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What i Made: Watson Bra

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I made a Watson Bra. It seems like everyone and their mother’s have made a Watson, so I hopped on that sewing train and rode it to bra heaven. Like everyone else who has reviewed the pattern, I am a convert. Amy, you are a sewing God for creating this beautiful pattern. Bra magic! Inspired by the 1970s, this pattern closely resembles one of my favorite lingerie company’s signature piece. Wherever and whomever the pattern was inspired by, it is just like Anne expressed – the real deal. It offers a modern bra pattern that any sewer can whip up. Most amazing is how flattering it is for a wide range of body shapes. Tiny, skinny, medium, or large – everyone looks so damn good! The instructions don’t hold your hand. Amy tells you what to do and then supplements with what she did. So, she says to attach the elastic using a zigzag stitch, but doesn’t instruct you to use a particular width or length. I like that because stitch width and length is machine dependent as well as dependent on the width of elastic, which I’m sure many sewers will change to their own liking. The pattern is cleverly drafted so that for most sizes, you only have to print out the pages of your size set. For my size, 32A, I printed out less than 10 pages, including instruction. Construction was straight forward. With no changes to the pattern, the fit was spot on too. The fabric was the same stretch lace I used on Amber Rosalind. As opposed to that bra, I used a micro mesh for the lining instead of a powernet (I lined all pieces). The power net provides a lot more support in comparison to the micro mesh. Although…

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Living A Semi-Handmade Holiday: Part 3

And the handmade saga continues. Today is part dos of Sara and Ashley’s first me-made skirt (click here for part one). In a recent interview (stay tuned!), the subject, who is the owner of a local sewing shop and teaches on the regular, and I talked about the best part of teaching. We both agreed that the moment a student’s face lights up after finishing a project is hands down the best part. Sara and Ashley weren’t/aren’t my regular students. Because I am around them all the time and they have become my friends, I have a closer connection to the girls than other people I teach. So when I saw Sara in her skirt the night of our company’s holiday party, I was so proud of her. I felt like a mother seeing her daughter on stage performing. “Did you see what Sara made…? did you see what Sara made…?”- I wanted to brag about her to everyone. The project was at its most basic, and while some might argue that I should have used a pattern or taught how to make a skirt a more formal way, my only intention was to get their feet wet. I admit, I walked them through many of the steps, but that is because every seasoned seamstress knows that usually, first projects aren’t wearable. I can definitely attest to that statement! So, if I took over most of the sewing, but let them do the easier steps, I predicted that they would be able to wear their skirts without shame or fashion bloopers. My predictions were right, both ladies loved making their skirts, and we already have plans to sew Katy & Laney’s Geometric Top come spring. At that time, I’ll teach them the “proper way” by walking them through how to…

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Living A Semi-Handmade Holiday: Teaching Sewing

I glory in most of Christmas’ excesses – an overabundance of gold accessories and garments, eggnog and peppermint induced happiness, Bing Crosby caroling and lighting schemes that seem to defy gravity. But when it comes to crafting gifts, I admitted last week that I conceded defeat to handmade gifts when the pace of December got out of control and only sewed my holiday outfit(s). Don’t get me wrong, I a big fan of the handmade. Hand crafted gifts are personal and pretty much always guarantee a heartfelt response from both the receiver and the giver. But up until this year, I shied away from it. This year, I’m different, and rather than add to the glut of perishables, I searched for gifts that would last beyond holiday 2015. Gifts can come in many forms. They can be tangible and they can be not. Knowledge is one of those non tangible gifts and for two ladies I work with, this was my gift to them. Sara, Ashley and I have talked about having a crafting night since early summer, scouring Groupon for the perfect deal. It took a while for the light bulb to go on and for me to suggest that our craft night be a sewing night. Sometimes, I’m such an oaf. Our company hosts a holiday party that everyone dresses to the nines for, and we decided to use the event as an opportunity to finally have a craft/sewing night. Because both ladies have limited sewing experience, we kept the project simple – a shirred maxi skirt. Using 4-ply silk from Mood Fabrics, their skirts are literally 2 rectangles shirred and sewn together (one rectangle for the waistband and one rectangle for the skirt). No pockets or linings to keep in basic and cut on the cross grain for yield.…

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Sewing-Inspired Gift Wrap

There’s nothing as bah humbug as receiving a horribly wrapped gift. Even worse is receiving a present that is packaged the same way it left the store, which is the way my brothers usually do it. James and Gerrit, did I teach you nothing? I love finding the perfect gift for someone, especially if it involves some sort of sneaky, recon mission, and then wrapping it in coordinating paper, bows and other stringy, glittery things. But for my gifts to sewers, how to cover the box or the envelope has always been slightly tricky. I’ve tried using fabric, but it looks beck-homecky. This year, my sewing-related gifts will be present perfect, thanks to sewing-inspired gift wrap I added to my shop on Available in both satin and matte rolls that measure 26” x 72”, it’s a pretty good deal at $13.50 each. Yes, it’s more expensive than the Hallmark variety, but does Hallmark carry this kind of uniqueness? So, if you will be gifting a sewer this season, step up your wrap game and click here to see all the pretty papers. While you’re at it, check out Rochelle’s gift wrap too! Please note that it takes approximately 10-12 calendar days to print/produce an order. Rush shipping is available if the deadline is tight. Can be shipped internationally.

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