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Disparate Disciple Pattern Release + Giveaway


The fact that the sewing and blogging worlds are filled with people who come from different backgrounds, continents, professions, and histories is not new or something I haven’t talked about. With our busy and varied lives, it’s hard to develop a wardrobe that suits all our needs. In this day and age, we all needs clothes that function just as well as their looks. We want to dress well, but we also want to be able to move around and not feel constrained. Lucky for you, Mari, the owner of Disparate Disparate Disciplines Sewing Patterns, is giving everyone just what weneed – a garment that can be worn on the go. Here today to talk about the pattern and it’s development is Mari and at the end, she’ll be giving away one of her patterns!

Hi everyone! My name is Mari and I run Disparate Disciplines Sewing Patterns. It’s a new indie pattern company that launched this year.

The first thing you’re probably wondering is why did I pick that name. It describes how I think about sewing bloggers & wardrobes. We all come from such different (or disparate if you will) backgrounds. Not only do we hold very different jobs, we live in all different parts of the world with different customs & religions. Sewing is the thing that brings us together.

As for wardrobes, I love history. It seems like never before have people taken on such disparate roles; for example; being a mother, scientist, runner, and sewist all in one. Not too long ago it was near impossible to be all those things at once. Yet in our modern lives we can run around doing very different things. Sometimes it seems like we need entirely separate wardrobes for the varied roles we take on.

That’s where Disparate Disciplines steps in, designing modern wardrobes for our busy lives.

My first collection is the ‘Date Night Wardrobe’. With the help and generosity of a lot of fellow sewists I was able to partially fund my first wardrobe through a Kickstarter campaign. Boy was it a learning experience! Like with many new businesses, things went awry, which made me late in getting out some of the patterns.

The pattern that gave me the most trouble and delay turned out to be one of the ones I’m most proud of, the Dandelion Dress & Top. Things seemed to be going well at first: it was cute on me, quick and easy to make, yet had seaming details to give it some interest. I make it a point to try each revision of the patterns on multiple fit models. The problem was that the pattern looked good on me, but not on other people. There’s no point in selling a pattern if it only looks good on my particular body type. So my original design had to be scrapped. This put me months behind in getting the pattern out.

Luckily, I work with a very talented & experienced pattern maker, Betsy of Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick (the same Betsy who wrote that informative guest post on this blog about petite adjustments). Betsy helped me re-imagine the pattern and go through many, many, many revisions. I figured if the pattern was going to be late, it should at least fit well.

Finally, after months of revisions, the pattern was ready to be sent off to testers. It fit most of them with few to no adjustments! Of course, like every other sewing pattern out there it’s not magical; it can’t fit everyone right out of the envelope. But those dozen plus muslins (I stopped counting) paid off. The pattern looked good on a range of figures and was a much more interesting design.

When I look back on the whole experience, it’s easy to get bogged down and disappointed in myself for not finishing everything on time. It’s easy to feel like a failure. Of course, the real failure would have been in releasing a bad pattern. Instead, I look at it as a big success because I persevered & released a pattern that will make people feel good when they wear it.

After a lengthy development phase I’m proud to present to you the Dandelion Dress & Top. It’s made for women on the go, who want to toss something on before they run out the door but still want to look put together and feel pretty. It’s designed to be fitted at the back yet semi-fitted at the front. This gives you a flattering garment that shows off your figure while leaving you room to comfortably move about & eat.

This pattern also gives you bang for your buck because it can be sewn up six different ways: as a dress or top with a scoop neck, sweetheart neckline, or as a yoked tank.

If you’d like to see how this pattern looks on other sewing bloggers, check out the lovely ladies who took part in my blog hop.

Thanks everyone for reading and thanks Maddie for hosting this giveaway!

Did you hear that? Mari is giving away a free Dandelion pattern. To enter, follow Disparate Disciple and Madalynne on Bloglovin and leave a comment saying you did so as well as your contact information. And it’s okay if you already follow us on Bloglovin’ – just tell us so! The contest will close on Thursday, September 26th, where a winner will be chosen, notified, and featured shortly after. Contest is open internationally.

Also, use the code iheartmadalynne to receive 10% off the Dandelion Dress & Top pattern – good until 10/3/13

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    Alexandra Cuckoo

    Wow, I didn’t even know about Disparate Disciplines before this, but I’m definitely following now! Love these patterns! (I already follow you on Bloglovin!)

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    Melanie RG

    I follow both of you on Bloglovin already! I love this pattern and it is high up in the queue for purchase.

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    Johanna L. Imhoff

    I follow both blogs on Bloglovin! Looks like a great pattern!

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    Carlee McTavish

    I already followed you and now I am following Disparate Disciple on Bloglovin. The pattern looks fab! It’s so great to see so many indie pattern designers making such great headway!

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    I follow both blogs on Bloglovin! The pattern looks great and I’ve seen some beautiful versions popping up.

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    I love the style lines on this pattern, it was worth the extra work! I follow you both on Bloglovin. Thanks for a great giveaway.

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    I thought was following you both, but I am now! I love the style lines on this pattern, it was worth all the effort.

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    Suzie W

    I already follow you and have just started following DD. Like the versatility of this pattern, and have also now added the Avocado hoodie to my shopping list 🙂

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    I follow both! But if the contest closes Monday the 16th, is that a typo?

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    Louise Zandstra

    I followed you both on Bloglovin – was already following on feedly instead – i love all the pattersn from Mari so far and would love to try the dandelion dress!
    I am at louise (at) fate 16 dotcom

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    I already follow both of you on Bloglovin, and I loved this pattern (I bought the Avocado Hoddie, but didn’t have time to sew it yet, and now it’s almost summer in here…) Thanks for the giveway!

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    Count me out the giveaway as I am one of those lucky pattern testers mentioned!! I just wanted to chime in to say that Mari’s hard work paid off. This top, and its dreamlike fit, made me feel like a super genius while sewing and a rock star while wearing!!

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    I already follow you and have just started following DD. I had seen the Avocado hoodie pattern before, but I really like the Dandelion dress. I would love to try out this new pattern. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. (desederas at aol. com)

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    Lisa Polderman

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I already follow you and Mari on Bloglovin’ and I am so excited for Mari’s new company. I’m so glad she persevered with this pattern – I’m excited to give it a try!

  15. Reply

    Lola Del Rey

    followed both! cant wait to find out who the winner is

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    Mary M

    I follow both already. I’m curious about the Mari’s designs. I just downloaded the yellow tail camisole to check it out. 🙂 count me in for this one- skant costume for sure!

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    AZ Barbara

    Was already following Madalynne and added DisparateDisciplines. 🙂

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    I’m currently making a pair of Avocado hoodies for my husband and I, and I’d love to try out another of Mari’s patterns. Thanks for the chance! PS I’m already following you both!

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    I am loving this blog, its been really helpfull 🙂

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    Already follow both and am going to participate in the Yellow Tail Sew Along!

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    I follow you both on Feedly and Bloglovin. Looking forward to trying a pattern.

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    Hi there! I already do that!

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    Megan O

    Hi, I follow both on Feedly. I hope that counts! http://www.meggipeg.com

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    Iris Forstenlechner

    Hello 🙂 I follow and I would love to try the pattern as it looks practical but still gorgeous

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    Already follow you both, and I’m loving all the Dandelions ive seen! Ginaweaver at yahoo.com

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    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful pattern! Following you both on bloglovin..

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    love love love! After not sewing for a few years when my schedule flip flopped into working nights, I’m happily getting back into sewing my own clothing. This would be an excellent piece to add to my work wardrobe!

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