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I hope you all had a great holiday! I’m still recouping from Christmas and New Year’s, are you?

Now is a great time for evaluating, refocusing and changing (if needed), so I’m currently sorting through sewing ideas. I thought about taking a new direction, making something new + different, but I really like the patterns I have now. I spent a long time fine tuning Nina, Noelle and Nicole, and that silhouette has served me so well. So, rather than move onto the next project, I want to stay on the halter bra trend a little longer and add variations. Different backs, fabrics, finishings, closures. There was a recent article on Refinery29 about bra styles for 2016, and the first on their list was “athleisure/sporty”. I agree – I think this will continue to be a big trend. Comfort and style are important to me – I want lingerie that is functional, pretty but not overly fussy. What I love most about this look is that it’s super sexy without being overly girly.

So, these are the pieces that Iā€™m loving right now. I don’t have a lot of inspiration images because if I gather too much, I get overwhelmed with ideas. The less, the better. My favorite is the Fleur Du Mal black bodysuit. So simple, but isn’t it so sleek and stunning? It retails for $245, and I DEFINITELY think it would cost much less to make.

What are your favs at the moment?


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    I looked at that body suit… I love the cross back but it isn’t the same bodysuit as the turtle neck front. The turtle neck closure doesn’t appear on the photo of the back so I think it is misleading. $245 is pretty steep and you’ll be able to make it much cheaper, no sweat!

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    Isn’t the back neat? A nice surprise since the front is so plain. I can DEFINITELY make it for less than $245!

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      Summerflies is right, that back is not the correct image for that suit – it can’t be. there’s no sign of the turtleneck hook closures. I’ll be fascinated to see how you solve the problem of a turtle neck with an open back – a fun exercise! I’m sure it will be even nicer than the real deal (and MUCH cheaper!)

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