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Easter Basket

It seems like yesterday Santa was stuffing my stocking with knick knacks, tchotchkes, and lots and lots of other wonderful nothings and somethings. Close to three months has past. Temperatures have warmed, flowers have bloomed, and my short sundresses have been worn like they’re going out of style. Since I know every single one of you is a believer in Santa, the Tooth fairy, and Quailman (Doug Funny? Nickelodeon? Click here if you have no idea what or who I’m talking about), April’s arrival means one thing, the Easter Bunny is coming. I know he will stock my basket with only the good stuff but let’s play pretend – if I were the Easter Bunny, this is what I would get me.
Isn’t it all sorts of spectacular?

1. Elysium wrap 2. Rustic Love Necklace 3. AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie 4. Baby Bow Post Earrings 5. Button Cluster Rubber Stamp 6. Blown Glass Terrarium


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    Sara/Matchbox Kitchen

    Ooh, I like those polka dotted pants! Unfortunately low rise jeans aren’t so flattering on me.

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      I agree that skinny jeans are not comfortable, but I might make the sacrifice for a pair of polka dot ones!

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    Love those earrings, so very cute and perfect for spring!

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    So cute! I like the earrings, too!

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      I’m so ready for spring and all the pastels that go along with it…

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    oohhh… you’re easter bunny is so rad! can he come to my house too??! i am obsessed with stamps… it’s a carry over from the 12 year old me that wanted to make all my own stationary. the that little necklace? too cute. thanks for sharing!

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      I will surely tell him to stop by your house after mine 🙂

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    Reana Louise

    This is possibly the most delicious post. Ever.

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      Delicious post? I love that! I’m totally going to steal that from you..

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        Reana Louise

        Steal away! 🙂

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