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Weekend: Labor Day

posted on 08/29/2014, by

If you live in the U.S. of A., then you will be celebrating Labor Day this Monday. Surprisingly, the holiday has been around longer than your probable hunch. Older than both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it was implemented in 1882, and since then, there’s one major thing that’s changed – the very nature of  Continue Reading »

Fabric Giveaway with The Smuggler’s Daughter

posted on 08/27/2014, by

There’s nothing blasé about florals. From Aussie Sophie to purple-haired Lauren, sewers from all continents have made their own verdant iterations. With so much inspiration, I hope you’re ready to make a flourishing dress or pant of your own and scour for the next garden party or something similar because Susan Liane from The Smuggler’s  Continue Reading »

Bra Making: Alternative Way to Finish a Cross Cup Seam

posted on 08/24/2014, by

In many ready-to-wear bras, there is a bias binding finishing the cross cup seam. Made of tricot, it is both hard to make and hard to source. Believe me, I’ve spent way many hours trying to fold, iron and refold the delicate fabric into the origami-type trim. I’m not one to give up on something,  Continue Reading »

Weekend: Bra Making Series Begins Monday

posted on 08/22/2014, by

For all of the internationally folks who are unable to attend my online bra making class, I have good news for you! Beginning Monday, I will be starting a new series that will cover tips and techniques that I have developed over time. While I will not cover making a bra from start to finish like  Continue Reading »

      Did you hear that I'm teaching an online bra making class? In 1 hour, I walk you through constructing a bra from start to finish, and I'll cover choosing a bra pattern, finding your size, tracing and cutting tips and construction. Click HERE to sign up now! If you can't attend the class, I will be teaching it in person this winter here in Philadelphia; EMAIL ME to be put on the waiting list.


      MORGAN joined the matchy matchy club and made a coordinating set. A little linen ensemble, it's a surefire victory.


      What are your favorite films for inspiration? SARAI and the ladies and Colette Patterns discuss.


      Even though Oonapallooza is over, MARCE is stunning us once again in another spectacular dress. Stop it, you're making us look bad!


      NOVITA inspired me 2 and a 1/2 years ago to get into bra making and she's done it again by constructing a sports bra. Not just any sports bra, but a hot pink sports bra.


      Totally loving KATE'S blouse back tee.


      DEVON is hosting a fabric stash sale on Instagram. How genius of her, right?! Give her leftover fabrics a loving new home @missmake_destash


      I'm not the only one who made a pair of pants recently. RACHEL made the ultimate summer trousers.


      On the subject of pants, KATIE made not one pair, but 3! And she offers a tutorial for how to fix a fly zipper. Now, that's a good blogger and a good seamstress!