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Fashionary: A Fashion Sketchbook Giveaway

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Lately, I’ve had too many irons in the fire. In addition to moving into Madalynne Studios, I’m also moving to a new place. My life is in boxes. I can’t find anything. Little things nettle my nerves. If I have to go through the headache of packing, why not wear heels? That’s the motto I’ve taken. Life at 1-2 inches above ground has silenced my stress. You should try it.

There is a bright side to moving, and that going through my old journals and sketchbooks. Since high school, I always had one in tow, stored either in my backpack or my purse. I write and draw anything and everything in them. There are pages full of words I like and their definitions, torn out and pasted articles from newspapers and magazines, sewing and patternmaking notes, random thoughts, and technical and fashion drawings. Before I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, my drawing abilities were anything but skilled. A fashion figure is nine heads high. I seemed to think it was a stout 4 heads tall. I must have been into midgets then. Who knows? Regardless, I wish that in the beginning, I had known about Fashionary.

The name Fashionary is a hybrid of the word fashion, dictionary and diary, and their sketchbook is useful tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing. Available for both men and women and in A4 and A5 sizes, the first portion of the book provides fashion information such as spec sheets, measurement tools, laundry labels, seams and stitches, and the remaining pages contain figure templates. The templates are barely visible, so you can use the pages as a normal sketchbook if you prefer. Also, the paper is 100 gsm, so the text and drawing won’t go through to the other side. That’s a deal breaker when I buy a notebook.

Their sketchbooks aren’t the only products they sell. The company also offers tape measures that are marked with advanced body measurements, which are based on slim to medium to slim sized figures (EU 38, UK 10, US 6). The purpose? When you don’t have a mannequin, you can easily refer to the body measurements (neck size, shoulder width, waist circumference) on the tape. Another neat product are fold out panels developed for figure and flat sketching in bulk. Folded into 9 accordion pages, the panels can fit into your pocket, but become the largest sketchbook when opened. Talk about effective workflow, people.

Fashionary is offering one Madalynne reader a sketchbook and tape measure. To enter, like Madalynne on Facebook and follow Madalynne on Bloglovin. Then, in the comments below, specify your method of entry and your contact information. If you’re already a follower on either platforms, don’t worry, just tell me so. Contest opens immediately and will close June 2nd, when a winner will be chosen, notified and featured on this blog. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!

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    Just A Hem

    Already following on Both! Would love to win! Journey Hemberger

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    juliana calado

    I don’t use Facebook, but I follow you through Bloglovin.
    I was never able during life to keep a diary. Comes a day that I just let it quiet and never pick it up again.
    But funny, this is the third article i read in the last week that states the pros and even the need of it. I am trying again, started just yesterday. who knows, this time?

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    follow you on Bloglovin’. This looks absolutely wonderful!

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    I’ve been following you on both! I wish I had known about this too! My sketchbooks are filled with sketches for clothing, magazine clippings and the like, but I love the efficiency of this!

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    This looks like such a cool journal! Thanks for the chance to win. And, duh, I already follow you on both. 😉

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    Already follow and like you 🙂 wow they sound great! I entered my email to comment, let me know if you need more contact info.

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    I love the black and white tape measure and the journal looks so cool.
    I already follow you on bloglovin’ and like you on Facebook.

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    Callie R

    I already follow on Facebook! This is the first time I have heard of such a product. Its really cool! I might get one anyway if I don’t win the contest!

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    I already follow you on both 🙂 Currently I’m using a regular notebook and Post-its. Not the most sophisticated methods out there 😀 You can find me at and

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    I live fashionaty! if anyone wants to see inside a bit more I took some pics ! 🙂

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    Natasha Estrada

    Oh I bought several of those a few years ago they are wonderful. I took fashion sketching with Nancy Riegelman who wrote the 9 Heads book and I’ve come to the conclusion that we sketch what we view our body image to be. Why? Well Nancy looks exactly like her sketches. Tall painfully thing and always wearin 6″ heels and she walks like that too.

    My sketches were always fuller with boobs. She would always make them smaller.

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    I’m not on facebook, but I follow you on Bloglovin. I’ve been pondering over a Fashionary notebook for a while as my current sewing notes are somewhat disorganised… a desk draw with bits of paper + an old sketch book – if I can find it! I’ve just moved too!

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    I already follow you on facebook and Bloglovin 🙂 I have a Magma sketchbook which sounds pretty similar but it’s nearly full!!

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    Jessica R

    I follow you on both. I’ve started using a drawing app on my tablet to sketch ideas, but it’s just not the same as real pen and paper!

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    I follow you on both platforms – these notebooks look a great idea, currently I’m using a plain paper, hardcover journal from Asda which is amazing quality for thep rice!

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    Lorna F

    I am following you on both. They have such lovely products 🙂

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    I already follow you on FB! Good luck with all the moving around. I had to move last September and I promised to myself not to do it again in at least five years…

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    Amanda Renea

    I follow you on both!

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    sarah boyd

    Oh I would love to win this, am just starting to think about pattern design for me. I follow on bloglovin and on facebook
    sarah boyd
    sarah_judoka at yahoo dot co dot uk

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    Sophie Crespy

    that looks so useful and pretty at the same time! thank you for the chance to win! I follow you both on FB and bloglovin already!:)

  21. Reply

    Fiona Parker

    I’ve had one of these on my wishlist FOREVER so I’d love a chance to win! I already follow you on Facebook and Bloglovin’

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    Hello! I follow you both ways some time ago. I´ve always wanted a fashionary, but, you know, buying fabrics gets always in my way.

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    I don’t have Facebook, so I just follow you on Bloglovin. I love the fashionary sketchbooks, I’ve already heard so much about them – Still, I never bought one and maybe I won’t have to…? 🙂

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    Charlotte Phillips

    This looks perfect – so useful! I like and follow you on both 🙂

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    Lady ID

    I follow you on BlogLovin already. Not that I need another sketchbook but this one has always looked interesting to me. And the tape measure is such a good idea.

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    Karina Reid

    I follow fashionary on instagram! So interesting to see other peoples ideas and sketches. I follow you already on facebook 🙂

  27. Reply

    Theresa Hill

    I follow you on Facebook and Bloglovin. And I just love your posts. So informative and educational. Not to mention friendly and easy to read!! Thank you and never stop!!! I have been eyeing the Fashionary notebook for sometime now and would love to win one!!

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    Katie Rockliff

    I love the idea of this sketchbook, it’d encourage you to fill it with dream dresses and lovely colours. I follow you on bloglovin now that i’ve caught up with technology.

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    Jennifer, Workroom Social

    I love Fashionary! Without it my sketches would look awful. Your life will get back to normal soon. Excited for your new space!!

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    Already a follower on both platforms. Neat sketchbook! hoopesparkstudios[at]gmail[dot]com

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    Already follow you on both bloglovin and Facebook. What a great amazing sketchbook – it could definitely help me get giant brain jumble of sewing projects in order!

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    Lisa Loperfido

    hi can we be best friends. 🙂 To enter, I followed you everywhere I virtually could. I hope I win because I love sewing and I love your site – it is so helpful and well thought out, I reference it constantly. Cheers!

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    Ooh I love the fashionary products! Thanks for a chance to win them. I follow you on bloglovin and Facebook too. My email is emsewcrazyatyahoodotcom

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    Makes Her Mark

    Oh this is an exciting find! Now I just have to become a better sketcher 🙂
    Makeshermark (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I love my fashionarg and would love to have an extra one to give to my bff! I’ll keep the tape measure myself though 🙂 i follow you on both.. But fb is Kim Meijer

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    Allison Melito

    I already followed you on Bloglovin, but now I do on FB as well.

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    I just started following you on FB… Love your blog

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    I already followed you on both!
    fb name Karin Shaim
    bloglovin name karin

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    Hey! Following you on both.

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    Heather S

    Hi 🙂 I’m following on both platforms!
    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

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    I following you on Facebook 😀

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