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Weekend: Is it Too Early to Think About Sewing in 2015?

Describing the function of fashion school, Nicolas Ghesquière was quoted: “It’s a time for pure experimentation — for pure research, to refine your perspective and to create things and to materialize things as an exercise.” Having never attended design school, Ghesquière considered his stint at Balenciaga as a long learning curve similar to that of a college or uni student. He “graduated” Balenciaga in 2012 and recently took the reigns at Louis Vuitton as Artistic Director. It might be too early for some, but not for me – with the end of the year approaching, I’ve been thinking about how to end 2015, how to pat myself on the back for the goals I achieved, how to move on from the goals that were never accomplished, and how to compile a list a reasonable goals for the new year. As I’ve been tallying all this up in my head, I feel the same sentiments as Ghesquière – that the past 8 years of my sewing career and the past 2 1/2 years as a sewing blogger have been pure experimentation. In 2012, I made about 5 garments, most of which were occasional pieces. A dress for a friend’s wedding and another dress for… who needs an excuse or an occasion for polka dots? Until this year, I couldn’t grasp how other sewers did it. How the hell did they make an entire wardrobe (or close to it) of me-made clothing? Alcohol? Fairy dust? Bribery? If I could only have a few sips of Lauren’s Kool-Aid, I could whip up tees, dresses and more just as fast and fashionable. Maybe it was Sarai’s The Wardrobe Architect or maybe it was the inspiration from other sewers, but this year, I finally feel like I got my style and sewing figured out. I…

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What i Made: Marigold Eden

While there are certain staples every woman knows she must have in her wardrobe – a pair of jeans, a white button down and a plain tee – a kimono is not usually in that equation, especially a polka dotted one. But when I spotted these oversized, marigold polka dots at Jomar, I was suddenly all about getting wrapped up in a dotty, floor-length super shrug. No, it’s not a direct iteration of the ones from Asia, but it is very Rita Hayworth, and gives me enough reason to pop open whatever beverage on whatever given night for no good reason at all. So, Blanche Dubois. A kimono has been on my to-make sewing list for quite a while. I embarrassingly admit that the amount vintage shops I follow on Instagram is almost as many as the amount of sewers I follow, which means a lot. Milly Vintage is one of my favs (shoutout to Mary!), Dalena Vintage is another and the crème de la crème of them all, at least in my opinion, is Gossamer Vintage. A chockablock of beaded, silk and lace garments, her feed is a constant inspiration for my sewing projects. Now, before I get to the particular garment that inspired this post, I must make my next point. While some sewers condemn buying vintage with the same arguments they use to condemn buying RTW, I’m not a part of that camp. I like giving vintage clothes a new life. My favorite dress is the one I remade and wore during my online bra making class. Purchased as a size 16, I recut and resewed it to my size. Lately, Gossamer Vintage has uploaded gorgeous kimonos in blush tones that feature exquisite embroidery. I almost succumbed and purchased one, but the price was too steep for…

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Handmade: Megan Swansen

From off-menu eateries to underground java joints, too many of the best things fly off the radar. Usually discovered through word of mouth, hidden gems go beyond the iconic and provide us with quirky, unexpected and different. Philadelphia is known for many local designers, Norman Porter and Priscilla Costa are just two, but for those who like a relaxed, minimalist approach to dressing, you will want to sit up and take notice of Megan Swansen. A less-hyped designer, she has churned out small collections since launching in 2011 that dovetail neutral colors and simple silhouettes with laid-back glamour. Another testament of what a hidden treasure she is – as I was taking photos towards the end of our interview, she pulled out her uncle’s notebook that was passed down to her, and inside were pattern making assignment from the 1950s! Her Uncle Frank attended a satellite fashion school, so he mailed his homework to be corrected. Maybe, just maybe the reason why Megan remains under the radar is because those who know about her want to keep her their own little secret. Sorry, guys, but the word is out. I started sewing when I was in high school. I didn’t quite know what I was doing; it was more of an experimental stage. I mostly took garments apart to see how they were made. I made my prom dress out of recycled upholstery fabric that I draped and tacked until I had the silhouette I wanted to wear (I was looking a lot at Schiaparelli at the time). I don’t remember what my first machine was – whatever was tucked away in our basement at the time. I attended Moore College of Art and Design and a earned degree in fashion design. I’ve worked for several corporate companies in various capacities,…

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