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Bra Making With Madalynne Recap


Bra Making with Madalynne 2015 came to a close with a bang. Seriously. The last session went down last weekend with no hiccups, bumps or obstacles. Actually, this was the most seamless workshop yet. Woot woot!

I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned teacher by any means – I’m still a newbie with about a year and a half of experience under my belt – but I’m quickly learning how every class can be different. The students in the February, June and August sessions were very outgoing and talkative. Like they were best friends. This bunch, however, was different. They were focused, like they were on a serious bra mission. They were quiet, which made me nervous at times, but it was because they were in full concentration mode. That’s not to say the other groups weren’t focused, but this one was more so. So focused that we finished an hour early – at 4:30 PM. Gah! So impressed. And all of their bras were boob-ti-ful (it’s a word, don’t argue).

Leaving the class, I felt grateful. So very grateful for the people who continue to cheer me on, believe in me and not think I’m totally bonkers for having a very small – okay a very big – obsession with lingerie. Giving you all virtual hugs!

Don’t forget that registration is now available for workshops in 2016. The London class is selling the fastest, so gra your ticket soon!

Thank you to See Kate Sew for providing sewing-inspired t-shirts. Make do and mend y’all!
Extra special thank you to Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts for supplying trims for class project and goodie bags. 
Peach fabric was purchased from LaceFabrics and white powernet (lining) was purchased from Bra Makers Supply
Sewing machines provided by Steve’s Sew and Vac – Bernina!

Snickerdoodle donuts with vanilla almond milk made by baker extraordinaire Lisa Singer
Catering by Pure Fare – kale salad, fig + goat brie sandwich, curried apricot sandwich, carrot cake and chocolate bites. 

Calligraphy and Signage by Meredith Langer
Mini Herbal Workshop by The Parlour
Flowers by Bekuh Browning
Chocolates by John + Kira’s
Soaps by Katie Yanchulis (my super amazing intern!)

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    Mekaela Carter

    Yay! Thank you for such a fun and informative class, I learned so much! Now if only my fabrics and findings would just hurry up and get here… Lol

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    Snail mail. Ugh!

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    i love scrolling through these recap photo posts. everything looks so beautiful!

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    Love the recap photos. Can we see more!?

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      What else would you like to see? The photos pretty much cover the workshop – meet and greet, cutting, sewing, food, herbal workshop, and finished projects.

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    this looks amazing.

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