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DIY Bra Pressing Curve Guest Post

Hey bra makers! This week, I guest posted on Amy’s blog, Cloth Habit, and shared a simple tutorial on how to make  a bra pressing curve. Lauren and Carolina were lucky enough to be gifted my extras when they attended my workshop. Hop on over to check out the feature. I hope you enjoy!

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Announcement: I’m a Bernina Ambassador!

I’m psyched to announce that as of last November, I am an ambassador for Bernina USA. What does that mean? Well, for one year, they will loan me a Bernina 560 sewing machine in exchange for regularly contributing to their blog, We All Sew. In each What i Made post, I’ll be featuring tips, tricks and techniques that I used with my Bernina 560 and cross sharing that information on their blog. My interview went live last Monday and my first project post will go up next Monday. This week, I’ll be hosting an Instagram takeover, posting 1 photo a day to their account and discussing where I find inspiration, what I like most about my machine and more. So be sure to follow @BerninaUSA to watch me “gram” it up! Instagram is my jam. With a solid reputation in the sewing world, I feel honored about this partnership. Really honored. Thank you, Bernina!

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Best Sewing Blogs of 2015: The Runoff

When the deadline passed to vote for the best sewing blogs of 2015 and I opened the results, I assumed the winners would be clear cut like last year. Not so! There were hundreds of responses, which resulted in more than 10 winners for each category. I contemplated posting them all, but that would be a burden to read. So, I emailed a few of my best sewing buds and asked them what the best route would be. After one chimed that I should host a run off, the rest confirmed that this was the best option. Sewing friends are the best friends, aren’t they? I said I would unveil the top blogs in early January, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few more weeks! With narrowed results, you can vote for the most inspirational, best mom blog, best pattern maker and more using this form. Contest opens immediately and closes one week from today, January 14th. Even if you’re not into this whole awards thing – because everyone is a winner – I encourage you to submit your picks. It has been a cumbersome effort to round up the “best of the best,” but it’s well worth it because I have discovered a ton of new sewers. I’ll give a holler at some of my new favorites! – What Katie Sews, Girl Like the Sea, Corecouture, Almondrock, Craftiness Is Not Optional, Melly Sews, Myrna Giesbrecht, Groovy Baby and Mama, Fruits Flowers & Clouds, Sew Sweetness, Skirt Fixation, Suzy Bee Sews, Two On Two Off, Fifty Two Fancies and more! Please note that the “over 30″ category was removed due to negative responses. 

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Happy Birthday To Me: It’s My Golden Year!

Golden birthdays are that rare and exciting birthday when the date of your birth matches your age. Yes! Tis true! Tis so very special! Today is the start of my golden year. I was born on December 27 and I turn 27 today. There are so many ways to celebrate a birthday – parties are great, but there are lots of other things I can do to make my day memorable, like wear a golden crown? Or as Carolina referred to it – a tiara. I’m in Florida for my big day, but I just wanted to pop in say thank you for helping me reach this ripe age. While I’m receiving lots of birthday love today, all of you deserve my heartfelt appreciate in the right measure. So, from me to you, I say thank you. You inspire me with what you make and you pamper me with the knowledge you give me. As Neil Young, “Long may you (and I) run.”

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Portrait of a Seamstress: Mali

In the last 50 years, sewing has undergone an evolution. A necessity for women in the early 20th century, it transitioned from a chore to an almost obsolete hobby during by the 1980s. There was a lull in the 90s where sewing moved neither forwards nor backwards, but in the past few years, maybe even decade, it has grown into an intriguing life skill, like an item to put on one’s bucket list. People are eager to learn a trade that has an intimate, fond history, especially if their mother, grandmother or member of their family sewed.  Amalia is the owner of Butcher’s Sew Shop, a studio space that offers sewing classes of all levels for adults and children and focuses on teaching students how to make professional looking pieces at home.  Coming from a lineage of sewers, Amalia first started a career in the non-profit sector, but her sewing DNA seeped slowly through her veins. On nights and weekends, she kept up on her heritaged hobby and sewed. The urge to start something new ran rampant when she walked by a closed-up shop in Philadelphia’s Bella Vista neighborhood. With a beautiful, marbled doorstep, the building called to her. She took a chance, and got the place. Once renovations began, she came to understand that it was once a highly regarded meat store -“Guarrera’s Quality Meats” had been a Philadelphia establishment for 80 years. She uncovered many of the design elements from the 1920s, which only adds to its charm. Open for just six months, it’s become an establishment in the neighborhood. As I was interviewing Amalia, a local stopped in to say hello and admire her Christmas tree. Oh, and it’s also where one of my favorite sewing ladies, Andrea, works (hey pretty lady!). While this series, Handmade, started as…

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