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Madalynne Company Car

If Madalynne were ever to have a company car, this would be it – a VW Camper Van a la 1960s or 1970s.  Mint green, lavender, highlighter yellow, or some other ridiculous color, Vicky (that’s what I would name her) would be a sewing studio on wheels. Set up in the cabin behind the drivers’ and passengers’ seat would be a sewing machine and an overlock machine. All sewing supplies would be stored in Vicky’s plentiful cargo space and she would even be equipped with a fold-out ironing board. I would spend not just Sunday wasting the day away sewing but every day. Monday through Sunday, I would cruise from house to house giving sewing lessons and delivering patterns (self made and commercial) and other sewing notions to crafters in desperate need.

Okay, my last paragraph is a little flamboyant but the car is cool. I’ve always known about the “hippie” car but it became a source of inspiration when I discovered a London based company called Snail Trail that rents VW Camper Vans for special occasions. A wannabe maven of cars, I researched its history. Did you know that it was originally a “parts-mover” or “transporter” of VW Beetle’s in Volkswagen factories during the 1940s? Yes! A man by the name of Ben Pon saw the “parts mover” and thought it would be a good idea to make a hybrid car of the Beetle and a van. A few short years later, the first Camper Van was introduced as the modern horse and cart. Within the first five years, the Camper Van was used in various industries – as ice cream trucks, delivery vans, police cars, ambulances, etc. It wasn’t until 1949 that the modern Camper Van, the Type 2, was created. It had a split, or two paneled front window, double doors on the side of the vehicle, and a cabin in the rear. It was produced for 18 years as was the iconic “hippie” car. Neat, right?



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    Ack, I just sold my VW van! But it wasn’t a camper, just an open layout inside the van. It was crazy loud, had been in an accident previously that smushed the front, topped out at 60mph, had no heating or AC, and was basically impossible to street park in NYC! We had tons of fun with Gus the Bus, but we felt better selling him to a VW enthusiast in NJ who would have him out on the open road more! Maybe someday we’ll be able to get another!

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      Ughhh, I totally would have bought it from you! I have a lot of cars on my dream car list and this was one of them. From how you described Gus the bus, I’m sure you’ll end up getting another one someday.

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    i LOVE this story and want every part of it to be true. please include my house (wherever it may be) on your list of frequent stops.

    i had the same love for a car, my tank:

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      Oona… I loved reading your story! Your tank and you made a perfect match. I know that one day, I will have my own tank just like you and I will keep her until her “heart stops ticking” 🙂

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    too cute – vicky is adorable and I wish you luck in procuring her!

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      I will get her one day! Yes I will!

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    Awesome! I love your style

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    I LOVE CAMPERS!! I have been not-so-secretly pining for one since I saw them trick one out on Pimp My Ride. I periodically check to see if they’re for sale even though I: a. don’t have a license and b. cannot drive.

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      You’re like me! I stalk Ebay’s motor page looking at vintage cars for sale and this is one of them!

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    aww, campers are just too much fun! especially when they look like this!!!!
    and i love that they are the “hippie” car 😉
    xo TJ

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    Vicky is a cool car name. People do the greatest things with these vans. I can usually tell one is coming from a distance–a distinctive motor! (I have a Beetle.)

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    This is often a wonderful weblog, would you be interested in doing an interview concerning just how you developed it? If so e-mail myself!

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    Sally Ann

    Oh I’d love to have a VW bus! And the bus that expands! Have you see this one?! ::

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      Now I have! These cars (vintage cars) have serious character. Like I said in my comment on your post, I’m SUPER jealous of your renovation.

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