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Sustainability in Sewing

Hi everyone! I’m Anna from Finland and I’m a recent entrepreneur. I run my own small business of sustainable fashion (RAILOclothing), portrait photography and content writing. I’m so happy Maddie chose me as one of her guest bloggers – this is a great way of telling you about sustainability in sewing, which has been a

What I Made: Nellie Warner (Nina Warner Part Deux)

I’m still in a stage where I’m making as many bra styles before finding my own. I’ve even created a Pinterest board… because who doesn’t love pretending you have more time than you actually have to make a perfectly curated lingerie wardrobe? With each bra, I’m refining the silhouettes, the level of support, the type of fabrics and

The Difference Between a Full and Partial Band Bra + How To Convert

I’ve sewn mostly full band bras, but I’m currently experimenting with a partial band style. The project has me going back to two posts I wrote about the difference between a partial band and a full band bra. I’ve learned a lot since, and there are some updates I’d like to make to that post. First is

Madalynne Update

Outside of sewing lingerie (did you see Nina Warner? Love!), I have been working on many exciting projects. There are new things coming soon, so to give you a sneak peek, I’m sharing a few below. Stay tuned! Bra Making with Madalynne: Mark your calendars! Summer 2015 will hopefully bring 2 more bra workshops! In