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Dress Update

I bought the fabric!

Last weekend, I went to fabric row, a strip of fabric stores in Philadelphia and a short trip from my apartment, to buy the fabric for my dress (click here to see). I knew exactly what fabric I wanted (4 ply silk) and in exactly what color (charcoal grey). Everything was decided and I was sure fabric row would not let me down. Boy, did it let me down. Big time. After dawdling through store after store, I found nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. The one store that sold 4-ply only had it in white and white was a definite no-no. Showing up to a wedding in a white dress, especially a wedding of a good friend of mine, would be the ultimate sin. A very big faux-paus for sure. I considered changing my plan, opting for a print or a poly crepe, but I couldn’t deviate. I had spent months figuring out the perfect fabric and the perfect color. I had to stick to my plan. As a last resort, I went to a fabric warehouse store, Jomar’s. I hesitated buying fabric from Jomar’s for two reasons. One because the content and the quality of fabric that is stacked and shoved into the second floor of this warehouse is many timesdubious. Two because shopping for fabric in a warehouse isn’t as enjoyable as shopping for fabric on kitchsy fabric row. To my surprise, I found the perfect fabric. It was better than perfect. I embarrassingly admit that I don’t know the quality of the fabric (that’s what you get when you shop at Jomar’s), meaning I will have to use extra caution when sewing and ironing. But who cares? The fabric looks amazing! It’s a double-sided fabric. The face side has a hand similar to 4 ply silk while the wrong side has a hand similar to silk charmuese. The face side is charcoal grey and has a slight golden sheen and the wrong side is champagne. Best of all, because it’s double-sided, the dress will look as if it was lined when it isn’t! Awesome, right? For the belt and bottom band, I bought a fabric, again the content is uncertain, similar in hand to the body fabric but in a pastel turquoise color (think Tiffany’s blue but more pastel).

I am excited to cut the fabric and begin sewing. You must wish me luck this weekend as I cut with utmost precision and begin sewing with even more meticulous precision.

I know what you all are thinking… this girl is the slowest sewer in the word! I apologize that it has taken me so long to finish this project but I draft and fit all my patterns, which makes the duration of this project much longer than one in which I buy a pattern. Plus, I am in the midst of setting up my very own online pattern store (yay!). Yes, soon I will be selling my own patterns online (yay again!). Oh, and I have a full-time job, 45 plus hours a week. Plus, I blog like it’s an addiction. But it’s what I love to do. It’s my raison d’etre.

Lastly and for some eye candy, here are some photos from Saturday…


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    Beautiful fabric!
    Congratulations on releasing your own pattern line! I’m excited to see your designs.

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      Thanks Liz. It’s a lot of work but I’m so proud of what I’m doing!

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    1. You are not the slowest sewer; that would be me.
    2. As I read the part about the fabric stores letting you down, I felt your pain. The other day, all I wanted was a navy jersey fabric for a dress. NO ONE HAD IT.
    3. When you finish the lessons on making a basic block pattern, would you do a few entries on how you choose color? In five lifetimes, I would not have put those two colors together but they are wonderful.

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      You are too sweet! I have to admit that even though it takes me what seems like eons to finish a project, I enjoy the process. I live a very chaotic life – with lots of deadlines, dates, etc – and taking my time on anything is somewhat cathartic, don’t you think?

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    That fabric is gorgeous! I am utterly shocked that you found it at Jomar. I went to their store in the Northeast and left frustrated and have never been back since. I’m excited to see your patterns!

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      I was stunned I found such a great fabric too!I feel that with Jomar’s, it’s a hit or miss. This time, it was a hit. I lucked out majorly.

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    Sewing Princess

    I love the fabric and color combo! Very sweet socks too. Now I am all curious about your patterns…good luck with the launch. You should know that I am now even more curious about the Fabric Row :o)
    …if you want to start a contest on the slowest seamstress I am up for it! You’re not alone

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      Fabric row is just amazing. Vintage fabrics, cheap fabrics, home fabrics, it’s all there! You must go if you ever make the trek to Philly.

      An slow and steady wins the race! That’s what I tell myself to rationalize my slowness. It works half the time 🙂

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    I can’t wait to see your patterns!! So exciting!!
    The fabric is beautiful, I can’t wait to see the dress – take as much time as you need – it will be amazing!

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    I love those pictures. Shopping for fabric sounds like a lot of fun, especially when you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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      Del, so great to see your comments again!

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    Sara/Matchbox Kitchen

    I love the fabric you chose. Looking forward to seeing the final outcome!

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      Me too. Slow and steady wins the race!

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    They are all very beautiful. Can’t wait for the final outcome!

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      Me too. You have no idea…

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    Yay, this fabric is gorgeous! Your dress is going to be amazing! Don’t feel bad for sewing slowly– you want this to be perfect, so it’s definitely worth taking your time and doing things correctly.

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      Thanks darling. I have plenty of time so I’m not worried (yet).

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    I work at a fabric “warehouse” like store in Sinking Spring, PA (www.fabricmartfabrics.com)
    I would recommend before sewing or ironing to take a swatch and do a burn text to find out the fabric contents so you know how to treat the fabric. Fabric warehouses are great as long as you are not looking for anything specific.

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      Katie, thanks for the tip and letting me know about Fabrics Mark. It sounds like we are neighbors!

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    All that fabric!!!!!! Looks dreamy 🙂

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      Oh is it dreamy…

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    Ooh, looking forward to the patterns 🙂 As someone who is extremely slow, and yet is sewing from patterns, I say you’ve got to be faster than me 🙂

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