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Colette Guide to Sewing Knits Giveaway


Sewing knits is uncharted territory for many seamstresses. Unlike wovens, they have a give that it not exact, and because of that, it can be frustrating and hard to handle. Getting to know knits – their structure, how they’re made, best ways to cut, most effective tools, etc. – can make the leap into this category of sewing a lot easier. That’s where “Colette’s Guide to Sewing Knits” comes in, the newest book from my favorite indie company. Colette teamed up with industry expert Alyson Clair to give home sewers the know-how and the confidence to tackle any type of project involving stretchy fabric.

For me, it was the chapter on sergers that I had the most fun reading. My current serger is on its way to the grave and I don’t plan on resurrecting it. By year’s end, I hope to upgrade to a better make and model (my eye is set Bernina’s 1150 MDA). The book’s basic overview of a serger plus tips on threading, different types of stitches and troubleshooting for stitching problems will definitely help me when shopping.

Sergers are just a fraction of what this book offers. In my opinion, the book’s title needs a minor alteration; Colette’s Complete Guide to Sewing Knits is more appropriate. This book covers it all!

Sarai and Alyson are offering a copy of the book to one Madalynne reader. To enter, like Madalynne and Colette Patterns on Facebook. Then, in the comments below, specify your method of entry and your contact information. If you’re already a follower on either platforms, don’t worry, just tell me so in the comments. Contest opens immediately and will close May 1, when a winner will be chosen, notified and featured on this blog.

And can we end with congratulations to Sarai and Alyson – the book was the number 1 sewing book on Amazon the week it was released!


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    Kathy Manning

    I follow both on facebook

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    Claire (iwanttobeaturtle)

    This book is on my wish list. I follow both on FB

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    erin goh

    I liked both on FB. Thanks! opportunityknits@yahoo.com.sg

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    Jo (Dotta.)

    I follow both on FB. Thank you so much!

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    Heather Roach

    I made sure to add them!

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    Kelly C

    I liked both on facebook!

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    I already follow both on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway- the book looks great!

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    Jessica R

    I liked both! This book looks great

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    Would love to win this book, thanks for the giveaway! Already “liking” both pages on Facebook.

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    Chrystal McKay

    I’ve already liked both of you on Facebook! Sewing with knits is preferable to me than wovens. But I could definitely use some fine tuning of my skills and finishing techniques! I’d love this book!

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    Makes Her Mark

    I already “liked” both on FB. I’m totally in love with the idea of not having to serge to sew knits.

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    Thanks for the giveaway, would love to learn more about sewing with knits. I already “liked” both on fb.

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    Federica Maslowsky

    I like you both on facebook. I wish I could win this book!

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    The Tiny Tailoress

    Done and done ! This book would definitely be a perfect addition to my sewing library…

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    Roberta Taylor

    Done! I’ve been eyeing this book- would be lovely to win a copy.

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    Charlie London

    Can’t wait. Thanks for the great offer. Facebook? Done.

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    Heather Lou

    Me me me me me. Please please please please. Double liked.

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    I follow you both. Seems like and an amazing book.

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    Roxanne Guillemette

    I already follow you both on facebook!

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    I’m already following you both on Facebook!
    This giveaway is amazing. I LOVE to sew with knits. I have a serger but I don’t know how to use it with knits. This would be really useful!

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    Ali M

    I follow you both, weird this is the first I’ve heard of this, and thank you for reminding me I have more things to make from their first book!

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    Alexandra Bunning

    I like them both on Facebook! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

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    I’ve been curious about this book since it came out – thanks for the chance to win! I already like you both on FB.

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    I’m not on Facebook, but I follow you both on Bloglovin’. Sounds like a great book.

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    Alice Zhou

    I liked both on Facebook and Bloglovin! I’ve really considered that book since I’ve started with knits. Loving my serger!

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    Shayla Crowel

    I follow both of you facebook! I haven’t sewn with knits before so this book would be a great introduction for me 🙂

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    I’m a follower on both. Contact info is aimee dot Ortega @ colostate dot edu

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    Hoping to win this book; it’d be so helpful! I’ve liked both pages on Facebook, thanks!

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    Lady ID

    I ordered this book when it came out – started reading it a few days ago. I’m looking forward to trying out new techniques.

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    Lisa Marie

    Hi! I’m making a Moneta now! Hope to win the book! I liked both Facebook pages. Contact info is: empiskor @ gmail [dot] com

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    Jordan Wester

    I liked Madalynne on facebook, but I already liked Colette.
    nouvellegamine @ gmail dot com

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    I would love to win! I follow both pages on FB and my contact info is starcitylady at gmail dot com. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Would love to win…I follow both pages on FB; contact info is velorutionista (at] gmail [dot} com

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    I liked both on FB. Would love to have this book.

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    jonquil alexia

    I liked Colette, now I like Madalynne! 🙂 It would be wonderful to win a copy. I prefer looking at an actual book while learning new techniques. jonquilsgrdn@gmail.com

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    I like Colette, and now I’ve liked Madalynne.

    mariah.oliver [at] gmail [dot] com

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    Karen Rarich

    I already “liked” Colette, I added Madalynne to my “likes”
    karenrarich {at}gmail{dot com}

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    Dana Gray

    Oh, I don’t have a facebook account. Is there any way I can still enter? I follow both blogs and I’ve just started getting really exited about working with knits. dana_knockouts@hotmail.com

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    I’ve liked colette for years, but now I like madalynne too! brilligtove [at] gmail [dot] com!

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    Leanne Leonardo

    Thank you for the great giveaway, I’d love to win this book!! I have just “liked” your Facebook page and followed you on twitter, pinterest and instagram too and have been been a follower of Colette patterns for awhile now, very nice way to find a great new blog to follow! My contact info is jitterbug1973@gmail.com

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    I would love a copy of this book. I already like Colette Patterns and Madalynne on fb. crystalamundson (at) att (dot) net

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    I could really use this book. Just started sewing t-shirts after taking the much-feared plunge into knits, and it’s a hit-and-miss game for me. I like both you and Colette and Facebook! You can find me at jlg8780 [at] gmail.com.

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    I would really like this book. I have liked Colette patterns for a while now and have been following your blog. I plan on learning as much as possible to help with my current projects and future ones. Thanks for the opportunity! JV.cosmo@yahoo.com.

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    I would love to learn to sew with knits…with two young boys, I am always wearing them now hopefully I can learn to make them myself!

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    Brenda Silvertooth

    Thanks for this great opportunity! I’m just re-entering sewing after a long absence, and this would be great. I discovered your blog through Colette Patterns on FB, and look forward to following you as well! (A new like.) My contact information is brenda (at) silverwareinc (dot) com

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    Beth Byrge

    I love knits and would love to check out the serger/coverstitch info in this book. I like both pages on FB 🙂

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    Liked on FB. I would love this book!

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    Kristen Fogarty

    Knits have definitely been something I steer clear from. Would love this book so that I can finally learn!
    Already like both pages 🙂 Contact: kvfog [a] hotmail [dot] com.

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    I like both pages on FB. I’m a relatively new sewer and really want to work with knits. I would love to win this book! Thank you!

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    I like both pages. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂 mytwirldesignsatgmaildotcom

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    Talia Christine

    I already have liked both pages! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


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    Jess Z

    I like both pages on Facebook. 🙂 mfrapp_83 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    ooh I’ve wanted this one!

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    I like both on FB! abruce1@gmail.com

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    I like both you and Colette Patterns on facebook. Would love to learn to sew knits!

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    Just A Hem

    Liked both! Would love to learn more about sewing knits. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Journey Hemberger

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    NFinTax Finstad

    Liked both, thanks…the book looks like it is full of worthwhile tips.


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    Amelia R

    Liked both. Crossing my fingers!

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    I like you both on Facebook and I’d love to sew knits. This book would be so helpful to me !

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    Shirley Tulloch

    Liked Colette for a while and found and liked you today! Halfway through my first ever dressmaking pattern and I chose a knit…pulling my hair out as I’ve no income and teaching myself to sew. With the encouragement of my friends afar (moved continents recently) I won’t give up! 🙂

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    I’m a follower already. I’ve heard lots of enthusiastic comments about the book, so it will be great to have my own copy.
    My e-mail adress: olarussek(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Helen McFadyen

    Hi! I like both pages already. Thanks for the opportunity. I’d love this book! I’ve just started to work with knits as I’m pregnant, and would love to learn more.

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    Already following Colette, thought I was following you, it seems I wasn’t, but I am now! 🙂 Love sewing in knits, I’m sure this book has lots of good tips.

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    I have my eye on this book ever since its release!I already like both of you on Fb!

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    I liked you on FB and am already following Colette 🙂

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    I would love to learn how to sew with knits and this would be a wonderful way of doing it! Keep my fingers crossed

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    Sara Evasdotter

    I liked You and Colette on facebook. I’ve been reading your blogs forever 🙂

    I realy like to have a copy of the book as I think my sewing in knits needs imporovement

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    Deborah Manser

    I’m now following both you and Collette on facebook – I would love to win the book 🙂

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    Lorna F

    I would love to learn more about sewing with knits. I am following you both on facebook!

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    Emily Callender

    Congratulations!I follow both on facebook. ebbtide45 at yahoo dot com

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    Following you both on Facebook now but have been a follower on Bloglovin’ for ages. Hoping a win might re-inspire me to try knits.

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    Echo @french_seams

    I’m following you both on Facebook. @french_seams

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    I’m following you both, mariev.hennig@web.de
    I could put that book to good use, as I just bought a serger 🙂

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    Just liked both of you on facebook. Have been playing around with my relatively new serger and would love to try knits. Colettes tutorials and blog information is wonderful I am sure that the book would be a great help in starting to work with knits. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. kcavotti@frontiernet.net

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    Reinhilde Lenaers

    Hello, I am a milliner by education and currently follow classes at a Fashion Design Academy. Any book on sewing skills is therefore a big help, allthough my mother is a true angel for guiding me in the right direction. Love your blog!

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    Julia Comnes

    Already liked Madalynne on Facebook, but just liked Colette as well. Am super excited to get the book, either through this giveaway or through buying it myself!

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    Just liked both pages. I’ve recently started sewing more knits and would love to have this book. handmadeinbk(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Penny Skalsvik

    I am already a follower of Colette patterns & love them! Now I am following you on FB! I have just got back into sewing 3 months ago after 25yrs & am loving it! It is a whole new world & I am learning so much!

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    Leslie J

    I like both on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I already liked both on Facebook. Thanks

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    I like both of you on Facebook! Yipeee! Thank you!

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    I liked both on fb, jennorthrop@gmail.com

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    Morena Basso

    I liked both too! brujita7628@hotmail.com

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    liked you both on facebook. Can’t order this book from amazon in Canada yet, very disappointing. I would love to have a copy

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    I liked both on Facebook. I would love a copy of this inspirational and informative book. julliams@yahoo.com.au

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    Tiffany Saint

    I’ve liked both of you on fb 🙂

    I am super exited about this book! I haven’t ordered one yet (as I have recently added a ton of books to my sewing collection), but plan to do so soon!


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    Have also liked you both.

    This book looks amazing. My birthday is coming up, and one way or another, I hope I get it!


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    Dear Madalynne

    I have liked you both on Facebook.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a copy of this book!

    Best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

    Evie x

    Ps – my email is attached to the comment

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    I liked both pages on facebook. I am just starting out in sewing – 3 garments in (all colette) and this book would be a big help and inspiration!

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    Megan Shimer

    I like both already on Facebook 🙂

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    I would love to win! arlenebrennan (at) hotmail.com

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    I just recently got my hands on a nice husqvarna serger from the 80s and have been learning how to use it. This book would be such an amazing thing to help me along the way. Like both on FB. Johannah.Berger (at) gmail.com

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    Rachel Asalittlechild

    I would love to have help sewing knits, please enter me! I like both on facebook and follow you on bloglovin’.

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    Nancy. Owens

    I have recently moved to the great state of Texas and I need to use more light weight cotton for my clothing, and knits are so easy to wear, so this book would be a wonderful asset to help me change my wardrobe from Colorado to Texas. Thank you for the opportunity to win

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    I am desperately wanting a copy of this book. I may not qualify to win since I don’t have Facebook acct (and I’m not opening one just for this). But I figure it’s worth a try.

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    Amie Melnychuk

    I liked Colette Patterns on Facebook. And am really excited about this book. If I don’t win it in a giveaway, I will probably buy it or add it to the gift wishlist.

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    Mary Mahoo

    I follow both your blog & Coletterie on FB. Definitely on my “must buy” list! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Liked both on Facebook!

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    Barbara Grace

    Had previously “liked” both on Facebook.

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    Susanne B.

    I am just getting the hang of sewing knits! I like both of you on FB!

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    Hot Mess Housewife

    I liked both! I’m really interested in the serger section as well. I swear my serger and I were meant to be at odds.

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    Ana Claasen

    Liked you both on facebook 🙂

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    Danielle Jayne Phillipson

    I already followed colette patterns on fb, and now thanks to this competition I found you too!

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    Meagan Buch

    I follow both blogs.

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    I’m already following you and now Collete Patterns too. Thanks!

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    Erika (rejoicefortheday.com)

    I liked the two as ‘Rejoice for the Day’ on facebook, and my email is rejoicefortheday@gmail.com. This looks like an awesome book! What a great giveaway!

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    I like both of you! I’d love to have the book, I just bought a serger and it’s a tad bit overwhelming!

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    I like both on Facebook 🙂

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    Melissa C

    I already like both on FB!

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    I like you both on facebook! My email is laurarfleal AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

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    I’m already a fan of both you and Colette. I can’t wait to read the book to see what tips I can glean for my new coverstitch! Thanks for the competition. jane@solarosa.com

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    Sew Sleepy

    I follow both your blogs and 🙂
    I had a serger bought for my birthday 2 months ago and I really need some help with it this book would be awesome failing that I’m waiting for Christmas

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    I’ve liked you both on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway

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    I liked both Madalynne and Colette Patterns on Facebook. I’m hoping that there’s a bit of info on coverstitch! ell-in-or AT comcast DOT net

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    Debra J. Butland

    I liked both Madalynne and Colette Patterns. I can be reached at djbutl@comcast.net.

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    I like both of you on Facebook! kamehadanessa{at}gmail{dot}com

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    Dani Hart

    I like you both on Facebook. I need help! Please give me the book! Hartdani@yahoo.co.uk thanks!

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    Boom! I liked you both before and now I like you on Facebook. gillian.langor@gmail.com

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    I liked you both on facebook,

    Magentaheadrest AT gmail . com

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    Claire May

    I’ve liked you both on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway. Contact via facebook 🙂

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    I liked both on Facebook! Very excited about this giveaway! My contact is tamaracfink@gmail.com. 😀

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    Karen Sofie

    Liked you both on Facebook! Contact on Facebook, please. 🙂

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    Facebook for both you lovely ladies, and my contact is poppyandsparrow@gmail.com

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    What do you do if you don’t have a Facebook account. Are you therefore excluded from the giveaway??!

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    Meg Kundert

    Just liked you and Collette on facebook. This book is a must have item! Email kund dot wild at verizon dot net.

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    I follow you both. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Alana23 (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I liked you both!

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    Anna Nicolle

    I liked you both and I follow you both! annalnicolle (at) gmail (dot) com.

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    Read your blog and Colette frequently and liked you on Fb.
    My email is: amugarte11(at)hotmail(dot)com.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

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    I just liked both! egholtrop at gmail dot com

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    I’m already liking you both 🙂 crystal.tracy@gmail.com

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    I follow both pages on Instagram. I have liked both Facebook pages. vikkimall1@yahoo.com

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    I’ve already followed your page and Colette patterns page on Facebook! 🙂

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    Karrie Smith

    i follow both on FB! ksmith8@emich.edu

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    Kirvil Tvitekkja

    Me likes you both on FB and outside of FB 😛 Wonderful bloggs both of you. 🙂

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    I’m already a following both on FB!

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    Paula Chapman

    I already follow Colette Patterns on Facebook and now I’ve found you too thanks to this competition. I would LOVE to win this book. I’ve just started sewing again after having to work 2 and 3 jobs at a time to support my 3 daughters and myself while they were growing up. I just got a new sewing machine and am learning to sew all over again. I have soo much to learn and this book would be a Godsend to help me make more professional looking clothes. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win this great book!!

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    Paula Chapman

    My email is surfin4god@gmail.com

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    I follow both on facebook 🙂 I’ve just started sewing (two months in!) and I’m currently working on the patterns in the Colette sewing handbook.. really liking it so far! I’m still really afraid of knits (my seams get all wavy even when i try to tweak the differential) so the book might be useful in getting me over my fears. Thanks for the giveaway! julianne.toh@gmail.com

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    Amanda Renea

    I follow you on facebook!

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    Amanda Renea

    I also follow colette on facebook! Love you guys!

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    Amy H

    Liked you, and I was already a FB follower of Colette. I’m a little bit scared of knits (still kind of a beginner), and would love the book! Email: ahamrick1@gmail.com

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    I now like you both on facebook – thanks for the giveaway! p.haley.minor@gmail.com

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    Sarah O

    I liked Madalynne on Facebook


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    Sarah O

    I liked Colette on Facebook

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    I follow both on facebook. Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve just recently started sewing with knits and would love to own the book.

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    I liked both of you!
    pricklypearcactuscandy AT comcast DOT net

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    I’ve liked both of you (and so ashamed I didn’t do this before!)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

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    I’ve been following you on FB, and am on the email list for Colette. Figured, why not follow Colette on FB too (never thought about it before!).

    spittlebug29 at gmail

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    Katie Ojeda Stewart

    I like you and had already liked Colette on FB. I’m so excited for Colette’s venture into knits and can’t wait to try the new patterns and education out on my home sewing machine. : ) email is katie (DOT) ojeda (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Thank you!

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    Cheryl Brunke

    I have “Liked” you and Colette on FB. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Sondra Richter

    Have joined you on Facebook! Liked Colette long ago. Glad to know you! sondra@richterfamily.ca

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    Sylvie Epperson

    I am a fan of Colette Patterns on Facebook. 🙂

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    Sylvie Epperson

    Oops I’m a fan of Colette Patterns on Facebook AND sylvie.suzanne at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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    Liked both of you on Facebook. I should have before now! Thanks.

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    I like both Madalynne and Colette Patterns on Facebook. Thanks to both of you for always informative content!

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    I just liked you both on Facebook, wish me luck!

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    I like you both on FB (which, since I actually like you both, is pretty great!). mary.davenport.davis@gmail.com.

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    classy chameleon

    FB is how I know of you both!

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    Leisa Zoeller

    I already ‘liked’ collette patterns but Im so glad I now found YOU too. Have ‘liked’ you and look forward to your updates in my feed! Ooh and thank you for the giveaway too. leisa@moonshinedesign.com.au

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