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My New Tattoo

I did it again – I got another tattoo. My mom is probably rolling in her grave right now. She hated when I got my belly button pierced in high school and I’m CERTAIN she would not approve my new ink. Sorry mom!

The quote is from The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In chapter 5, it reads:

“Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle.”

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Bra Making With Madalynne Recap

Bra Making with Madalynne 2015 came to a close with a bang. Seriously. The last session went down last weekend with no hiccups, bumps or obstacles. Actually, this was the most seamless workshop yet. Woot woot!

I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned teacher by any means – I’m still a newbie with about a year and a half of experience under my belt – but I’m quickly learning how every class can be different. The students in the February, June and August sessions were very outgoing and talkative. Like they were best friends. This bunch, however, was different.

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Sierra Wrap Bra Round Up

My favorite part of the Sierra sew along was seeing all your versions pop up on Instagram. The different variations were so fun to look at! One woman commented that she was going to add foam cups. Y’all are so smart and creative.

Today, I am sharing just a few of your Sierras. A list of Instagrammers are below so you can connect IG and follow along with their sewing adventures.

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Portrait of a Seamstress: Jovan O’Connor

Sometimes, the reality of fashion doesn’t match up exactly with your dreams. I’ve been there – I’ve dreamt about what it would be like to show a collection – my collection – at fashion week. For one woman, Jovan O’Connor, that dream is becoming a reality. This week, she is showing at New York Fashion week. She received a B.S. in Fashion Design the same year I graduated high school – 2006. While I was just starting my career, she was designing for Patti LaBelle. No, I kid you not. It was during her senior year while studying abroad in Italy that Jovan was commissioned to design a gown for the Philly native. Talk about a tipping point, right? Since then, she’s been growing her brand the best way a designer can, at least in my opinion, by organically building her clientele. This week marks another tipping point for her. By showing at NYFW, she is taking one step closer to being a bonafide designer. TELL US YOUR STORY My name is Jovan O’Connor and I’m a local Philadelphian. I grew up in West Philly. I knew I wanted to be a designer from a very young age, but as far as sewing is concerned, I was disillusioned by the fact that designers should know how to sew. I thought that as a designer, I would mostly sketch, and could pass off my design to someone who could make it for me. So, I didn’t start sewing until I went to college at Philadelphia University. My grandmother was a part of Philadelphia’s once burgeoning manufacturing industry. She was a seamstress and worked for many designers. What’s interesting is that I never saw her sew – by the time I was born she was retired – but I feel as if sewing was passed…

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What I Made: Dakota

First, if you live in the US, I hope you’re having a great Labor Day! I’ll be in the studio today teaching and prepping to shoot a sew-along for this pattern. Oops! I might have let the cat out of the bag… Just like Sierra and Blake, these undies are a copy of a RTW design. To update those who missed those posts, I used to have a thing against buying lingerie from the market. It went against my handmade/sewing motto. That mentality changed when I went to Paris this summer and bought lingerie for the first time in over a year, rubbing off the patterns and copying the techniques. So far, it is helping my skills a lot – I get to experiment with guidance from an actual garment. It’s A LOT easier to copy a design when you have the tangible item in front of you rather than referring to photos. You can also take one half apart to see how it’s sewn and leave the other in tact. That’s assuming you’re not going to wear it. F A B R I C  +  T R I M S Front and back: black and white printed lycra underlined with white stretch mesh, both from Fleishman Fabrics. I used temporary spray adhesive to spray baste the fabrics together prior to cutting. I treated the layers as one going forward. The lycra is a very good quality, but it has 70% stretch, and for underwear, I like that number to be around 40%. The underwear has more “control”. Lining a stretch fabric with another stretch fabric reduces the stretch roughly 20%.  So, by underlining with the stretch mesh, I was able to get the stretch that I wanted. Crotch lining: cotton jersey from Fleishman Fabrics 3/8” firm black elastic for leg opening and front waist from Bra…

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Madalynne Update: Workshops, Collection and More!

As a follow up to my post in March, I am giving another glimpse/overview of what I am working on. Some of the projects turned out to be a total flop while others were and still are a complete hit. It’s normal for plans to fall through, and I want to show you that it’s okay. We ain’t perfect! Bra Making with Madalynne My bra workshops have been a smash hit! I’ve hosted 3 so far this year and there is one more on November 7. With a full time job, it’s difficult for me to commit to projects, but the set up of the workshops suits my schedule very nicely. I prep the weekend/week before, teach that Saturday, rest Sunday and then go back to work on Monday refreshed and not exhausted. Additionally, I have a blast meeting new sewists. I keep in touch with many of them too. With the end of the year creeping up, I’m beginning to plan workshops for 2016. Most likely, there will be between 4-6 sessions. The majority will be held at Madalynne Studios here in Philly, but between 1-2 will be elsewhere… I’m going international. Details are currently being finalized, but if you’ll be in London next May and want to attend (or will make a trip to attend), click here to get access to early registration. Portrait of a Seamstress + madalynne intimates rtw Remember that book I wrote two years ago and still haven’t published? I took a brief sabbatical after I was turned down from every single publisher. They wanted a sewing tutorial book – I wanted to do something different. I picked it up at the beginning of the year and edited it heavily. In May, I began working with Shannon from Little Kids Grow to self publish. I thought 2015 would be the year I finally released it, but…

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