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Cheers! I’m off To London!


By the time you read this, I’ll either be on a plane crossing the Atlantic, or in London and a jet lagged mess. Seriously, who sleeps on a plane? I’ll be in Prince Harry’s territory for a week to teach 2 days of Bra Making with Madalynne workshops and then to enjoy a seriously, seriously needed vacation. The past few months have been my busiest ever. The combination of the last two workshops and the release of the Urban Outfitters x Madalynne collection totally wiped me out. Yeh, yeh, we’re all busy and we’re all wiped out. We should have a pity party sometime. Maybe with panties too? A pity panty party? I’m getting way off topic. Anyways, the only plans I have are to wander. Wander the Thames River, The Tower of London, Sketch, Hyde Park, Piccadilly and whatever more I can squeeze in. Very much so, this will be a soul searching trip, and I’m hoping that when I return, I have a clearer idea of my next move. Lingerie is definitely in the future – oh yes! – but there’s a lot up in the air right now. So, any suggestions while I’m in the city, let me know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow along with my adventures of Instagram and Snapchat:

IG: @mmadalynne
Snap: mmadalynne

While I’m away, I won’t leave you hanging. Next week, I’ll announce the dates and open registration for the next Bra Making with Madalynne workshops. There will be new classes, so stay tuned.

Cheers mate!


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    Rosalba Goldini

    Very well! I will arrive on Friday morning in London for your class. it will be a day to do the tour. See you on Saturday.!!!!

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      See you soon chick!

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    Sally P

    Hire bike to the Victoria and Albert zmuseum – a constant source of inspiration!

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      True that!

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    Second the V&A – always a joy, and they even have a current expo relevant to you interests:

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    Natasha Estrada

    Don’t get sick again. I’ll have to fly to Philly and beat you up if your get run down sick again. So no getting sick and no beatings from my ineffectual girl fists. mmmkay ;D

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    Have a great time! I’ve spent a lot of time in London. Favorites include relaxing on a river boat (Greenwich to Waterloo or Kew to Waterloo) which is a fab way to see the city; walking Chiswick high street; check out the chain White Stuff for interesting clothes; ride a city bus on your Oyster card instead of taking the tube and sit up front on the top deck. Sleep when you can and don’t fret about the jet lag. Dark chocolate is the best antidote.

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    Can’t wait for your Sunday course!

    I have too many places to recommend in London! And after I wrote this I realised how much my life revolves around food πŸ˜€

    Covent Garden: The best coffee in London is at Monmouth Coffee, on Monmouth Street. The owners travel the world finding the beans, roast them either in the basement there or in their SE1 warehouse. Widely credited for bringing “real” coffee back to London decades ago, after years in the instant-coffee wilderness. While you’re there, also get ice cream at Udderlicious just down the street if it’s open, otherwise try the gelato at Vico/Gelupo on Cambridge Circus. You’ll also be near Foyles, on Charing Cross Road, which is great for fashion, art and design books (and all other books).

    Soho: Try the brownies at Paul E. Young, at the junction of Wardour Street and Broadwick Street. Then you’ll be only one street over from Berwick Street, which has all of London’s best fabric shops, and has been a fabric market for centuries. Also look for the haberdasher’s MacCullough and Wallace, one street over again on Poland Street. They sell some bra-making supplies! From there you’ll be near Liberty’s, which is in an amazing building made from the timbers of some old ships and has a lovely haberdashery as well on the third floor. You can exit onto Carnaby Street, which is kind of a letdown these days, or head north over to Oxford Street for shopping, which I think is a nightmare but I do always recommend John Lewis (which has another haberdashery, but not a brilliant one, on the 4th floor).

    Regent’s Park: Beautiful flowers this time of year, in a lovely Regency-era garden, and if you plan your walk right you can end up coming out either on Marylebone High Street, with more lovely shops and restaurants (La Fromagerie is a personal favourite), in Camden Town (for punk/goth stuff and a general market), or on Primrose Hill (a lovely view over London, plus a high street with more middle-class shops).

    Angel/Islington: Upper Street is a very long high street filled with shops and restaurants. Nearby are the Loop yarn store in Camden Passage, and the RayStitch fabric shop on Essex Road. It’s not near anything, but if you’re in for a walk you can find the Regent’s Canal and follow it along all the way to Regent’s Park (which is a long walk β€” be warned).

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      PS: If you’re feeling a bit spendy, one of my favourite restaurants in London is right near the course location: Caravan in Granary Square. You might need a reservation.

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      Holy smokes! You were kidding! What an extensive list. Thank you and thank you!

      You were such a pleasure to have in the class, and I used your list this week when I was out and about.

      Keep in touch!

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    Have a fantastic time Maddie and get that much needed break away from the past several months. Enjoy teaching and then wander, see, think, plan as you please.

    Repeating the comment from above, but the don’t miss the V&A Museum for the exhibit: Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear Discover the fascinating and sometimes controversial story of underwear design from the 18th century to the present day.

    P.S. Contrats on the launch, you looked LOVELY, what a fabulous day!!

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    How did you like the travels? Seems like you had a fun time

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      Still here. I have one more day and I’m hitting up the V&A for my last day in the UK.

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