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A ‘Continental’ Bra Making with Madalynne Workshop


Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox… Last Saturday was the 16th Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. Sixteen, woot woot! It was a ‘Continental’ Class with folks traveling from Virginia, Florida, Texas and California to attend. I’m blushing 🙂 Stepping off my soap box now… At the beginning of the day, students are usually quiet.

Review: Collins All-Purpose Sewers Aid


The most annoying thing in the world – skipped stitches. Also, thread that breaks mid sewing. Grrr! One of my students at the London workshop, Shiona, said she discovered a miracle in a (little) bottle – Collins All-Purpose Sewers Aid. A clear, non-staining lubricant, a drop on the needle, bobbin or thread eliminates skipped stitching. Used mostly for embroidery, it can also be used for garment and lingerie sewing.

I had to give it a try. I placed an order on Amazon (no affiliate links are used in this post) and have been using it for about a week. Not enough time to give a legit review, but I thought I would share and ask if you used it. If so, what did you think?

Lace Fabric Giveaway

lace fabric

I was sorting through fabric recently, and came across these two laces. One is a peach, stretch galloon lace that is 6” and the other is a lilac stretch galloon lace,also 6” wide. I bought both from Bra Makers Supply for a project, and used much less fabric than I intended. Since I am mostly a white, black or nude type of gal, these won’t have any use. So, to open up some space in my house and to celebrate Bra Making Forum reaching 2,000 members last week (haven’t heard about it? Click here to read more about the Facebook group!), I’m giving it away. There is about 7 yards of each – so a real steal if you win! All you have to follow Madalynne on Instagram or sign up for my newsletter. Either or is fine, and it’s okay if you already are following me on one of the platforms. Once you do, tell me your method of entry in the comments below. Giveaway opens immediately and closes on Friday, January 29th. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!

What I Made: Holly


By now, you probably think that I don’t wear clothing, that I prance around in my skivvies all day long. Grocery shop wearing Allegra, attend work meeting wearing Sierra. Well, I’m here today to break that assumption, if that was your assumption. I do wear clothes! Multi-colored trumpet skirts! Sequins.every.damn.day…

Although this skirt is an occasion piece, I think it is not super trendy and that I’ll be able to wear it for many holidays/seasons to come. Sequins and sparkles are timeless – just my two cents. Also, because of the color, I can wear it year round. Maybe a spring wedding?

And a trumpet skirt ain’t a trumpet skirt unless you can bust a move in it. I’ll be cuttin’ some rug y’all this New Year’s Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving


This year brought so much change to my life. Change and challenge. Alliteration too! Lol. I felt like I was on a roller coaster – up and down, up and down, up up and down down. I had close-to-melt down moments where I had to remind myself to just hang in there and make it through, and I had moments where I had so much fervor, energy, passion and excitement to push forward. The wild ride of 2015 taught me many things. One, to learn how to stay focused in even the most chaotic times, two, to define exactly what I want both in my personal and my work life, and three, to trust and have faith that everything is happening exactly the way it should. I began 2015 slightly uncertain, and as the end of the year creeps up, I have the most clarity I have ever had. Don’t know how I made it with all my fingers and toes, but I did!

Update: Building A Lingerie Wardrobe

I think the intimates industry as a whole has become more adventurous and fashion-driven and is no longer just about support. Women are also wearing intimates as fashion; I certainly like when my bra shows underneath an oversized tee, blouse or dress. Funny because it wasn’t too many years ago that visible bra straps were a blooper. In high

Sustainability in Sewing

Hi everyone! I’m Anna from Finland and I’m a recent entrepreneur. I run my own small business of sustainable fashion (RAILOclothing), portrait photography and content writing. I’m so happy Maddie chose me as one of her guest bloggers – this is a great way of telling you about sustainability in sewing, which has been a

Create This Look With The Fabric Market

While Maddie is away, I’m going to share another Create This Look with you! Since she’s in Paris, I decided to choose a dress that would continue the Parisian theme. This week was not only inspired by Maddie’s trip, but also inspired by the Be Outside Dress in Delft from ModCloth. I can imagine a beautiful Parisian lady enjoying

Philadelphia Shopping Guide for Sewers + Discounts

I didn’t expect Philadelphia to have a garment district when I moved almost 5 years ago, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out about Fabric Row. Located on 4th street between South Street and Catherine Street, it was a thriving, busy street during the early 20th century where vendors and merchants bought the best fabrics. Even though it’s