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Everyday Lingerie: Madalynne Intimates Styled Shoot

bralette lingerie for women

The first Madalynne styled shoot introduces you to one of my favorite ladies, Nicole Boychuck. The blogger behind Wandress World, she was my first muse when designing the Nina set. Sure, we’re all inspired by our mothers, Jackie O, Megyn Kelly, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Audrey Tatou, Carey Mulligan, Hillary Clinton, but its the women in my everyday world that inspire my designs. Hovering just above 5 feet, her cuteness belies an underlying grit, and this compelling combination is what caught my eye. She is the first ‘model’ for an ongoing series, The Madalynne Girl, portraying a wide range of women who wear Madalynne lingerie. Big busted, small chested, curly hair, straight hair, short torso, long legs, innies, outies, freckles, birth marks, tattoos, body piercings, students, veterans, mothers, and more. This Madalynne Girl is a contemporary woman who appreciates garments that cater to her uniqueness while keeping great quality, cut and affordability. She likes a purity of design, understated textures and patterns and a natural palette. She keeps busy and pushes herself to her best capacities. She loves Mapplethorpe as much as Avedon and Hepburn as much as Shatner. Most important, she is a testament and an example of females who are different than the standard definition of our gender.

Stay tuned later this week to learn more about Nicole. She really is such a cool chick and you’ll learn what she does on a day-to-day basis, her first bra experience and what she’s learned from lingerie.

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    Regan Louise

    I know you are just starting out, and therefore may have less room to experiment/risk, but I would love to see the Madalynne Woman become diverse in terms of background and experiences. It would be awesome to see women of all types and colors included, to really see how this enhances *everyone’s* beauty.

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      In the works ; )

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