekend, I’ll be finishing sample bras for the class, which I’ll be sharing in the following weeks along with my holiday skirt. It’s January and I just made a holiday skirt? Oops! Ummm… time flies?



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    I’m so excited for our adventure next weekend! Hangs and bra making – and a potential kitten! You totally know the way to my heart 🙂 Cannot even WAIT! 😀

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      Make that 2 kittens! I adopted his brother, Basil, too! Eek!

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