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Dressmaker’s Studio: An Affordable Online Apprenticeship

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and gearing up for Christmas this Saturday. I’m in Florida enjoying the heat and time with my family. I am popping in today to tell you about a cool affordable online dressmaking apprenticeship that is being launched by a fellow Philadelphia and Drexel University professor. Sally Seligman is the woman behind Dressmaker’s Studio, and her team reached out to me last week to get the word out about her Kickstarter campaign, which only has a few weeks left to make it happen!

Dressmaker’s Studio is an online apprenticeship in the lost art of dressmaking. Unlike other courses, it doesn’t just teach one or two techniques, but is comprehensive and organized in the traditional manner of an apprenticeship. Students will learn to pattern, fit, and cut and sew to couture standards using custom slopes, not commercial patterns. All videos will be hosted on Vimeo for a low, monthly subscription of $15, with substantial discounts for six month and one year apprenticeships. Once the initial series is complete, Dressmaker’s Studio will explore speciality garments such as gowns, classic shirts, vintage style, lingerie, jeans, active wear and more.

It is Sally’s goal to be the most extensive online dressmaking course, but like any dream, it requires funding. So, while you’re wrapping your presents and baking your cookies, take a moment to check out their Kickstarter campaign. If it interests you, or if you want to sign up, show your support so that Sally can bring this one-of-a-kind class to home sewists everywhere.


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    Kayla Marie Herrell

    Oh my goodness! This is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for. All the sewing shops in my town teach is quilting or how to sew aprons and pajamas and while that’s a great start I really wanted to learn how to make professional clothing. I’ve even looked into collage courses but that’s way too expensive so I’ve just been teaching myself one pattern at a time. But a class like this would be amazing. Thank you so much for share information this

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    Kimberly Hamm

    We’re lucky in Philly to have a lot of great in-person resources for garment sewing, but this is fantastic! Totally made a pledge, and am looking forward to (finally) figuring out how to make a sloper!

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      We are pretty lucky to live in a city where sewing is still alive. AND we have NYC a short bus ride/road trip away.

      And just saying… I teach slower classes 🙂

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    This sounds great! I would love to contribute but unfortunately I can’t right now. But I pinned it to my pinterest board to help spread the word.

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      Much appreciated!

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    Cynthia Padilla

    How do I sign up? Please let me know.

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      As of right now, Sally is trying to get funding so that the class can be available.

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    Olamide ojo

    Am in Africa, can I join the online sewing class? I konw it is not expensive.

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      As far as I know, you would be able to. Right now, Sally is trying to get funding for the class.

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    Kenya Yopp

    I’m SO in! Thanks for the info!

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    What a shame Sally did not get enough to fund this project, does anyone know what her next steps are to get this course up and running.

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