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Dress Update

Just an update on my dress.

All pattern pieces are corrected! I spent the a good portion of last weekend with rulers, tape, measuring tape, and scissors. Oh, and lots and lots of movies and music. Now I’m ready to buy the fabric (4 ply silk) and start sewing the final dress. Exciting (and expensive)!

If you’re just joining me, click here to see where the project started, click here to see the 1st fit, and click here to see the second fit.


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    Fell bettere and get lots of rest!1 Miss you! KK

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      Thanks Kathy! We really are like peas and carrots!

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    Expensive? Yes, but also lovely!

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      So worth the money! I don’t care if I have to eat ramen noodles and PB&J for a month!

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    this dress is going to be so gorgeous – i can’t wait to see it! good luck!

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      I can’t wait to sew it and see it. You must think I’m the slowest sewer in the world but each project of mine takes such a long time because I draft and fit the pattern before I start sewing the real garment. But the extra time is worth it as my execution in the end is perfecto!

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