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Weekend: How Will You Remember Summer 2014?

posted on 09/5/2014, by

As summer fades, I’m adjusting to autumn with a deeper-hued mentality. Think fir-tree green, burgundy, charcoal and maybe even black. A marked difference from a bright palette just a few months ago. This summer will be remembered not only for its cool weather that called for a light jacket or a cardigan, but also its  Continue Reading »

Bra Making Class Update

posted on 09/4/2014, by

Bras are complicated little buggers right for both seamstresses and non. For women who don’t sew them, the process of trying it on anxiety-inducing and for women who sew them, the process of sourcing trims can be a headache. Believe me, I know! Stop fretting because on November 8, 2014, thousands of sewers and DIY-ers  Continue Reading »

Giveaway: The Way Sewing Used to Be

posted on 09/3/2014, by

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth,” wrote William W. Purkey. Writing is either something you hate or you love. I definitely fall into the latter category. For me, the process of finding catchy yet real-world words  Continue Reading »

Bra Making: How Much Should I Pull Elastic?

posted on 09/1/2014, by

When it comes to stretching elastic when sewing a bra, there are many different theories on how much to pull. Some rely on mathematics, reducing the length 10-15% or 1-2″ to get the correct/even amount of stretching. Because elastics come in different widths, qualities and amounts of stretch, I do not calculate the amount I  Continue Reading »

      Did you hear that I'm teaching an online bra making class? In 1 hour, I walk you through constructing a bra from start to finish, and I'll cover choosing a bra pattern, finding your size, tracing and cutting tips and construction. Click HERE to sign up now! If you can't attend the class, I will be teaching it in person this winter here in Philadelphia; EMAIL ME to be put on the waiting list.


      MORGAN joined the matchy matchy club and made a coordinating set. A little linen ensemble, it's a surefire victory.


      Have you heard? SARAI and the ladies and Colette Patterns are dedicating the entire month to hems. Called SEPT-HEM-BER, they will cover how to make sure a hem is even, everything you need to know about stabilizing hems, several options to finish the raw edge of your hem, how to stitch a hem by hand, how to sew basic turned hem by machines (and a few different options for doing it), how to sew a machine rolled hem, how to sew a faced or shaped hem, how to sew a baby hem and how to sew a mitered corner. Whoa! That's a lot!


      The newest pattern on the indie sewing market is one by the lovely ladies of BY HAND LONDON. The Holly jumpsuit is an extremely versatile silhouette that flatters almost every shape.


      NOVITA inspired me 2 and a 1/2 years ago to get into bra making and she's done it again by constructing a sports bra. Not just any sports bra, but a hot pink sports bra.


      Totally loving KATE'S blouse back tee.