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Dress Update

I did it! I finally sewed and fit the 2nd fit of my dress (for newbies, click here and here to see how this project started and progressed)! A few pricked fingers, broken needles, and late nights couldn’t stop this gal from finishing on schedule. On schedule I am but I was also on point. Only a few minor alterations are needed. I decided to eliminate the pleat furthest from CF to simplify the design. There is a lot of fullness in this dress and eliminating this pleat will prevent me from looking like I’m drowning in it. Also, because the skirt is on the bias, it is stretching in some spots and not other, making it a wonky hem. A simple leveling will correct this.

So what do you think? I’m oh-so-very excited to correct the pattern, buy the fabric, and get started on the final dress!


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    I think you’re right about eliminating the outer pleat. Are you going to add the contrasting band to the hem, like the original? That’s my favorite part of the whole dress. šŸ™‚

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      Of course I’m keeping the band. Its my favorite part too! I eliminated the band from my fit samples to make sure the fit was correct. It’s a cinch to add that back in.

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    It’s looking great, but I agree about the elimination of that pleat ā€“ that will make it even greater. What are you using for muslin? Surely not regular muslin fabric because it looks deliciously drapey, something muslin fabric never does. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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      Deliciously drapey! That is some fabulous alliteration! I will have to steal that from you one day šŸ™‚

      No, it’s not muslin. Because this is a drapey style, I bought cheap fabric similar in hand to the fabric I will use for the dress (4 ply silk).

      And I too am excited about the finished dress.

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    It’s a flatering style for you.. gives you some meat!

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    Love, Carrie

    The design is so lovely on you…..I’m excited to see you in the final dress <3

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    Looking good! I agree, losing the outer pleat will help to show off your lovely figure! This is going to be gorgeous!

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    I would love to see a swatch of your fabric…plase add to your site….will the belt be self or contrast? what are you thnking for accessories? shoes? spill!

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      Geeze! What with all the questions lady! How can I add a swatch to my site? A swatch is something you feel and don’t touch. The dress will be charcoal grey and the belt and bottom band will be a light pink. Splendid, right? Oh and for shoes, I’ll wear sandals. Nice sandals that is.

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