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A Day in the Life of a Seamstress

posted on 09/22/2014, by

Sewing is cool. Most people don’t believe us. Was Buddy Holly cool before he donned a pair of black, wayfarer sunglasses? Was Tom Cruise cool before he danced across the big screen in tighty whities? Was Bill Gates cool before his first billion? Being cool is about being admired. The cool are envied because of  Continue Reading »

Weekend: Mishka Update

posted on 09/19/2014, by

When I went home to Florida last weekend, I thought a lot about Mark Twain and his views on living in real time. Before his famed titles The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Twain was a travel writer, but instead of recording what happened as it happened, he wrote later. “I would not have fooled  Continue Reading »

Book Review + Giveaway: Sewtionary

posted on 09/17/2014, by

  I know you know. Tasia, the woman who gave birth to the perfect maxi skirt, has released a book. I admire all the indie pattern makers – Grainline Studios, Colette, Pauline Alice, Closet Case Files – but Tasia has a special place in my heart. Why? Because just like me, she has experience in the  Continue Reading »

Handmade: Wise Owl Shop

posted on 09/15/2014, by

It’s no surprise that I gravitate towards things that are handmade. As mostly a maker of clothing and lingerie, I not only desire the me-made, but I understand and appreciate the value of treasures crafted with human hands. What started off as a humble project in 2009, Wise Owl Shop has grown into a blooming  Continue Reading »

      Did you hear that I'm teaching an online bra making class? In 1 hour, I walk you through constructing a bra from start to finish, and I'll cover choosing a bra pattern, finding your size, tracing and cutting tips and construction. Click HERE to sign up now! If you can't attend the class, I will be teaching it in person this winter here in Philadelphia; EMAIL ME to be put on the waiting list.


      Another famous bra maker is teaching an online class! BEVERLY JOHNSON just announced that she will be teaching a class on Crafty and the release date is Tuesday, September 23rd. Enter now to win a free spot!


      It's her umpteenth iteration of Grainline Studios Archer button down, but ROCHELLE'S most recent version is my favorite. Impressive pattern matching too!


      Are you following along with MORGAN'S Scraptember initiative, where she and other sewers are setting out to use up some fabric from their stash?


      If you're like me and you live in the northern hemisphere, then fall is upon us. Join the ladies at CASHMERETTE as they make on spectacular, green coat.


      Have you heard? SARAI and the ladies and Colette Patterns are dedicating the entire month to hems. Called SEPT-HEM-BER, they will cover how to make sure a hem is even, everything you need to know about stabilizing hems, several options to finish the raw edge of your hem, how to stitch a hem by hand, how to sew basic turned hem by machines (and a few different options for doing it), how to sew a machine rolled hem, how to sew a faced or shaped hem, how to sew a baby hem and how to sew a mitered corner. Whoa! That's a lot!


      Congratulations MADY on your second year blog anniversary! I've been following you for only a short time, but I'm excited to get to know you even more. Here's to many more years of happy and healthy sewing!


      For her engagement shoot, ANGIE made a striped Emery dress and looks stunning next to her forever partner and fiancé.